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I am having a hard time adapting to the Xim Nexus. Maybe it's because I'm from MnK player.

Has anyone ever been successful in competitive PVP with Xim Nexus? Can you share your settings?

Thank you.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Back buttons
« on: 07:23 PM - 03/27/22 »
Thank you for reporting. I'll try this.

Shared Configs / Re: Tats Config
« on: 06:13 AM - 02/25/22 »
I just watched your YouTube and was curious about your settings, thank you for sharing.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / How can I aim with this thingy?
« on: 01:23 AM - 02/24/22 »
Thank you for developing another new innovation for gamers on the front lines.

I got my Nexus delivered yesterday. My setup is PS5 - remote play - PC - Titan two - Xim nexus.
The setup was successful, everything is working as intended I think.
I mainly play Destiny 2. So I loaded Destiny 2(PS4) profile in the Nexus manager.

I'm Xim Apex(M&K) long time user, so I'm not good with my thumb.

The main question is how can I aim properly with this? Aim with motion only? or Aim with motion and thumb?
Do I move my thumb and do the motion at the same time? Or, do I fine-tune it with motion only after I positioned the reticle close to the enemy with my thumb?
What's the best way to utilize motion aiming?

Motion aiming is very new to me and some gamers are probably in the same situation as me. Plus, it's even newer to use thumb and motion together. It's obviously a complex move like doing a circus, at least for M&K only gamers like me.

But I want to learn and practice.

And how can I determine the Stick Aim Sensitivity and the Motion Aim Sensitivity?
Are there any basic criteria or guides to refer to when determining sensitivity(stick and motion)? Like cm/360 for mouse sensitivity?
Is there a recommended ratio of stick sensitivity to motion sensitivity?

If you let me know, it would be a good starting point to start practicing thumb and motion aiming.

And how should I practice?
Should I practice the thumb first or the motion first? Or should I practice both at the same time?

Sorry for the many questions from a beginner.

PS4 licensed fight sticks and steering wheels that also work with PS5.

How about a ps3 one that worked on PS4? assuming no?

Just googling with your device's name or visit manufacturer's website and check it's "PS5 GAME" compatibility. If it is "PS5 GAME" compatible it can be used as "specialized controller".

Yup beta 20 is the one I was able to get working with my fight stick to get around the auth timeouts. With the newest beta gtuner you can also see if its outputting auth pass-through or not with both prog and output connected.

Mouse, keyboard, and PS4 controller are going to XIM hub. XIM connects to Input B of Titan Two. HORI stick connects to input A of Titan Two. Output of Titan Two goes to PS5.

Really really thank you very much. I can't test my settings because I'm in the office right now, but at least I can expect it to be successful with beta 20 firmware, all thanks to you!

There was a new beta firmware released for Titan Two that now allows all PS4 specialty controllers to work to get around the auth timeout. I have a HORI fight stick that I tested with yesterday and couldn't get working but I can confirm I no longer have timeouts with it connected to my TItan Two running the newest beta firmware.
You mean Titan two 1.10 BETA-20?
Because I tried it with 1.10 BETA-16, and I failed(I have HORI fight stick which is PS5 compatible).
How did you connect them? Can you tell me in detail how you connected them? (HORI, xim, dualshock4, and mouse)

Can I get a link to the "Matutaiki" settings mentioned here? Thx. ;D

If I own both xim4 and xim apex, would it be better to just use xim4? What is your xim4 config?

There are a number of things to try.

1. Use a keyboard key for fire , this method was used by Jeremy Evans ( xspain ) back in UT WCG days.
2. Set a small dead zone in your curve so in that zone your mouse does nothing but you can still maintain 100% linear curve
3. change your grip method ( depending on your time with a mouse this may not be possible or at least very hard )
4. Change your mouse to something that suits your grip better.
This is why we should never look at mouse sensors or DPI to make the decision of the mouse we use, the best specification mouse in the world is useless if you can't use it.
5. Get a slower mouse mat it will drastically reduce unintentional micro movement, but it will give your arm a harder workout in general.
6. Reduce your sensitivity overall so more movement is required for everything.

Last and probably most important.
Leave your emotions at the door when you enter the game room, emotions are the number one reason people lose when they are playing against equally skilled players.

