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Shared Configs / Apex Legends Laser Setup
« on: 09:43 PM - 08/14/19 »
Amidst the flurry of Apex configs that are popping up, I thought id try my hand at assisting those who may still be having trouble. My config utilizes the G502 (older model 12k max dpi). This setup may seem absurd but the configuration plays VERY NIIICE (Borat voice) with the AA bubble in Apex. Enjoy and please leave feedback!
-Apex Legends PS4 ST
-1000hz mouse polling
-500hz Xim polling
-Default Sync for HIP & ADS
-No Curves
-HIP: Sens = 25; Smoothing = 0; Y/X = 1.0; Steady Aim = 8.6; 0 Boost
-ADS: Sens = 15; Smoothing = 0; Y/X = 1.20 (recoil management); Steady Aim = 7.5; 0 boost

In Game Settings: 7/7 Sens; Classic Response Curve; Small Look Deadzone; Small Movement Deadzone

There is no SAB value to display since I am using an analog stick from the PS NAV.
The reason for the high steady aim values is that this game allows a very high amount of aiming vector quantization (not sure if due to the games deadzone shape or the ST itself) HOWEVER, this does not come at the cost of diminished fine aim sensitivity (as aforementioned the game allows for a large amount of quantization without stuttering) so donít let those steady aim values deter you from what MAY become your favorite setup. At this time I have not tested with my DeathAdder Elite. I will do so and let you guys know! Enjoy and leave feedback!

-PS donít forget to adjust sensitivity to your liking. I am a wrist aimer with a small mousepad

Shared Configs / Re: BO1 ST helps BO4 aim mechanics
« on: 03:43 PM - 05/28/19 »
Also the BO1 ST makes sniping feel way better.

Shared Configs / BO1 ST helps BO4 aim mechanics
« on: 03:42 PM - 05/28/19 »
Good Afternoon XIMmers. Just wanted to quickly share with you all some information regarding the fluency ive experienced utilizing the BO1 (PS3) smart translator on PS4 (Black Ops 4). I noticed that the vanilla st for BO4 has a very ďhorizontalĒ feel and controlling the vertical climb that comes with the recoil of certain guns is hard to manage even after adjusting the Y/X ratio (it may be marginal or placebo to some but ive experienced a difference). However upon utilizing the BO1 ST I noticed not only better vertical sensitivy but also ease of entering and exiting the aim assist bubble, better micro movements on screen, and and overall more fluid aim feel that seems to feel as though thereís less of a dead zone on my G502 (12k dpi version) and my Razer DeathAdder (2013). Id be more than happy to share my settings upon request and would like for you guys to try it out for yourself and see if you can emulate my experience. Happy gaming!

Thanks for the shoutout bro. If anyone has questions about the polling rate feel free to reply or DM me. I have found great setting for quite a few games.

You guys need to try 125hz with Common sync in effort to properly replicate the XIM4 feel. Iíve been using this with my own personal sensitivity and I donít even feel the wonkiness of the ST anymore. Not to be rude but idk where you guys keep getting 125 + Deafult = XIM4 I recall a long time ago on the Xim Gamellays YT channel it was stated that 125 + COMMON sync = Vanilla XIM4 feeling. Try this. Feels amazing on both my G502 and my DeathAdder

Tell me how it performs for you and any tweaks youíd make

Hey guys! Just wanted to share some Vanilla settings that Iíve found success with and that feel very consistent. To start I am using a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum (not the hero) at 12k DPI with 1000hz polling. Using a steel series qck mousepad as well. My in-game settings are 7 HIP, 6 ADS (donít reccomend using 8 as it severely cripples the aim assist mechanic with XIM for some reason) A Classic response curve with NO look deadzone and a Small Movement Deadzone. My XIM settings are 16 Hip with 0.94 XY ratio and 30 boost with  30 SAB. 10 ADS with 1.11 XY ratio and 60 boost with 60 SAB. My Synchronization settings are on Default for both profiles and my ADS delay is set to 100 with SAT checked. I find this may be helpful: altering the SAB to be higher with the ADS profile seems to better allow me to enter and exit the AA bubble in this game with the XY ratio allowing me to compensate for vertical recoil. My SAB and Boost values being the same are purely coincidental but it feels great imo. Give these settings a go and see if it helps the somewhat nonexistent aim assist that some users have affforementioned in other posts. Slay and Pray.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Bo4 , 58 kills gameplay
« on: 10:17 PM - 01/28/19 »
Why are you posting this here bro? Thereís a dedicated thread for user gameplay videos

Add PSN: pyro90294 I live in Florida but I will play with you

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Ww2 Squad?
« on: 09:26 PM - 11/05/17 »
PSN: pyro90294 XIM4 PS4 player here

PSN: pyro90294 East Coast PS4 XIM player here bro

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