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Deutsch / Re: Controller schaltet sich ständig aus
« on: 08:40 AM - 05/26/20 »
Den USB Hub tauscht du einfach mit dem vom XIM :).

Hab alles im Betrieb mit der XIM hub plus Netzteil läuft stabil.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six ST
« on: 12:28 PM - 05/14/20 »
I don't want to hare, but the new ST is the same with less boost up and down.  Nothing has been changed on the right and left, a slight boost could be added.  Nothing was done in the target mechanics, in any case the slow target in the target position is still unstable.  The new operation is coming in a month, I think.  I would wait until then, now an ST and in a month would not be smart.

if you can I would downgrade to ST 4.5.

Game Support / Re: RB6 SIEGE ST ISSUE
« on: 03:52 AM - 04/24/20 »
Are you spinning out with Hip or ADS? The unpredictable, inconsistency, spinning complaints is what led to the release of .7. The mechanic that caused the spinning out was the ST was made linear but due to complaints it was reverted to the previous behavior of .5 which is before the micro aim changes. If you're still spinning out you may be using outdated support or a curve that is contributing to the problem. To see the ADS version number hold your ADS button while clicking on the center of the game picture.

ST 4.7
The up and down is usually much too fast in the ADS.  Just take a test and do it up and down quickly in the ADS you will notice.  You just can't make controlled movements with it.  I think there is too much boost in it.

can you maybe post 4.5 ST?

Game Support / Re: New r6 st ( classic ) update ?
« on: 01:54 PM - 04/07/20 »
has something changed from 4.7 to 4.5?

Any update on this?

it will take a few more days be patient my driving guests.

i really appreciate the community and the mods.  But giving a little feedback is really not a broken leg.

Deutsch / Re: suche xim apex
« on: 11:03 AM - 02/08/20 »
Im Shop kannst du eine kaufen :)


For those that think something has changed could you share which console and Controller Rotation you are using?

Did you already find something?

I took my old config again so it works better again.

Had to go from my old ST from 6000 dpi to 5000 so it works better than before.  But as I said, not yet perfect.

For those that think something has changed could you share which console and Controller Rotation you are using?

Classic PS4

the old st 4.3 runs smoother but not perfect either.  I feel like there has been a surge in rotation.  So it seems to me that it has gotten faster.

I took my old config again so it works better again.

Beta / Re: Is an xim 6 in planning?
« on: 06:34 AM - 10/20/19 »
Thank you for your honest words.

There is no XIM6 in planning. Once we confirm that we can make XIM APEX compatible with next gen consoles we will update it. We can't know though until we have the consoles in-hand.

Beta / Is an xim 6 in planning?
« on: 08:38 AM - 10/16/19 »
Is an xim 6 in planning?

for ps5?  if not, can you let the community know when it is in the planning stage and give more information?

Will the Xim Apex be made compatible for PS5?

I am early but wanted to have a little info regarding the next gen console :)

Deutsch / Re: Xim Apex RB6 Einstellungen.
« on: 12:22 AM - 08/26/19 »
Oder mach mal in Game:

In Game
Vertikale: 100
Horizont.: 100
Tot links: 29
Tot rechts: 10
Mit Visier: 100
Classic Mode
Vielleicht hilft dir das.
Welche Version in der XIM hast du dir runter geladen als welches spiel von R6? Classic oder Update?

Deutsch / Re: Xim Apex RB6 Einstellungen.
« on: 12:20 AM - 08/26/19 »
Manager gibt es nicht neuer, Versuch mal mehr weicheres zielen vielleicht hilft dir das. Ich hab es nicht drin finde es springt vom Ziel ab.

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