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Do your peripherals work on the APEX hub while it's attached to a PC?

Yep, just tried, mouse works fine through APEX hub into PC.

Do you happen to have another hub you could try that last test with?

I do not :'(

If the controller works direct to APEX but this is not working with the hub do you happen to have another hub you could try that last test with?

the controller is working with the hub, but only if there is no kb/m plugged in.

Which mouse were you using?

Are these results with the lapdog? To be clear we need to test without the lapdog to remove variables. If you're using an extension please remove this as well. We need to have APEX and peripherals working before adding other devices.

Please try this test:

Remove all peripherals from APEX and APEX hub
Connect APEX hub to APEX
Connect the controller to port 3 on APEX hub
Connect APEX to console
After startup connect only the mouse to port 1

Is the mouse recognized by APEX and does it work in the game?

Tried this with a razer deathadder, it did not work :(


1) Try with only the APEX, APEX hub, and controller after the reset.

1) This works to power on the controller
2) When keyboard is plugged in the controller immediately loses power.

3) If the kb/m is plugged in at any time the controller refuses to connect to power.

4) APEX Manager shows controller as present when it clearly is not powered on. Shows controller as connected even when controller is disconnected.

5) Mouse does not power on under any circumstances.

What mouse are you using?
Which console are you on?

Let's reduce variables more.

Connect only the APEX hub and controller to APEX then connect APEX to the console. Confirm everything is working then add only the mouse to the APEX hub. Does the mouse power on and work in game?

Using a Logitech G5 that is plugged into the lapdog. Keyboard is also plugged into lapdog. Lapdog then connected to power + xim.
xbox one

Reducing variables result:
apex does not turn on the controller by itself :(


More trial and error:

Firmware is updated as of this post.
The XIM APEX will not power on the controller, however thinks that it recognizes it in the manager (even when unplugged).
Plugging the same config into a XIM4 however works fine and powers everything on.
APEX gives power to KB but not to mouse plugged into KB.
APEX does not recognize kb/m in manager.

Seperate issue:

I tried connecting a mouse directly to the hub. It still did not recognize it nor give power to it.

Try controller direct into Apex USB hub, Lapdog (m/kb) into a separate Apex USB port.

This is exactly what im trying. Apex does not recognize neither keyboard nor mouse :(

Does not even give power to mouse.

Its powered through a plug in the wall, not just USB power.

Support / [ACTIVE] XIM APEX + Using single USB for KB+M
« on: 02:27 PM - 04/10/18 »
Hey guys!

Been using the xim 4 for over a year now and its awesome, just got the xim apex and having a little trouble setting it up.

I'm using the corsair lapdog to game, plug in a single USB for the keyboard and mouse, and the xim 4 seems to recognize this just fine.

The XIM APEX on the other hand does not give power to the mouse unfortunately and does not recognize it.
Is there any work around?



Logitech G5
Corsair keyboard
Lapdog hub with power

Game Support / Re: PUBG - Best Smart Translators
« on: 07:01 AM - 01/29/18 »
What does HIP Steadyaim mean btw?

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 12:32 PM - 01/27/18 »
St0ne, pretty much, at least from everyone in the discussion. It's lately been "Plants vs Zombies: garden warfare 2" which RML discovered. We have a few good ones in the other thread. Bully just discovered Overwatch which I can't comment on since I haven't tried...

i just tried the overwatch ST, and while i cant immediately comment on the precise feel vs previous ST's, i did get an 8 killer chicken dinner first game.

kar 8 scope and scar with holo

Game Support / Re: PUBG - Best Smart Translators
« on: 12:31 PM - 01/27/18 »
No Boost/Curves
HIP Translator on Hip ADS on ADS
Game Sens Max
Scope to taste

|| AA=6  ||
(the Overwatch ST is based off of their EXPO setting. IMHO AA=6 is the closest to OW aim acceleration and putting the AA at 6 helps the ST)
|| DZ=25 ||
|| HIP Steadyaim ||
|| Hip Translator on ADS ||

This is really all you need, trust me.

First game, 8 kill chicken dinner.

Game Support / Re: Best PUBG ST discussion
« on: 06:55 AM - 01/26/18 »
is the BF2 ST obsolete? I got 2 dinners yesterday.

Its a beauty with 8 scope on kar

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