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Sony nav controller and a g502 mouse.

Game Support / BF2042 slow nav controller joystick
« on: 01:18 PM - 12/15/21 »
I'm using a Sony nav controller and the joystick doesn't seem to activate fully like it does in other bf titles.  This becomes very apparent when trying to steer vehicles left/right and up/down.  Its as if its only getting 20% input.

Got 3 navs all do the same, this title only.

Anyone with the same set up having same issue and more importantly,  any fix?


XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: So why this over XIM Apex?
« on: 03:24 AM - 11/17/21 »
I dislike controllers for shooters, hence why I use the Apex.

Personally, I believe they'd have been better developing a newer version of Apex along with a navigation controller to pair with it, or doing something like Tuact did with their Venom by offering the mouse/controller and device all in one package.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 ST
« on: 12:05 PM - 11/13/21 »
ADS?  Must have a different version to me only my copy doesn't  have ADS setting.

Game Support / Re: Hell let loose XBox Series X
« on: 05:21 AM - 10/05/21 »
The beta felt choppy even on controller!  Fortunately the look mechanic received significant improvements between the beta and today's release. It was their highest priority issue for launch. It feels much better now.

And have you managed to find an existing ST that works well with the game?  Thanks.

Game Support / Hell let loose XBox Series X
« on: 04:59 AM - 10/05/21 »
Whilst we await an official config for this (assuming they make one of course!), has anyone managed to find a decent profile to use with the game on the Xbox Series X?

I've tried a few ranging from BF1 - BFV, Modern Warfare, Apex ST etc... but all seem quite choppy.


I have a Rival 600 and haven't used it.  I found that the side buttons were just too far apart.  Okay if you were ET and wanted to phone home, but not okay for my hand that's for sure!!

I much prefer the feel of the G502 (I have 5 of them, including the G502 wireless which is the one that I currently use) and both the number and position of the buttons.  I'd also take my G900 over the rival too :-)

General Discussion / Re: Xbox X vs. PS5
« on: 06:44 AM - 01/01/20 »
I may well move away from Sony over to the darkside of Microsoft.  Guess we will have to see what the exact final specs will be, and no doubt they'll both release "pro" versions a few months down the line to get more coin our of folks!!

Hardware Compatbility / Re: G403 Hero 16K
« on: 04:58 PM - 10/17/19 »
Nobody uses G Hub.  use the logitech gaming software.

Err, I do!  Yes, it's not as straight forward at the gaming software, but it's not rocket science to work it out either.

XIM outputs 1k

Yes, I know, however, the default polling rate of the USB on a PS4 is only 250hz, so in my opinion, no point in outputting at 1Khz as all your'e doing is creating a bottleneck as not all of the ticks can be utilised, which is creating an unnecessary overhead.

Good luck finding something that keeps you amused for more than 10 minutes!  I'm that bored playing BFV that I've re-installed GT Sport, which is crap :-) (but at least it justifies me having a decent wheel and gaming seat)

I'm using 250hz on both Mouse and Apex on my PS4.  Don't see any advantage of going to 1khz given that the PS4 can only accept 250hz polling on it's usb - anything over this is just creating an unnecessary overhead in my opinion.

Going to stick with this for a while - tried it last night and didn't do as well as I normally would, mainly due to the slower ADS, but with a bit of tweaking, I'm sure I can sort that out.

Game Support / Re: Alternative ST for BF4 on PS4?
« on: 05:48 AM - 10/15/19 »
Yeah, already tried that.  Probably a limitation in the game to be fair.  It seems to have in-built acceleration that reacts slightly behind the movement of the mouse.

Tried playing it last night, forgot how terrible the FOV was!! 

Time to load up ARMA on the PC  :-)

Game Support / Alternative ST for BF4 on PS4?
« on: 05:40 AM - 10/14/19 »
Starting to get back in to playing BF4 as I am finding BF1 and BFV quite boring in comparison, however, the Apex BF4 ST is terrible.  The movement is so floaty its pretty much unusable, regardless as to what settings/sync I use. 

Has anyone found an alternative ST that works well with the game, save me having to go through them myself?

Thanks in advance.

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