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Hey man, I've been loving your curve, so thank you!

Do you play any projectile heroes?  And if so, do you bump up the AAW?  Or make any changes in general?  Thanks!

I'm using the vanilla Linear profile and it works well for me.  I don't play hitscan though, mostly Doomfist and now Echo. 

I'm using 5k dpi, 500hz, 15 sens.
100AAS, 30 AAWS, 60 AAEI

I recently switched from the Nav to keyboard so I've been trying a lot of different settings out. 

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2 - Config
« on: 11:23 AM - 11/10/18 »
So does this work with Xim4?  And can someone share Nav button config?  Thanks!

Game Support / Re: Read Dead Redemption 2 - Config
« on: 12:11 PM - 11/02/18 »
Does this config work with Xim4 or only Apex?  I'm having trouble getting it to work on Xim4. 

Also, for the Nav users, what are your button setups?  I can't find a setup that works for me.

Game Support / Re: Xim4 loading wrong configs
« on: 11:24 AM - 08/30/17 »
This is for the trigger button, not for the analog stick?

*edit just saw your edit, got it, thanks!  Has anyone tried modifying the Nav the way battle beaver does with regular DS4 trigger buttons?

I can confirm, it's fixed.  I went back to expo and my old settings and it feels the same now.

Game Support / Re: Xim4 loading wrong configs
« on: 11:08 AM - 08/30/17 »
Thank you, I believe the config did have a hotkey assigned (using someone elses).  Deleted the hotkey and all seems to be well.  Thank you very much!

While I do have you here, is there a way to decrease the deadzone in the trigger button of the Sony Nav? I feel like I have to press it 80% of the way down to engage it.

Game Support / Xim4 loading wrong configs
« on: 07:20 PM - 08/29/17 »

For some reason recently my xim4 has started automatically loading my newest created config, regardless of what order I arrange the configurations in.  It happens any time I open my xim4 profile on computer or android. Is there a setting I change for this?

If Exponential Ramp aim ease in is 0 by default (is it 0 default?) then Exponential Ramp players should not be touching this setting. Because anything above 0 would further compress the curve. Basically leave it at what ever value is default, the ST depends on it.

In case of Linear Ramp value of 0 is linear, value of 50 creates a curve identical to what Exponential Ramp is.

I don't think the default is 0.  I've had to drop my sensitivity and put the Aim Ease at 10 to make it feel similar. It still feels really off.

Expo is unplayable with AE at 0. 

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 01:48 PM - 08/29/17 »
Kindly update us if you notice some good changes about it please
Nope Nope Nope, Garbage on Garbage.
Nothing is fixed, just carry on as usual and enjoy Deathmatch

It feels completely different to me.  It's much more sensitive, I can't even find a setting to match pre-patch.

I've lowered my sensitivity by 2 and it still feels very jittery.

Everything feels really different as is with Aim Ease set at 0.  Not sure how to adjust accordingly?

I'm using the official config with expo btw.

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 10:08 AM - 08/19/17 »
After 2 days trying out linear ramp I've gone back to expo, begrudgingly. I just cannot iron out the specific things I need changed to make linear work as well as expo does for me. No doubt linear feels much better, overall much smoother when you don't hit max turn speeds, and I wish I could make it work...

Is there hope that blizzard will push a change to linear in the upcoming off-season?

For me it felt like Linear was smoother but the movement was labored.  I feel like my tracking is better with Linear but if I'm playing a fast pace match in close quarters it was almost impossible to follow someone around.  Doomfist feels terrible with Linear.

Game Support / Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« on: 11:58 AM - 08/17/17 »
Need help on button mapping. Im not used to the default controls that overwatch has from pc (eg. r for reload and v for melee etc.) so was wondering what the experts here have their buttons mapped to for more convenience?

I also have reload bound to scroll wheel.  I have jump bound to L3 (nav).

PS. Has there been a solution to the deadzone with the Nav yet? 

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