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I have a 2070 super laptop and the XBox series X is a lot more powerful.  AC Valhalla which runs choppy in cities at 1080p on the laptop runs smooth at 1440p 120hz on the XBSX.

Xbox Series X is noticeably more powerful than my 2080 mobile based laptop.  AC Valhalla runs smooth at 1440p 120

Love my x box series x.  Graphics are amazing and easy to use. Coming from a ps4 pro and gaming pc.  Xim works great as always

Game Support / Re: Current Gen monitor suggestions.
« on: 08:27 AM - 12/10/20 »
Samsung G7. 1440p @120Hz on Xbox series x

Unfortunately many top xim users historically have posted fake settings. Very different from games like apex legends where people are all posting their actual settings and collaborating.  Not sure what the psychology behind this is. 

I think some use a combination of curve and aim smoothing to manipulate the aim assist.  If you slow down youtube videos you can see reticles move quickly to the general target and then slow down and snap onto heads.  The only person who shared this sort of thing was the user Saltywatch but his settings have been rendered mostly useless by changes to the aiming system made in subsequent patches.  When it was initially posted it was like an aimbot which locked onto heads when you ran the cursor over targets.  He was using a variant of one of the curves given in the Xim curve creation tutorial videos.  In talking to some top 500 users, he mentioned that they all admitted to using their own curves and smoothing.

That having been said, I hit top 500 for three seasons using generic alpha configuration linear and boost.  I haven't played in a while but I think the boost was somewhere between 3400 and 3600 and x/y ratio was 1.5. This method doesn't interact with the aim assist well but gives advantage with fast tracking and predictable linear movement.  Ultimately though you are at a disadvantage against truly great controller players who have the aim assist working as it is intended to, or xim users with good curves. 

 The other option is just using exponential and default, although the aim assist doesn't work that well with it, at least using the last two firmware updates.  The original firmware to which the beta software manager functioned (introducing SAB, steady aim etc.) is no longer available unfortunately.  The beta manager was removed from flight test but this worked really well using the latest version of Overwatch.

Thank you for this guide and set up. Are you using a PlayStation pro or PlayStation standard/slim? 

Game Support / Re: Overwatch
« on: 01:28 PM - 02/24/20 »
Use the default settings and use exponential ramp. Adjust sensitivity in xim app on your phone untill you are comfortable.   The st is actually quite good

Game Support / Re: G Pro Wireless or Viper Ultimate?
« on: 08:29 PM - 01/16/20 »
I am on my third g pro wireless.  Previous 2 eventually developed double left click issue which rendered them unusable.  I would be cautious purchasing the g pro or just expect that you may have to rma it after a few months.

Honestly you are better off using XIM4 and a linear curve.  Search the forums. I am using big bully curve from an old thread.  At 4120 right now on ps4. Donít play as much as I used to

Using lemons original setting and aim assist legacy mode on feels like an aimbot  in custom games with aaw set to 91 but not on regular maps.  Feels not as good in competitive but in custom maps feels like satywatches curve before the aim changes.  Will try using aim smoothing as suggested instead.

Thank you Lemon will try out and report back

Linear is also different after the update. Had to cut linear sensitivity and the translation feels off using generic alpha config. I am wondering if the xim devs are waiting to see if Blizzard will revert the aiming after an update before doing or releasing anything.

I know most of the people in t500 and gm through high master at least on ps4 and a large chunk use xim sorry if that offends you.

Lmao what?

60% of Masters using XIM? Jesus dude, you've really been playing the game this long and think that's an accurate assessment?

I'd wager that it's no more than 10% of playerbase at any rank, and besides, this game is @#$% dead after the Role Que changes.

I haven't had fun in OW for 2 months.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch after patch 2.76 is messed up
« on: 08:41 PM - 10/15/19 »
Probably needs a retrain. Have to play with controller now

Hello, been playing since season 2 and have been t500 for two seasons. The aiming mechanic in this game is not conducive to arm aiming so would recommend using default or common sync and higher sensitivity while using some wrist. The aim assist is built around the movement of the right analogue stick so you will see people 4200+ using scuff controllers and 60% of master players using xim.  Would recommend expo or linear with boost.  The best I think use controller but very easy to get diamond or master with wrist and default

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