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Go under Keyboard, where you see wasd, reset those to the thumbstick. However, you that won't stop any pressure or turn on the joystick from moving your character.

I'm assuming we could kill or make ultra sensitive the actual joystick portion in the Logitech software.

I've had to return mine, just not feasible - too bad as well, perfect left trigger, comfort, and button support.

XIM 4 Discussions / Alternatives to Playstation NAV?
« on: 12:10 PM - 05/03/16 »
I just received my third, and I've decided, final Playstation NAV from Amazon. There's been great times: getting better at mapping its buttons, learning how to use to connect it via bluetooth, finally getting it to sync to a xim for the first time, using a sony product on an xbox.

There's been bad. So, it's being discontinued. And I'm a little sick of the charging, syncing issues, and limited buttons.

Can anyone please suggest an alternative joystick controller? Anyone using any other joystick?

I only own one plug and play USB. Would the same size work? Currently between things and can't afford to buy another charge and play.

I can say the cable is in good shape, no damage. Controller is fully charged.

Edit: It's got to be my NAV. I just got done messing with it some more, any more than a few inputs into the NAV and I get yellow blinking lights and my controller shuts off.

Edit 2: I set it up to be wireless -- had no idea it was that easy...-- and it's now working as usual. Manager does not show NAV as being connected, is that something to be concerned about?

First issue was controller shutting off while playing XIM, while playing The Division.

Normally, unplugging XIM, and plugging back in, would get everything powered on again -- with ghost movement. One more reset everything would work fine for another couple of hours.

However, it has now stopped entirely. I've done two factory resets on XIM, updated to latest firmware and manager on both phone and pc.

This started in full yesterday when running 2014 manager on phone, and firmware for XIM. In trying to fix it today I've upgraded to 2016, with no change. Controller has been updated. G502 has been updated.

Everything will work for a few moments, then it appears once I give input to my nav this causes the controller to shut down.

I've tried having controller sync to xbox first, then connect to XIM. This allows for the initial input. However, same result once input is received on peripherals through XIM peripherals shut off. XIM remains on.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 09:38 AM - 03/16/16 »
The jitter when ads has been the killer. 3500 dpi has been a sweet spot.

All I can say is don't use the Division vanilla loadout yet.

I run RML's GoW curve for hip, 1:1 on ads, on the state of decay translator.

Can't find sweet spot yet. Above setup, with 4k dpi g502 on cloth, had many good moments.

A chinese gaming mouse Ion at 3.5k dpi on a.vespulla has had the best aim, but tended to be uncomfortable. However, with 9 programmable buttons potential is high.

Lastly, a corsair m65 - super well designed and comfortable - just has software that is difficult. It's sniper function is nothing more than a dignified dpi profile changer.

Trying bf4 curves and more corsair tonight.

Game Support / Re: The Division Beta 1/29 - 1/31/16
« on: 01:26 PM - 01/28/16 »
State of Decay with GoW: UE and RML's curves the best. Need one button press for weird menu wheel. Need a better aiming curve.

But RML GoW curve with State of Decay moves well.

Game Support / Re: The Division Beta 1/29 - 1/31/16
« on: 11:18 AM - 01/28/16 »
So far a very fun game. Big world with drop in and drop out social features.

Seems very promising.

I'm using CoD: Black Ops with RML's Destiny advanced curves. Moving and aiming fine. 12,000 dpi, 1000 polling. Had to prop it up to 40 sensitivity and a 1000 boost. Playable. But we could make it so much better.

A lot can be done here. The emote wheel is also the wheel to use buffs, ammo packs, etc,..so we gotta figure that out.

Game Support / Re: The Division Beta 1/29 - 1/31/16
« on: 12:59 AM - 01/22/16 »
We should keep this topic  alive with the beta coming out. It has a pc port, so it shouldn't be so bad....

I'm going to try a Gears of War curve, then a lost planet curve.

