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Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 04:21 AM - 06/06/17 »
Hey OP, I want to try linear but I'm having trouble understanding your instructions (new XIM4 user)..

I don't get what you mean when you say "start at the lowest part of your curve", what exactly am I doing?  Like am I just setting the curve at +8 or +12? Where am I adding to the top of the curve? I'm using the mobile app and I'm kind of lost.

Sorry, hope not too noobish. :(

I've been having lots of success with exponential ramp on widow, I think I'm in the top 5 widows on XBL. But I find it's really hard to use exponential ramp on characters like McCree/S76, I lose a lot of accuracy and usually am better with a controller on them.

Hi all, new XIM4 user here.
For reference, I'm playing Overwatch on Xbox One.

I decided to purchase the XIM4 after the countless positive reviews but have to say so far I'm pretty dissapointed. The aim feels jittery no matter what settings/dpi I run.

My hardware right now is a Razer BlackWidow and SteelSeries Sensei Frost Blue @5700 dpi. I have my mouse maxed out DPI, and in game if I run XIM4 on a really low sensitivity it's pretty good, but it's impossible for playing any character that has to turn around remotely fast (It takes me 4 full swipes on my Razer mousepad to turn my character around.. unpracticle), which I could basically do on a controller.

If I turn the XIM4 sens up and the boost up, it turns around faster but the aim is insanely jittery and it's basically unplayable. I can't play Widowmaker at all because it's impossible to aim at people, same with characters like S76 because the aim jitters unless I play it at stock sensitivity.

I've tried tons of options but I can't figure anything out. It seems impossible to have a decent compromise, I can't play at a decent sensitivity without the jitter taking over and screwing everything up.

Any suggestions?

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