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Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:59 AM - 11/28/16 »
There is no planning to make settings for Final Fantay 15?  :(

Commander / Re: Please Help me W11cE or Someone else
« on: 09:39 AM - 04/08/16 »
i tought that too , to open a new topic but it is not Xim 4 problem , the problem  is SandhawC because without sandhawC it works for both G910 and the G502 and with SandhawC it doesen't work like i wrote it before

Commander / Re: Please Help me W11cE or Someone else
« on: 04:37 AM - 04/08/16 »
The  Problem is for me solved , i read and i thought the LED light settings are saved and stored on the PC. But that is not  true, The Logitech G910 doens't have to connect to the PC to keep the LED light settting Om ,  i tested and i it worked know without sandhawC

Commander / Re: Please Help me W11cE or Someone else
« on: 04:26 AM - 04/08/16 »
Yes my Xim is on the latest updated, and my Mice G 502 woks fine , the Problem is not the Mice , it is the Keyboard problem or Sandwhawc  if i hold a key on keyboared   sample i run faster and hold run key and if i want to use a button from my Mice it wont work but only if my Keyboard is connected with the SandhawC and my mice with xim 4, if  Mice and Keyboard both connected with sandhawc   all works fine with the button but i dont want to use the mouse with sandhawc,  if  i  dont using sandwac and connect my keyboard and my mice to xim 4 it works fine too.  So only if both connected to sandhwac then it works but not if 1 keyboard to sahdnwac and 2 mice to xim4

Ja habe es versucht nur das Problem das ist nicht  mehr möglich ist Tastatur und Maus gleichzeitig zu nutzen die G502 RGB Spektrum die zusätzlichen tasten funktionieren dann einfach nicht solange man eine taste an der Tastatur gedrückt hält nicht

Commander / Please Help me W11cE or Someone else
« on: 03:50 PM - 04/07/16 »
i bought a Logitech G910  keyboard and i use only the keyboard with SandhawC because i want my LED light settings Up because the settings a stored on the PC the keyboard do not have onboard memory like the Mice  G502 RGB spectrum

and my Logitech G502 RGB spectrum Mice is connected  with the Xim 4 so my Big Problem  if  i use the keyboard and hold a key and try to use  a key from my Mice G502 RGB spectrum  it wont work  only Right  click button and the left click the other button not working   and if  i release they keyboard key then my mice button working so i cant use them both in the same time

if i use Keyboard and mice with SandhawC  the buttons working both at the same time but i dont want use the Mice with SandHawC because it is laggy :/ 

:( this frustrated me   the only reason i bought Mechanical Keyboard Logitech G910 to use it with SandhawC   thought it would working

sorry for my Bad englisch

Commander / Re: Communication size mismatch [-1]
« on: 12:17 PM - 04/07/16 »
Flash/Try the latest Beta XIM  Firmware  20160315



ich hätte eine frage an alle die vielleicht eine dieser 2 Tastaturen Nutzen.

Da die 2 Tastaturen eine große Möglichkeit anbieten Benutzer definiert die Beleuchtung der tasten zuzuweisen wollte fragten ob diese auch mit dem Xim 4 beibehalten oder funktionieren

Wie ich weis werden leider keine Profile auf der Tastatur gespeichert.

somit wollte ich wissen wie es dann trotzdem aussieht wenn sie mit dem xim 4 angeschlossen ist welche tasten leuchten.

Game Support / Re: Request Final Fantasy 15 ST ?
« on: 09:51 AM - 03/31/16 »
Yes, you can use XIM4 with any unsupported game using substitute configs. It may take a few attempts to find a substitute that is a good fit for the new game's look mechanic. I'm checking out the demo today to see if support makes sense.

Thank you for your help and time

Game Support / Request Final Fantasy 15 ST ?
« on: 06:08 AM - 03/31/16 »

is it possible to use XIM 4 with Final Fantasy 15 ? the DEMO is since yesteday out for all

Beta / Re: Rapid fire?
« on: 02:25 PM - 03/23/16 »
I tried  Belkin Easy Transfer Cable and use SandhawC + Autohotkey  but is was a horro  i wait for the Titan 2 and use it with my XIm 4

Beta / Re: Rapid fire?
« on: 08:16 AM - 03/22/16 »
Why is it  not supported RapidFire or Anti Recoil ?

Ok Ok  it is a kind of Cheating but in truth Xim 4 is like a Cheat.

So the people ,me too  we  have to pay 80-100 €/$ more to get a device to link Xim 4 and the new device to use rapidfire and Antirecoil in my case i would pay more money for the XIM 4 to get these 2 function into a Xim4 like. It would be nice to pay 50€/$ more to get a Update and a licence key for the Manager or waht ever with these Extra Function.

If Xim4 not support Rapidfire or Anti Recoil then it will come an other Like CM+/ Titan One.

(sorry for my bad englisch)

Deutsch / Commander/SandhawC Scripts
« on: 01:02 PM - 03/16/16 »

ich wollte fragen hat vielleicht einer ein Anti Recoil Script foü SandhawC  ?

Bin auf der suche nach einem Antirecoil für Destiny Primär Automatik waffen zb Doktrin des Sterbens

Commander / Re: no recoil not working
« on: 12:38 PM - 03/16/16 »
So you managed to get it working abc?

yeah, mine works for me. basically you need to use rapid small motion rather than doing massive motion

Could you share the entire macro?

Thanks ABC

this code will move the mouse 3 pixels left and 86 pixels down, the recoil of 1 gunshot from touch of malice.  the Delay(0.01) could be made smaller...and a ui could be built for this.

Code: [Select]

While (i < 86) {
    If (i < 3) {
    l:=time(),move(-1, 0)
    ; 0.1s + 0.03s = 0.13s

l:=time(),move(0, 1)


time() {
varsetcapacity(Count1, 8, 0)
DllCall("QueryPerformanceCounter", Uint, &Count1)
Count1:=Numget(Count1, 0)
return % Floor(count1 / 3.385)

move(x, y) {
DllCall("mouse_event", uint, 1, int, x, int, y, uint, 0, int, 0)

Delay( D=0.001 ) {  ; High Resolution Delay ( High CPU Usage )  by SKAN  | CD: 13/Jun/2009
 Static F           ; www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=52083     | LM: 13/Jun/2009
 F ? F : DllCall( "QueryPerformanceFrequency", Int64P,F )
 DllCall( "QueryPerformanceCounter", Int64P,pTick ), cTick := pTick
 While( ( (Tick:=(pTick-cTick)/F)) <D ) {
   DllCall( "QueryPerformanceCounter", Int64P,pTick )
   Sleep -1
Return Round( Tick,3 )

is this a AHk script ? or how to get it work ?

Copy and paste the script  to a .txt file  and save it  into   C:\Users\.....\Documents\SandhawC\Scripts    is that correct ?   i dont know it not working for me

Commander / Re: SandhawC Guide
« on: 04:12 PM - 03/12/16 »
The image how to set up is not working  can you fix it please

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