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There are two types of negative aiming behavior that XIM will never be able to overcome -- timed acceleration and turn speed limit. Most AAA games don't have prohibitive amounts of either. But unfortunately Ubisoft to date has not created a game without these attributes. This is what you are feeling and unless Ubisoft fixes their game (which this behavior isn't good for controller players either but you feel it more with mouse) then it's something you'll have to try to get used to. We don't have many Ubisoft games that we don't mark with a 'U' in our official game support list. That label means the game has unpredictable aiming behavior and not even XIM can correct for it.

Yea I totally understand it's a Ubisoft thing. I already accepted that long time ago and it's almost been a year since I've been using XIM4 for this game. I'd like to say that I'm probably one of the few that actually optimized XIM to the fullest within the limitation of this game. Still, the inconsistencies in aiming is infuriating at times. It's just a hard thing to swallow when you can feel like a God at times and next 2 minutes you are better off using a controller.

Very good read. I have always been a PC gamer when it comes to shooters and never in my life have I felt such insecurity due to inconsistency with aiming. I play Division on PC with XIM4 and  no matter how much I practice and get used to nuances of using the XIM, there will always that moment where one movement throws me off and after that it's just a losing battle trying to track the moving target.  On some moments, I feel like it's just like PC and I'm landing all my shots.

Currently I play on 12k DPI and low sens with the recommended deadzone for the game. I find that the in-game deadzone also plays a huge factor as when I change that value the overall sensitivity also changes without changing any settings on the XIM or mouse DPI. Having said that I've just been following what the guide said but never experimented on lower DPI.

My biggest letdown with XIM4 is the inconsistency in aiming and the expected unexpected muddy movements. I do love the button mapping and it does give me a HUGE advantage but as far as aiming goes, I almost concede that controller is better with aim assist. 

I will be now experimenting with lower DPI but I still don't want to disable AA so hopefully I can find a sweet spot where it's more responsive, and easy tracking.

Don't mean to intrude on a Destiny thread but RML, what was the formula to figure out this curve? I want to apply it on The Division but it's different mechanic, but similarly bad (slow turn speeds, aim assist bubble very prominent in CQC which feels like dragging through mud.

What was the trial and error process? At this point I'm tempted to remove the aim assist and just relearn to aim on my own with the mouse as I did 2 patches ago.

Game Support / Re: FAQ: MAX TURN SPEED
« on: 12:32 PM - 08/02/17 »
Another question. The only game I play (for now) is The Division and what I notice when I do this exercise is that when I pin the stick to either side, the first 360 degrees is not as fast as the 2nd or 3rd until I hit the "max turn speed".  Is there a way to achieve that "max turn speed" in a game like this? I'm not sure if other games are like this but I tried this with The Division and the first 360 is not as fast as the 2nd or 3rd.

Can you please post one for The Division? Will compensate for your time.

Game Support / Re: FAQ: MAX TURN SPEED
« on: 06:01 PM - 07/31/17 »
Moreover, overcoming the max turn speed requires key sequencing (which is cheating).

Care to elaborate? I am an ex PC gamer then became full time real life player but on a whim my wife gave me a PS4 which is very convenient to get my gaming fix on. But the ONLY game I have and play is The Division and turn speeds feels so slow like dragging through mud. If there is a way to combat that - cheating or not - I'd be willing to explore it more.

People need to understand anti-recoil for console is not the same as PC. For PC anti-recoil, it is an actual hack where it taps into the game engine and literally changing some coding to eliminate recoil. For controller it's more of a program to move your aim for you. It is actually very risky. Some games like The Division where the longer you hold the fire the higher recoil becomes. They make it worse by having some sort of continuation from when you reload.

 For example on your first mag if it takes 5 bullets before you start seeing vertical movement, on your next magazine if you continue to fire right after you reload it may only take 3 bullets before you start seeing the vertical movement, and at that point it would even be a stronger vertical movement. That's why anti-recoil script with cronusmax or Titan 1 or 2 doesn't work very well on most games.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Boost and acceleration
« on: 05:49 PM - 04/05/17 »
Boost can be useful for some low Turn cap games or games that utilize timed acceleration. IMO though, it's best purpose is for trying to make a dead zone work with an unsupported game or for Vehicles, which are also unsupported.

The real difference between Boost and Ballistics is Boost is instantaneous from point A to point B. It allows you to manipulate the starting point of the right stick. So if you pick up your controller and slowly move the right stick you will feel a certain amount of play "Dead Zone" before your movement actually registers on the screen. As you push harder on the right stick your movement speed will increase. Boost allows you to completely bypass that dead zone (if you wish) and you can pretty much choose the starting point of your right stick movement. So if you crank Boost WAY up, it's just like starting your movement at the point where the right stick is immediately pegged. Ballistics allow you the same benefit except you can slowly ramp up or down to the desired speed instead of getting there instantaneously. Also Boost only works as acceleration, where ballistics can also slow your movement down if so desired.

