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You can toggle profiles with one of the middle buttons. Best to make max DPI setting glow green, middle DPI glow yellow, slow DPI profile glow Blue or Red. I currently only use 1 profile and it's at 12,000 for BF1. I use a plastic/solid mouse pad so max DPI works well.

The adapter doesn't work for me either and cannot use the elite controller headset input either.

I have a Stealth 500x wireless headset which plugs mic directly into the xbox itself on USB, that's always an option, but it's got a delay in any mode except stereo sound.

Do you use separate hip and ADS configs? I like to drop the ADS sensitivity about 10-15%, seems to be the best change I made. I set it up to toggle with right click then reset if I reload, sprint, change weps, or melee. This way it's never stuck at ADS sensitivity when I hip-fire.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Battlefield 1 XIM4 change
« on: 07:43 AM - 12/29/16 »
Download the latest update with XIM app. I think they changed the strength of aim assist on Xbox, I find myself "sticking" to people I don't intend to aim at.

General Discussion / Re: SSD for console
« on: 07:33 AM - 12/29/16 »
I bought an empty USB 3.0 enclosure and put a Samsung 830 512GB drive inside. Load times are roughly 20%-40% faster. On Battlefield 1 I will load into the map/match long before most other players.

You're the guy who gets the driver seat in the Hindenberg! I'm usually in the gunner loading in second with my 7200 1TB.

That would work. Probably should use heavier wood (MDF/HDF) so it doesn't move as you play. I think Home Depot or Lowes will cut a piece to size and may have some pre-cut MDF shelves. Only down side is they usually have sharp edges so you might need to add a cover or something to protect your leather.

A lap desk is an option, but I don't think you'd like playing with surface at crotch level.

Do you plan to play fully reclined or would you sit up and lean forward as you play? This would allow a moveable cart to be placed in front of the chair. I use a little plastic cart with a mousepad when I play on my friend's TV.

General Discussion / Re: SSD for console
« on: 12:18 PM - 12/28/16 »
The external is just fine. I use an external 7200 rpm hard drive and it's a noticeable improvement in load times.

I just pick the controller up for navigating menus and messaging.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Battlefield 1 key bindings
« on: 12:08 PM - 12/28/16 »
If you have deathadder or similar mouse you might want to make 'spot' one of the side buttons. I use Nav instead of keyboard so nothing else to really suggest.

The razer death adder mouse is completely plug and play with XIM4. However the G502 is only partially plug and play.

The main issue I had with the 502 is the scroll wheel which is 4 direction, if you don't use it for anything it will work just fine. I like to scroll down to reload and up to switch weapons. For some reason, the side scroll of the wheel messes up the input to the XIM even when you don't use those buttons. I had to disable the side scroll on my PC through the Logitech software, so now it works fine.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sell me
« on: 11:38 AM - 12/28/16 »

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Sell me
« on: 09:13 AM - 12/28/16 »
I got my XIM 4 about 2 months ago after my elite xbox controller broke. I could either buy another controller for $150 or buy the XIM for $150.

Note, I am a pretty competitive console FPS player since 2004... However, I spent the past four years playing with a friend who used the XIM Edge and now XIM4. Now we both play with XIM4 and are an extremely deadly combination. If you buy it, your friends will realize just how much they are missing when  you beat them 15 to 4 in 1v1.

1) Support - When a new game or update comes out, XIM tech quickly updates the software to fix any control bugs it created.
2) Community - If you have troubles, this community is pretty active. Also with the XIM, people can share their configs.
3) Price - It's really priced attractively. Cheaper than most pro controllers and allows you to use your existing keyboard and mouse (I assume you have a pretty good KBM setup).

1) Not the most user friendly, not like something you'd pick up at Walmart. It's very easy to config and setup, but it takes time to learn all the capabilities of the XIM and can be overwhelming to start. However, even if you stick to the basics, the XIM performs great.

General Discussion / Re: Elite Controllers vs XIM4?
« on: 10:50 AM - 12/10/16 »
I also have a Raser Nostromo (old tartarus) and my controls are similar to yours. I have no problem playing Battlefield or MMORPG with it. My problem is with more complex combat games (BOPS, Titanfall, Halo) I just cant respond fast enough. It's odd because I spend 8 hours a day at a desk job constantly responding to e-mails, but somehow I'm slow and easily thrown off playing anything that requires more than WASD and jump/crouch.

General Discussion / Re: Elite Controllers vs XIM4?
« on: 11:07 PM - 12/09/16 »
Most people are intimidated by the learning curve of kbm because of the amount of keys.

The KBM issue to me is entirely due to WASD.

For example, playing Halo 5 with the elite controller. Each hand was responsible for the following actions:
Left Hand
2) Jump
3) Thruster
4) Throw Grenade
5) ADS

Right Hand
1) Aim
2) Crouch
3) Melee
4) Reload
5) Change Weapons

Now if I were to play Halo 5 with KBM there are controls I move to the mouse (right hand).
Left Hand
2) Jump
3) Thrust
4) Throw Grenade crouch
5) ADS

Right Hand
1) Aim
2) Crouch throw grenade
3) Melee
4) Reload
5) Change Weapons
6) ADS

Seems simple enough, I actually try to help my left hand by moving an action to the mouse. I do this because the WASD made me lose access to my precious multi-tasking index finger. So okay, I use the pinky that is now available. It's hard to explain, but there are movement combinations (Jump, change direction, thrust) that you need to be able to do quickly in Halo to avoid enemy grenades and I struggle so hard to do it in real-time. Maybe my problem is due to being spoiled by pro controllers which allowed me to be lazy.

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