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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex Fortnite
« on: 01:13 PM - 04/27/19 »
Glad to see that this community is still as useless as when i used to be an active xim user. I came back for the same question. Nobody clearly gives a @#$%. Good luck with getting any help..

Game Support / Re: Xim4 on PC fortnite??
« on: 07:59 PM - 10/28/18 »
Yep, you will be put on PC servers where true sweaties with true mouse input and no turn-limits can wreck you up in your false attempt to misuse this device for cheating.

Im on pc and ill be put on pc servers??? Whoa howd you come up with that one? You must be a real smart one hahaha. @#$%.

Game Support / Xim4 on PC fortnite??
« on: 01:09 PM - 10/28/18 »
Can i simply use my xim4 on my pc and then use my mouse and keyboard and still get the controller aim assist?

Game Support / Re: Realm royale support?
« on: 08:10 PM - 09/03/18 »
Unfortunately no date for release but people expecting it between now and the 10th because of the Xbox game release

Game Support / Realm royale support?
« on: 02:07 PM - 09/03/18 »
Will there be a support for RR once it comes out? The game is made by hi-rez who also made Paladins so im sure it wont be too hard to work on something similar.

Game Support / Re: H1Z1 Controller sensitivity?
« on: 08:12 PM - 05/25/18 »
PVZ2 isnt too bad.

Game Support / H1Z1 Controller sensitivity?
« on: 06:17 PM - 05/24/18 »
Should the controller sensitivity be setup at 100%? What about about aimed controller sens and scoped?

Im using PVZ2 with the XIM4 and RML curve like suggested somewhere on the forum. Its not too bad but aim feels very jittery and laggy.

General Discussion / Any brawlhalla players?
« on: 08:04 PM - 04/17/18 »
What ST do you guys use if its even worth it playing on the xim?

Hey im currently testing new settings that i think are optimal for building while still being able to fight.

im streaming it now and would appreciate feedback or suggestions? Would welcome any new interested viewer ;)

Hopefully im allowed to "advertise" for my channel here, but you can find me here : www.twitch.tv/subbb2k


the game has a few bugs it has nothing to do with the performance of the xim.  Hopefully they will fix some of these issues on the next patch

the input lag doesnt appear while playing on controller. The response is instant unlike the xim

The input lag is ENORMOUS. Picking up a gun is a real challenge and it can be game breaker. Building fast is also horrible.

Whenever i try to switch fast from wall to stairs and press on my bind 3 times itll go back on wall for no reason which makes last minute battles very struggling.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite BR - Legacy vs XIM - Feedback
« on: 03:14 PM - 02/18/18 »
Ever since I switched to xim went to a 7+ kd with 37% win rate. Just more control over customizing mouse. I use keyboard macros for building temporarily to get around the building.

Can you share macros for keyboard

I have a programmable keyboard which I record macros on the fly (onboard memory). I really just use to create shortcuts for building things like stairs (one key click instead of 3), walls, etc. Alternatively you can use the sandhawc method and use AHK scripts (auto hotkeys).

do you use the xim or native?

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Battle Royale Megathread
« on: 06:10 PM - 02/15/18 »
Ill admit, due to the laggy nature of pubg I decided Id give Fortnite a try. Downloaded the battle royal mode (because hey its free) jumped into a match, threw up in my mouth just a little. Uninstalled the game and went back to pubg.

Yep, kid in me is officially dead!  :'(

Xim4 is so horrible with fortnite imo. Even native is bad so i went back to controller for this one and my main has improved quite a lot actually.

Game Support / Re: Fortnite Battle Royale Megathread
« on: 09:33 PM - 02/13/18 »
The aim assist is so horrible with the xim4 and native is garbage. It comes down to practice but i lose so many 1v1 battles cause of this @#$% aim assist.

« on: 07:25 PM - 01/28/18 »
AA on on console is the reason i get 12+ kills a every game.

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