Think of it like an electric and a combustion motor.

- Electric power is instantaneous, as soon as you punch the gas you have the max output that your motor can draw from it's power core. - BOOST -
- Combustion motors have alot of mechanical parts that take longer to build up torque. - Ballistic curve -

Now ballistics can be instantaneous obviously, if you make a ballistic like the electric graph above.

I hope this helps you understand when and why you would want to use one or the other or maybe even both sometimes.

Quoting myself here from an older thread, for this example, think of Ballistics as acceleration. That's what ballistics are typically used for.


Do you think boost would be perfect for games with really slow turn speeds like The Division?

Game Support / Re: The division 1.6
« on: 06:48 AM - 03/31/17 »
Hi all,

I've been away on vacay for the last few weeks so I haven't tried the new ST but I'm grateful for the swift response from the support guys. I know that you guys advocate for 1:1 curves but with this game's stupid turn speed, has anyone tried a modified hip curve for quick 180 turns?

Couple of questions Sweet:

1. Do you have aim assist on? According to people using controller aim assist made hip firing so much easier in this patch so there goes our advantage.

2. Can you explain the 0% deadzone? When I try this even by lowering by DPI, my screen jitters a lot. I'm at 20% now and I can still see the jitters when my palm is resting on the mouse

Game Support / Re: The division 1.6
« on: 06:11 PM - 03/05/17 »
So I did some trial and error, still not as good as it was in 1.5 but it's playable, and if I have to quantify how much better it is over controller, probably 5%.

In-game sensitivity: both 100%
Aim Assist: Off (a must, otherwise you lose all control of hip firing. In console it's much easier to fight it because you can hold your analog stick down)
Deadzone: 20%

For my mouse (g303) I had to reprogram it on my laptop.

Polling: 1000
DPI: 4000 (I was playing at 12k DPI in 1.5 but 4k seems to be the workable DPI with my xim settings)

I'm using venom's curve for hip at 11 sens and using linear curve for ADS at 6.5 sens

Even at 4k DPI, screen still jitters at 20% deadzone (slightly) when my hand is at rest on the mouse. However, it smoothens out once I start moving it. 

Hope this helps, still not close to how it was 1.5 so I'm leaving the background coding etc.. to you guys. And if you must ask why they did this? Because Massive is the worst game devs in existence.

Game Support / Re: The division 1.6
« on: 05:07 PM - 03/04/17 »
Also it's important to note that the devs made changes to the camera setting when hip firing.  When you being hip firing, the camera zooms in and the curves change, it becomes really slow to turn or even aim up and down. When you stop firing it pulls back again but with the xim, there seems to be a delay in the sensitivity to go back to how it was prior to shooting.

Also because in a controller you can compensate by holding your analog sticks to turn quickly, it's counterproductive with the xim to have to use turn assist to rely on accurate turns. 

So people may not feel any changes when just running around with their hip sens, but as soon as you start hip firing, that change in curve will  continue to stay there until after you're fully zoomed out again.   

EDIT: I do not play with aim assist. Aim assist while hip firing brings your camera up to the sky or down to the floor. No matter how high you set your hip sens at, you cannot fight this "aim assist". As long as you hold your fire button and theres an agent or NPC around, it will either force your camera up or down.

Game Support / Re: The division 1.6
« on: 06:44 PM - 03/03/17 »
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the replies. I can assure you it's not just lag.  The whole thing feels sluggish. I played around with deadzone and I brought it down to 20% for a while but the mouse felt too jittery. The W-A-S-D feels sluggish as well. 

I click my scroller to activate turn assist but even with that there is a delay in stopping and turning the other way. 

1.5 was much better, as good as it can be for this game. But I do suspect they changed the aim and look mechanism. I'm back to deadzone 35% now but aiming is still atrocious.

Thanks for the continued support guys

Game Support / The division 1.6
« on: 06:55 PM - 03/01/17 »

I speak on behalf of the gamers who got the xim4 for this game. The new patch was released yesterday and they've made changes on aiming and look mechanism. Is there any way this can be updated on your end? It seems deadzone 35 is no longer appropriate or that the normal curves are no longer normal.


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 01:50 PM - 12/04/16 »
1.5 just dropped and now hip firing is even worse.

I'm still trying to find the closest config to PC hip firing. I want fast enough turn speeds to strafe but at the same time not too jittery to when hip firing. I think where the XIM shines in console is the ability to hip fire.  I'm still using this config and changed ADS to 12 sensitivity and works well, it's just the HIP config that I'm still not satisfied with. If I go as low as 3 I can get headshots hip firing but the moment people strafe my turns can't keep up. And if I change the sensitivity to HIP to be able to turn quickly I lose the ability to aim properly when hip firing.  Anyone figured this out?  With ARs I suppose I should just drop hip firing completely and just rely on ADS

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