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General Discussion / Re: Who's excited for Destiny 2!?
« on: 05:18 AM - 07/12/17 »
You guys saw the recent PVP videos ? the game feels awfully slow. Its like a pea shooter as compared to D1. I invested 3k hours in just PVP. I played PVE v v less because i loved PVP that much.

I finally got over it 3 months ago. I am not excited about D2 at all (30 fps + slow PVP). I will however try the beta on the PC. If its any good i`ll get it on PC for pvp.

Game Support / COD IW Jump Shots !
« on: 01:00 AM - 05/23/17 »
Hi team ,
I am finding it very difficult to land my shots while in the Air (jumping / thrusting). I feel like pressing space bar for jump takes out quite a lot of my reaction time.

Is it just me ? or do you guys use different keyboard bindings for COD IW ? any good button layout which you recommend i should try out ?

Game Support / Re: Destiny Tip
« on: 10:57 AM - 04/23/17 »
How do i rearrange hip / spring / ads? i cant seem to find this option

Game Support / Re: good bo3 ps4 players
« on: 04:58 AM - 04/20/17 »
Better then average  ! recently playing quite a bit of BOPS3 !  add me up

psn : lowresolution666

Have you considered that you might actually be better with a Controller !!

Not every kb/m player can own a Controller user , there are loads of very very good Controller players out there who will own a xim4 play all day long very easily.

I would suggest trying out the kb/m setup and switch back to the controller if you don`t get the feel out of it.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: A4Tech Bloody V7
« on: 02:25 AM - 03/15/17 »
I`ll appreciate if someone can look over here and tell which one is tried and tested


Hardware Compatibility / A4Tech Bloody V7
« on: 02:21 AM - 03/15/17 »
Is the A4tech V7 or V8 compatible with the Xim 4 ? I already have a G502, but my cousin is on a budget and these A4techs are available here locally.

Technical Support / [Q/A] Cronusmax Plus + Xim 4
« on: 05:15 AM - 03/14/17 »
I am quite satisfied with my Xim 4. But i still want something to play around with. Last time i heard that CM + and Xim 4 were having issues together, is it still the case ? or the issues are resolved ?

I can get a CM+ for cheap locally. Just wanted to check with people if both of these devices are working together

Game Support / Re: Destiny- New Curve
« on: 11:24 PM - 03/07/17 »

Any active Destiny players ? I have 2k hours in PVP and cannot find any pvp players to play with !

Game Support / Re: In light of Zombies crazy BF1 curves...
« on: 01:38 AM - 02/22/17 »
I use this curve in all the games I play - BF1, R6, Destiny.

I use a bit of boost in R6 and Destiny. I find the take off in R6 is sluggish in ADS using the default curve so adding boost helps.

I found R6 the easiest to tweak over BF1 and Destiny. I think I nailed it after 20 minutes of playing and I have no desire to keep adjust my boost and sensitivity.

Can you post your Destiny`s config !

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Anyone still play cod IW?
« on: 01:16 AM - 02/22/17 »
Been playing by myself lately and some other people I find in lobbies that are pretty good.  But been tryin to squad up with some XIM players for IW.  I'm on PS4.  My psn is JbowenDaMan.  Add me up and make sure you include "Xim forum" or something like that so I know it's from this community of players[emoji1419]

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Hey man ! i play IW from time to time now. Though most of the time i play BOPS 3. I`ll add you up and will play a few games as well

The matchmaking in IW puts me off from playing it (it always places 2kd+ players in 1 team while my team always has players with very low stats.

I use a mixture of RML`s / some other`s config`s. And i am not experiencing what doc is stated (though its obviously something wrong).

I can post my config in a few hours if it`ll be beneficial for someone. I play on 5.6k DPI cloth mouse pad (was having jittery movement on the steel series 4hd mouse pad)

Game Support / Re: BF1 Sniper Setting
« on: 06:07 AM - 02/07/17 »
My mice is G502 as well but I don't know how to set my mice DPI.


You need to turn angle snapping on, and set your mouse for every dpi from 12000 - 1000 DPI.

Then try SA3 here http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=51992.0

make sure you back up configs, when updateing firmware.

With Sa3 you wont need curves, just like 12000 boost, set your hip/ads sensitivity 3.50 at 12,000 DPI. if 4000 DPI then start with 24 hip/ads sensitivity.

Turn USA on in BF1 and set Coefficient to 300. Then ajust DPI or hip/ads sensitivity tell you find your sweet spot.

Make sure your using 100% under advanced settings for zoom.

Is this true for ALMOST any game ? or just BF1 ?

Game Support / Re: Need destiny xim players
« on: 01:39 AM - 02/01/17 »
Played PVP for 2k+ hours. Quit playing about a month ago. I do however plan to get back (if the balance patch is any good). I had a kd of 1.7 or something. 90% of the time played Solo.

I mostly play COD IW/RM or Titan Fall 2

I am on PS4 btw

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