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Game Support / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 01:49 AM - 09/10/17 »
Well, you can also reach that with high speed :) It is just training.  Dunno I have a quite high Precition. Otherwise I wouldn't be that good in PvP/PvE (German First Kill of 2 Raids) - I don't do Osiris however :)

I think it is all training. If you learn play with super slow Mouse, then you are good at. But I learned playing with super high Speed / Precition Mouses.

Dont take it personally but there is a difference between being able to hit AI that moves mostly predictable with high sens and to do the same to other players. Any above average player will just ADAD strafe the @#$% out of your high mouse sensitivity to the point where your only hope will be the insane amount of Aim Assist in the game.

Yea I didn't want a moderators help, because of the response you just gave is not applicable. Please don't respond I want a community members help. Moderators just keep going back to the book and like a hundred other people have said which I've read in other threads doesn't help, because exponential ramp is terrible. And I'm using linear.

Then why are you creating a new thread and not just post in the corresponding linear OW thread where most of those community members that actually use the linear method post in ?

Why don't you put it into one of the default emote slots and then use the default emote binding ?

Game Support / Re: OVERWATCH Linear Fix
« on: 03:10 AM - 06/21/17 »
@A Big Ol Bully : what do u like better boost or Curve for linear, and whats your SR i need to stop taking settings from people that are plat lol, im GM and i keep taking these crazy settings and get recked lol ( not trying to be rude btw to anyone)

also what AA Window do u play as well as dpi and sens

My Perf :
Mouse - Final Mouse Scream
Keyboard - Blackwidow ( New Edition )
Mousepad - Zowie GS-R

My Settings :
100 AA Strength
15-22 AA window ( always changing )
AS - 0
Linear Ramp : curve starting 8.0 / and boost 3160
Expo Ramp : @#$% lol
- 800 Dpi
- 132 Boost Sens
- 132 Curve Sens
Firmware - https://i.gyazo.com/60b1044da2d10c396d29c4da7cc74e8e.png

Guess we have gotten to the point where some posters rate advice and individual preferences by SR as if that means anything.

Commander / Re: SandhawC feedback
« on: 09:02 AM - 07/09/16 »
Can not really say yet. Version 2 has been frozen for over a month and will still be for at least 2-3 weeks.

It would need few weeks of actual programming to be in beta stage, but cant say yet when I will start working on it again.

What needs to be fixed its the Hz pulling rate which is giving crazy micro movements that cause a jitter on the on your screen.  When i set my target rate to 63.5 everything is okay but once it hits, 63 or 64 you notice this jittering.

here is a video of what i am talking about.

Notice the vertical movements in the first video. It looks uncontrollable.


and after a few seconds when it hits 63.5 hz again its smooth.


I have tried everything, unchecking use faster pulling rate ( increased CPU) and checking it to different hz rates..

I also tried changing my hz on my mouse to be a exact match with the commander, and still nothing. Also tried other mice.

I know exactly what you are talking about. I had it fixed to be a non-issue for a while being reducing the "hz rate" of my Razer to 500. But those micro polling rate inconsistencies kept happening now and then and made movement impossible. Usually, restarting SandhawC fixed the issue immediately (for a while).

It's the main reason I stopped using SandhawC for now and went back to the usual XIM setup.

Commander / Re: Max Turn Limit?
« on: 04:44 AM - 01/13/16 »
And in order to combat everything I just did my polling rate has to be at 1000hz. Maybe it's something to do with my mouse sensor? Not entirely sure but if I don't have the poling rate at 1000 I have the issues described above. This has been SOLVED!

You kinda helped me with an issue I had been facing. For some reason around the same time I started to use SandhawkC my reticle would start to move in jittery little jumps whenever I used my mouse. It only happened after a certain amount of time had passed (10-15mins) and when I restarted the App the issue disappeared again.

After setting my mouse polling rate to 1000 it now seems to be fully gone. Strange stuff..

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