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Where should we keep a eye on to know when the details will be released on the sell date.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / New info?
« on: 01:25 AM - 12/28/22 »
I havnt been keeping up but I hear thereís a new device coming. Do we have any idea on when itís coming out or when a announcement of a announcement is?

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: xim apex to xim matrix
« on: 05:33 PM - 12/20/22 »
Wonder if this will make ow2 aim playable cuz now it feels clunky and I canít aim for @#$%

Technical Support / [Q/A] Does controller matter?
« on: 01:45 PM - 12/10/22 »
Okay so if Iím on a series X and using a day one controller for my Xbox one does that matter? Iím told it doesnít matter really when it comes to aiming etc on a xim. If I plug a series X controller into my xim over my older one will I notice any change? I only have one new controller so I like to use the sx controller for my controller games. If I plug it in then I wouldnít have it unless I unplug and do all that work.
(I use a apex by the way set at 1000hz)

General Discussion / Re: Overwatch season 2
« on: 08:54 PM - 12/08/22 »
Ow1 felt good and the beta was amazing then ow2 came out and I feel like I miss my target my aim goes all over and itís a mess and with season 2 it feels different but not sure if itís good

General Discussion / Overwatch season 2
« on: 03:17 PM - 12/06/22 »
Does anyone notice any changes with ow2 for season 2?? It doesnít feel different a little to anyone or?

Game Support / Re: Overwatch 2 console competitive
« on: 04:23 PM - 12/05/22 »
For non cross play stuff what do you use to make ow2 feel smooth and conistant like ow1? Any different configs like using cod for it instead of the ow2 one, or any curve settings etc. I have to put mine to 500hz for example.

Game Support / Overwatch 2 suck still?
« on: 04:23 PM - 11/27/22 »
I does the aim assist still suck in ow2??? Did they update it at all to fix it or does it still feel horrible.

Heard you have to find someone who has it

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xbox overwatch is scuffed
« on: 11:19 AM - 11/12/22 »
I agree something feels off. Apex on Xbox Series S.

Definitely acknowledge OW in general has always felt different but OW1 felt different and fine once we got 1.2. Iíve tried a ton of different setups for OW2 ST. Linear is feeling better than expo but still prefer GoodAimButTankMains Generic Alpha ST.
I canít aim anymore and stopped playing the game for a month due to itÖ.I watched a xim YouTube vid and heard them say try thr ps4 ow1 config cuz it helps with the game play a little compared to the Xbox one with how some speed thing works with Xbox (being more responsive and stuff like that) I turned legacy sim off but havnt played for 3 weeks now I think so have they updated the sense to make it better? I donít know how to find the ow2 forums so if someone wanna post there to see if theyíre even going to ajust the aim assist??? I have loads of controllers players saying itís @#$% and doesnít feel snappy either

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch 2 config
« on: 12:50 AM - 10/30/22 »
I don't know why people like ow2 config that doesn't have any aim assist and I am playing with ow1 and I dominate because of aim assist
What do you mean no aim assist
You have an st with a good aim assist for ow2?

Both configs would have the same amount of aim assist anyways though right?
In the advanced settings you can turn on "Legacy Aim Assist" which is the AA from ow1. In ow2 AA is not as strong so you can use the ow1 st with Legacy AA and have a strongerAA feel

Just went to check what the sun assist legacy mode was and I actually had it on and at 50% Iíve tried it at 100 and 0 in the past it feels bad still thouÖ.if doesnít make it feel like ow1 at all/: do I need a different ballistic curve maybe or?

General Discussion / Re: Ow2
« on: 12:43 AM - 10/30/22 »
Did you aim well in ow1, but have trouble in ow2? Are you using the exact same settings?

I did fine in ow1 it wasnít the best but I got the job done and then in the beta it was so crispy and all the eh issues was great then ow2 came out and I feel I lose control when I am in a heated fight say jumping on someone with genjiÖ. I fly past them and try to re lock on and idk how else to say it then it feels I go in figure 8ísÖ.all my ow1 settings donít work or feel good idk manÖ. I even lowered my deadzone from 25,000 maxed out to 12,000 that my old mouse use to have thinking it would help and it did a little but it messed up my other games senses and speeds so I kinda gave up on ow2

General Discussion / Re: NAME OF THE NEW XIM [ HINTS ]
« on: 12:36 AM - 10/30/22 »
So wait the apex we have now is getting a new version, not just some controller thing? The next gen of xim?? I have an apex and finally got all my games(not ow2 that gens sense feels asssss) feeling great. Does this mean soon ima have to re do it all or are you able to say if my settings will be able to kinda transfer over a little. Or will the new xim be so much better that any apex configs would be so out of date Iím better off re finding my right settings? If you can say anything or will

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Overwatch 2 config
« on: 12:33 AM - 10/30/22 »
Ohhh, so you are telling me if I use that and my ow1 settings I had from back in the day of ow1 it should feel the same? I feel like I did that and the legacy aim assist make it even more @#$%.  Maybe I need to copy and paste some new Ballistic setting idk. I love overwatch but it feels so weird I donít even know how to word it. Like the Aa speeds up and I fly past them or it only has as on the outline. Maybe I should lower my turn speed from 100/100 and then turn it up in the app idk, I went to cod for a few days and came back and ow2 feels even worse. What have you all found that works the best of the best for far setting/config wise?

Technical Support / [Q/A] Logitech mouse onboard memory
« on: 09:35 PM - 10/25/22 »
Hey can anyone help me out Iím tryna use this software to change my dpi but it sucks. I change my dpi then when I use on bored memory mode it gives me max dpi. I canít fix this and need some help.

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