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Game Support / Re: My modern warefare ST, check it out.
« on: 07:12 PM - 10/30/19 »
It's still a little floaty for me, I'm preferring the Apex Legends ST.

I kept your in-game settings and changed my X/Y Ratio to 1.35 for a more equal circular movement.

The link below is a Google Drive document that I constantly update when I make a XIM Apex profile. All of the necessary adjustments are listed. Settings that remain not present in the document are left at the default values.


If you'd like to see me using the config, I have gameplay on my channel:

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Siege - Controller curve
« on: 11:26 PM - 06/26/19 »
They also stated this when Ghost Recon Wildlands and they never came out with it, I'm crossing my fingers they do something.


I've been using these settings since the update, seems to work fine for me.

Mouse: Logitech G502 Hero - 16,000DPI - 1000Hz Polling

XIM APEX Response Rate: 1000Hz
Firmware Version: 5.00.20190429

In-Game Settings:
Controller Sensitivity X: 1.000
Controller Sensitivity Y: 1.000
Controller Targeting Sensitivity: 0.700
Controller Scope Sensitivity: 0.550
Controller Building Sensitivity: 1.250
Controller Edit Mode Sensitivity: 1.250
Deadzone Left: 0.20 / Right: 0.20
Configuration: BUILDER PRO

Hip Settings:
Sensitivity: 3.75
Synchronize: COMMON
Smoothing: 0
Y/X Ratio: 1.00
Curve: See Below

ADS Settings:
None (Disabled)

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 08:33 PM - 03/24/19 »
Making an updating PubG settings vid anytime soon?

Probably not, I haven't played PUBG since the second map released.

Game Support / Re: Rainbow Six Update
« on: 06:07 PM - 03/18/19 »
it's perfectly fine.

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 09:09 PM - 03/15/19 »
Any update for this set up llimit?

I've since then made a video about it because I'm confident enough that this configuration works like a charm for me (and the majority of others who have tried it).

I'm still using the same curve but I've lowered the sensitivity a little bit, down to 12. I only did this for personal tastes as I am not as quick and agile like I was back in my CSGO days.

If you'd like to see the video, here ya go.

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 11:54 PM - 10/15/18 »
What is your blood-type?

O Negative, registered organ donor if anything were to happen :)

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 08:33 PM - 10/13/18 »
Been using this settings for almost 3 weeks now and it feels really great.. gonna stick on this until Llimit came up with a new one..
ON 12000 DPI
500 polling
Hard mouse Pad

My setttings:
Using the curve
X/Y Ratio: 1.30

In game:

LDZ: 29 ( I've assigned a walk button to walk very slow and go to tights angles of peek)
ADS: 50

I should note that I'm a wrist player using a cloth mousepad, the curve may not be necessary for you if you're using a hard surface and you're used to having the faster glide of your mouse. Reading these settings look pretty decent on paper. I'm glad you tried NOT using the ADS and just lowering it in-game. Best of luck!

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 10:57 AM - 10/07/18 »
Wow, Iím amazed with how good these settings feel. I have a question, do you have any curve for fortnite that feels like PC?

Thanks man! I don't play fortnite as much so I never bothered to look further into it. I just use it on COMMON Sync without a curve. I can't stand BR games lol

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 12:30 PM - 10/01/18 »
If you dont mind me asking what's ur pc settings because I'm pc diamond and console diamond but none of these settings feel right for me.

I am certain that you are on to something indeed but I feel like it needs more fine tuning

And this is a very wrist player friendly setting not for me rip

Sorry for the long awaited response. On PC In-Game, I use 40 Horizontal and 40 Vertical on the same mouse (G502) at 800DPI

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 12:29 PM - 10/01/18 »
How do you disable ADS?

Under the 'XIM ADS' location, Under 'Activation' just double tap the area where it sets the key. It should change to 'None' and be disabled.

Game Support / Re: My Rainbow Six: Siege Settings (Unique)
« on: 12:27 PM - 10/01/18 »
I know I'm no one here, but I just wanted to say that I've followed LLimit on YouTube for quite a while now and he is a person who takes his time and does his research thoroughly when releases one of his "review" videos or ballistic curve videos. That being said, thanks man. Definitely giving it a try.

Thanks man! This is another reason why I didn't post a video about it yet. Because I want to see what people think first. Judging from the mixed reviews, I don' think it's ready for prime time. Thanks for being a subscriber!

I'm going to guess you're talking about siege? If you are, it's whatever is assigned to X or Square.

Normally you have it set to 'R' because this is also used for Reloading. I set a secondary key to 'F' for all my other actions.

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