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Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] slow moves when downsight
« on: 05:25 AM - 11/09/18 »
not weapon or game mechanic unfortunately, it happens with every kind of weapon, primary or special os heavy ... hand cannons pulse rifles ... everything
same problems happens randomly on overwatch too, which r the only 2 games i play using xim.
Still, if i move the mouse not downsight, the moves r perfect and fast as always, but when the problem is there, i cant really use the mouse the moves r soooooo slow which it makes impossible even to shot target this distant from each others :
X--------------X moving the mouse from first X to the second X would need tons of seconds and wrists moves feeling like to move a truck ... im getting crazy cause xim is great when it works but lately im asking ... WILL it works ?
need help

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] slow moves when downsight
« on: 05:03 PM - 11/08/18 »
still having this problem
toggle is not even activated in the aim down sight menu
and checking while having this issue on the hub says hip when no aiming down sight so i really dont know what to do anymore

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] slow moves when downsight
« on: 04:00 AM - 10/25/18 »
hmmm no i dont think to press anything accidentally, i thought about that too so i just made all the mouse profiles the same, do u mean it could be a slowdown related to the "switch" mechanic, or maybe cause i switch in a profile with a different DPI ?

it is not related to game mechanic for sure cause i tried in the same conditions as it was shooting perfectly

about the toggle, yes i use the toggle ADS and i ll check when it happens next time

Now ... i know this can sound hilarious or weird but, what if i tell u when this happens and i get crazy and angry i slap the mouse (on the bottom side) really hard and magically it works perfectly again ? sometimes it helps sometimes dont. please dont joke on this im serious and it happened just last day

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] slow moves when downsight
« on: 04:13 AM - 10/24/18 »
Hi Team and Forum,

i have this problems and it is basically a pain cause it happens randomly.
Sometimes while im playing (i still have xim4 and i play destiny 2) mouse works perfectly, sometimes randomly, when downsight the mouse movements r really slow, like i cant turn or change target fast and i talk about targets not even super far from each others. it is like if the movements feels super heavy and slow, and only when in downsight, and problem is it happens absolutely random, 1 week it works perfectly then the problem occurs for hours then it is perfect again maybe the day after its bad again. i tried using mouse on other platforms and it works great, i tried changing mouse, im feeding the @#$% razer and logitech buying their mouse :( but i dont think it can be a mouse problems at all at this point .... any of u experienced this ? any solution ?

if u need to know i play on playstation 4, xim4 , mouse is a logitech 502 but i had the same problems on tons of razer mouse

please help ?

Game Support / Re: TERA?
« on: 03:51 AM - 04/06/18 »
i would love to use xim on tera too, this game requires mouse and keyboard much more than u can think mist !! fast aiming and fast cam turns r needed. what makes me think is the key button mapping, usually on xim u have an interface where u can set buttons on presetted  tabs of skill according to the game (example on destiny u have the grenade tab, the melee tab ecc ecc). on tera u should have tabs for 15-20 skills, not  even counting more tabs for potions, mounts, and more.
would that be possible ?
one more question i still have the xim4, i will probably go for the apex in the future (not close future), is my xim4 still supported or if u make an ST it will work just for apex ?
please mist help us, tera would be much more enjoyable with mouse and keyboard.

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 01:06 AM - 01/18/17 »
yes thats correct, two naga. hmmm i ll try and see in the synapse menu about the firmware. i have a logitech g303 too i can test on it and let u know. ty for ur support mist :)

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 06:04 AM - 01/17/17 »
oh well i tried again to connect the mouse on the laptop and now it doesnt work anymore on there too, same stuffs movement freeze and especially the vertical movement r pretty impossible to do, just if i move the mouse like a crazy  somehow it moves vertically too, orizzontal movements r not fluid but not impossible, so probably could it be a mouse problem ?
i dont understand yet why i have this on 2 mice , i ll test the other one on the laptop too

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 05:45 AM - 01/17/17 »
ok i just need some advice,

1- u mean on the other port on the xim or another port on some different devices like laptop or whatever ? in this case i tested and no success, on other devices mice works perfect
2- i will test as soon as possible
3- not using any of these
4- tested, no success
5- i will test
6- i will test

in the case none of these options r the reason of the problems what could it be ? an unfortunate coincidence of 2 mice broken ? something i can fix buying a new mouse or something about the xim4 ? this last option scary me as ****

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 06:25 PM - 01/16/17 »
yea lots of troubles in that period of time, that was a tracelog of some minutes full of freezes, i think i have more tracelogs saved if u need

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 05:12 PM - 01/16/17 »
sure, in a couple of minutes
ty for ur time mate

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 03:58 PM - 01/16/17 »
i tried on two different mouse and it happens on both

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 03:24 PM - 01/16/17 »
in the last 2 days it got even worse, with lots of episodes, like 8+ times in 8 minutes. i tried to switch both of my naga and it happens on both.
i sent u 3 tracelogs, the last of this is probably the most important, i really need help cause right now, sadly i have to say xim sucks

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 11:36 AM - 01/12/17 »
actually when i bought the xim, i choosed to buy a razer naga just for it ( and one razer naga only for pc ).
the first time i noticed this problems it was on the new mouse for xim, so i inverted the mouse and started to use the pc  razer one on the xim, till today. in all this time ofc it kept giving me some freezes but not as frustarting as in the last days, and now im using the first naga i bought ( the one i already switched previously). at the end it seems both of them r giving me problems in time to time, but never like these last days.now im trying to use this naga and i ll let u know, it seems working good right now not even a freeze

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 11:17 AM - 01/12/17 »
mouse is a razer naga (the one with 12 buttons on the side) setted on 3500 dpi 500 poll
keyboard razer anansi
no extras at all no hub or switch or cables

not sure about the purple lights when this occur cause i never focused on it, and talking in general in almost 1 year i use the xim i saw the purple light just 1 time, few weeks ago when turning it on, and i noticed the keyboard was not working. then i plugged and turned it on again and it worked as usual.
honestly im experiencing this mouse movement freeze since lots of time, but not so often like lately, and even if it happens randomly, not all the time, its pretty frustrating.

oh and i dont know if its me having mirages or if it could help u mist, but when this happens and i start to move the mouse like crazy to let it works again and im still in the twister of movement, in the very first time it starts to work again,  i "maybe" feel a little lag on screen ? like i can see the arm of my character in game not moving fluid, but just some micro lag ?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] mouse freeze in game
« on: 10:56 AM - 01/12/17 »
hi and sorry if there r already posts about this, but im experiencing this problem while playing destiny. keyboard and mouse keeps work right but the mouse's movement just stop to work, just movement, keyboard and mouse buttons works ok.
when this happen usually i have to move the mouse like a crazy bull and after few seconds it "unstuck" and keep working ok ... sometimes it happens frequetly and stuck repetedly in the same play session. im 100% ure its not a mouse problem cause if i plug the device anywhere else it works and this kind of problem never happen, just on xim.
anyone knows about this problem and how to fix it ? i summon u xim professional masters to help me in not breaking my arm and acting like a crazy idiot

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