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2 words: placebo effect

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Post Your Destiny 2 Sensitivities
« on: 06:18 PM - 09/12/17 »
I would but I'm getting D2 (probably) for PC. I won't play a game on console at 30 fps when I can play the same game on PC  at 60+ fps.

I specifically play Call of Duty games, and I have no issue doing good on the game with a controller, but I'd like to take it to the next level with M+KB. In the past I'd heard about XIM4 or something similar that had bad input lag. After briefly reading over some relevant forum posts here I saw "8ms" input lag. For most people this doesn't seem like much of an issue but I can't even enjoy playing on a monitor with >5ms input delay...

For people that are the same way (regarding monitor vs. TV), is the 8ms input delay a big deal? I'm really set on buying one and definitely plan to when I get back from deployment, but this input lag issue is giving me second thoughts.

Any advice?

Advice? Do ittttttt! Do it naowwww!!!!!!!!

After doing a post-mortem analysis of my time spent on Destiny 1 (PS4), I realized that I hardly played any PvP/multiplayer (hated playing any FPS MULTIPLAYER game with only 30 fps). I spent most of my time playing PvE (mostly solo but a few times co-op when I needed to earn weapons like exotic swords, etc.).

Based on that, I think I will get Destiny 2 on the PC platform after all. Who knows? Bungie might get serious about banning hackers now that they have a potential blockbuster game on the PC platform.

Article by IGN about how keyboard & mouse support is coming to XBOX One:


How will this impact our trusty XIM4 and its updates for future games?

I really want to get Destiny 2 on PC (great graphics; 60 fps). But I enjoy playing multplayer as much as single player campaigns. There's no way I go back to multiplayer on PC, with all the cheaters.

 Wow. At 2:56 in the video, IGN is calling out XIM4 for "cheating".


 I'm honestly not worried about PC gamers using XIM4 to get aim assist along with their keyboard/mouse setups. The cheaters with their PC hacks will still own them.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: COD beta codes
« on: 04:48 PM - 09/01/17 »
I don't have a spare one but the game is good, simple fun. Not a Day 1 purchase for me but still a fun game. And I see that our fellow XIMmers are already out in force and playing the COD WW2 beta LOL.

Why people play multiplayer FPS games on the PC platform still is beyond me. There are so many ways to chea.... er be creative in how you manage your FPS gameplay on PC.

I think PC gaming does have its uses, like MOBAs and single player games that beg for modding like Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

But multiplayer FPS games? No thanks lol. I'd rather stay on consoles where my XIM4 gives me a fighting chance lol.

OK, now I'm dying to see Emanuel's rationalization and response lol.

He didnt use XIM before, stop the nonsense please. I follow pwn for years. From BO1 (when he started streaming) to Ghosts he used a scuf controller and he even had hand cams showing it. After Ghosts he switched to PC gaming and started to learn the mouse (I remember his learning curve with it). After that all he played was PC and he still considers himself a pc player. He now uses XIM on consoles when there are Betas (Destiny, cod, etc) first on console, because is hard to adapt again to the sticks.

When the game launches on PC he is back to PC anyways.

Does this gaming pro ever get tired of playing against cheaters on PC? Oh wait, I forgot that some gaming pros ARE cheaters on PC.

This will be the fifth version, they do like updating their look mechanic.

Maybe this is their way of trying to foil mouse/keyboard adapters like the XIM4. Maybe they figure someone will finally get tired of updating files, etc.

The video substantiates what I've intuitively thought all long. Namely, there's no real difference input-lagwise between a console controller using bluetooth vs. wired USB. Also, using the XIM4 is basically just as responsive as console controllers.

i remember those threads a good while ago, where some ppl claimed he didnt use xim. It took me like 10 mins of watching his stream to figure out he does use a KBM adapter. Even to this day there seemingly were clowns who though he didnt use a KBM adapter, except now he even puts it in the title of his stream and admits it, so theres no doubt anymore.

Even back in Ghosts and AW he did use it, maybe even before that.

In ghosts he kept playing at times where only some school kids had time to play, plus he usually was the host and had a huge connection advantage. Thats why he had such "sick" rounds in Ghosts.

Later in more skilled games like AW/BO3/IW, where he didnt have such huge connection advantage he basically got smacked around even by controller kids.

I mean all that time he was promoting those controller sticks add-ons and playing with a XIM lmao.

He has balls to use "pwn" in his name while he uses an XIM4 with consoles lol.

Best call of duty player in the world, using XIM4 aswell:


lol I've watched pwn since BO2, he does not XIM no matter how much people might say he does. None of his movements look anything like a mouse, there's the very clear start/stop judder of pegging an analogue stick, nor does he have the jitter or the slightly jumpy aim correction after turning that XIM users do. He plays on or near max sens, that's all

Hey, I have a bridge in London I'd like to sell you. Really, I do. You believe me, right? Of course you do!

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