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Hi! Haven't checked since last time I posted. Good to know this list is a thing now :)

I'm playing Nioh 1 on PS4 and found that Darksiders 3 ST works really nice on this one. Hope it helps!

I know there is a shared config forum but it is filled with alternative settings for already supported games. What I'm asking for is a place where people can share and/or quickly check what profile/s worked best for unsupported games.

For example I recently played The Surge on PS4 and found that World War Z for PS4 profile worked incredible well. However it took me more than an hour to test different profiles until I found it. Now I'm playing Shadow of the Colossus on PS4 and it took me almost two hours to test until I found that Dead Space 2 for PS3 worked the best with this game.

It would be cool if there were a place for quickly search these "compatible" profiles so people will spend less time testing and tweaking.

Also very interested in this topic. If work I would buy the Elite immediately :)

By the way does the Elite works seamlessly with PS4 Pro via Xim4? I mean tactile pad obviously doesn't exist on the Elite but the button press in the tactile pad (which equals to show in game menu in most games) does works? What about rumble?

Hey, thanks! It worked. I was doing it the wrong way, was using this method for binding the same button to two different keys. Turns out you can use it in both ways.

Using this method you can set a binding for always running in Destiny, just map secondary run key to W same as forward, just don't forget to set in every profile you created or it won't work properly (I created a profile for spring so I could tweak turning speed, as I forgot to include the always running binding here it didn't work)

Anyway it is possible to create more complex bindings like (again in Destiny) draw the sparrow which consists in single press the tactile pad and then hold square for a couple seconds? I'll keep researching this afternoon.

Again, thanks!

In Destiny I want to be able to bind L1+R1 to a single key pres (I.e. F). It is possible? How do I do it?

I've seen several posts here saying that it is indeed possible however nobody explains how to do it.


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