Thanks. This is really really helpful. And thank you to everyone else for nice tips.
I'll first try to change my mouse, I have g502, g900, G pro wireless and some Razer's. I think some heavy mouse like g502 will help me.

When I shoot(click left mouse button), because of some anxiety, I put too much power on my hand and finger which causes unintentional mouse movements.

How can I prevent this? How can I get stable mouse clicks that don't cause mouse movement?

Plz check you are using new version of Dual Shock 4(DS4 V2).

So sad because too few player play Destiny 2 in these days and too few talk about Destiny 2 in this community.

Anyway, I know RML's settings but I want to know which settings the top players use. Any little comment will be appreciated.

You can message me I'm a 2.4kd unbroken player  in season 4 . Top 20 to go unbroken.i was admin of a top comp clan who recently quit D2 cause in reality the game is toxic and has way too many issues for me to make it a real competitive shooter, not bringing back trials ended it for me. Send me your current settings including what mouse and mousepad you use. Ill reply when i see it or get a chance i do not log on often enough

Thanks I'll message you.

Have to agree with Jordanwinter, the game is hardcore toxic. A lot of people tbagging for no reason, messaging, calling out etc. However I am a quite decent player with a 1.5 KD in comp, but this highly depends on your teammates and teamplay.


My current set up:

Keyboard: Wooting Two
Mouse: Logitech GPW or Zowie S1 (trying out which one is better for me, had G502 previously)
DPI: 3.200
Polling Rate: 500Hz

Xim Settings:

Polling: 500Hz
Sync: Default
No Curves
No Boost

Alternative I was previously running:
Polling: 500Hz
Sync: Slow
RML curves for HIP and ADS
Boost: 500 on HIP and 3000 on ADS

I dont feel a huge difference between different setting, it is not like one specific set up will make you insanly good,
but I am searching for different set ups to get the best performance possible.
So if any one has some suggestions about XIM settings, mouse, mousepad and so on, your are more than welcome to share!

Thanks for sharing your settings. I'll try it.

Is 2KD really considered high now? Back when I played I knew people with 4 to 5 KD and one had 6+ in trials. I was a noob on destiny 2 and had 1.3 KD I think lol. That was with controller though.
Yeah. If someone has 10k+ kills and is over 2.0KD it would be high enough in console I think.

So sad because too few player play Destiny 2 in these days and too few talk about Destiny 2 in this community.

Anyway, I know RML's settings but I want to know which settings the top players use. Any little comment will be appreciated.

Why are you in search of new settings, what about your setting feels wrong?

I just started playing Destiny 2 on PS4 (Used to play on PC) and I'm like level 8 and in Crucible vs lvl 50s I have around 1.3-2.2 KD. That's with "white" items that I use since I havent yet done story mode or any raids/instances.

I use the standard config that XIM offers and just change keybinds to fit my playstyle and then sensitivity. No need for some extreme settings. Also auxiliary settings for turnspeed while sprinting. But that's it.

This whole "I need to play with same settings as pros, cuz that'll make me pro" concept have to stop.

Thanks for sharing. I understand what you are saying. I started this thread because I think discussions for Destiny 2 settings are too few. I know the game is dead but D2 deserves more. Fortnite and Apex Legends have many quality settings discussions of the high KD players in this sub-forum but D2 has almost nothing except RML's settings I think.

So sad because too few player play Destiny 2 in these days and too few talk about Destiny 2 in this community.

Anyway, I know RML's settings but I want to know which settings the top players use. Any little comment will be appreciated.

Yeah Destiny 2 is kind of dead all around, XIM community or not. I played Destiny 1 for it's whole lifespan with a controller when I didnt even know what a keyboard was. I dedicated basically years on Destiny 1 and got all achievements on Destiny 2 and quit when the first "DLC" came out. From a die-hard Destiny fan from Day 1, I'm just waiting for Destiny 3. Even though I haven't touched Destiny 2 in about a year, I'll always love the franchise. But I doubt you'll get any replies here. All we can do as a community (Console and PC) is hope D3 is a triumph.

Thank you mate, you are right. I love Destiny franchise too and Bungie must try harder. Plz Bungie make Destiny great again!

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