Hey, I appreciate the replies. Thank you. 1) yes Destiny can be frustrating. 2) practice. All my skill and practice were in sticks. High level skill in Destiny with sticks, is swiping or aiming with your body.

These curves break AA. I'm just totally unused to actually aimimg my reticle -- perhaps proving the old adage of pc fps being more competitive than console.

Also, after using XiM, you learn how ridiculous it is that people feel this is an advantage. I'd read dozens of posts, some clear headed, others expressing: it's point and click, you get to use a metal Bat in a wooden bat  league, etc,. If you're used to console shooters, make the switch expexting an advantage, it won't happen.

To other console users thinking on getting an elite, scuff, or XIM: XiM is your best option. Why? I can buy a new mouse, mouse pad, use different settings, play different games. All the independence available to you on pc. It's not xXx420NoScopesxXx hacking gear. It's a mouse and keyboard.

The fix. 1) stick with a set up. Just accepting the curves, then not touching them. 2) understand XiM is not a cheat, you have to play well. Then if you're like me and switched thinking you may have gotten an advantage, realize you now need to reach yourself mind a new controller - a much better controller.

I am still having a tough time making Destiny really feel right.

From a 400 dpi mouse and nasty keyboard, to a g502, NAV and latest manager and firmware. I have a steel series mousepad, I can't justfiy dropping more money on a Razer glass coated mouse pad right now to continue and try to get this to work.

I don't want to quit on it either. Especially in games when it seemed to be clicking. Here's the problems, help is appreciated. Sticking with the same set up, gear, and curves this happens.

ADS, aim in general.

1) inconsistentcy. No two matches. No two ads situations. No two movements ever feel identical. I'm running 8200 dpi, 500 hz, as suggested. I always feel somehow slowed down when raising my reticle past an enemies neck. Fast and smooth, then molasses. In Trials of Osiris this has been match ending. This aggravates me because at 1k plus game time, attempting objectivity in review of my play, I don't feel it's me. I will have a smooth 1.5-2kd win. Glowing. Feel amazing. Then same enemies, same set up, getting spit on - consistent .3-.5 kds.

No two movements are feeling alike.

I encounter the opposite problem, if I'm bringing down a reticle or get past the enemy head, my reticle gains major acceleration in whatever direction I was pushing. Our problem with Destiny is that each gun has a level of aim assist as a base stat, creating all sorts of odd effects. For instance, the sidearm Havoc Pigeon is magic with RML's ADS curve. You fight recoil. Your sight goes where you aim it. Switch it to a sniper Defiance of Yasmin, high AA, you gain ghost acceleration and intereria.

Turn and look speed.

2) movement. Turn and look speed. This is a fixture with Destiny and XiM. I've had 2500 boost, 12000 dpi, with a self made curve that was nigh a straight line 100,100 feel the closest to smooth. Then I'm constantly readjusting the mouspad. Mouse position. Arm position. Looking at the curve. I'm using turn assist like a crutch, and doing so makes things jarring. While a comfortable hunter blinks on you, moving smoothly for a kill.

Okay, this has given me an education by fire in ballistic curves. Some of it can be chalked up to bad play/decisions. But the other 95/100? Not sure.

Not hating on XiM. It's a bad @#$% piece of tech,. Easy to use. Hating on Destiny's obtuse m+kb translation. I was a platinum rumbler before deciding to switch. Knew there would be a transition, learning pains, but this was my answer to scuff and Xbox elite controllers now flooding in. Getting down hearted and frustrated with my gameplay here. Would love help or advice finding that sweet spot.

Hey, thanks for reply!

Not looking to do macros for rapid fire or anything, just different sensitivity, boost, curves for each weapon class. For example your ads curve is exceptional with side arms. However, sniping wasn't intuitive.

I followed your tutorials, videos, and directions exactly - got it all working! Thanks a lot for that.

The point: I want to build  a swap to have different settings for each weapon class. 1) for your macros, are you plugging a keyboard in momentarily? So the orbit button. Num7-Num-8 etc,. Once in game those don't exist. When and how are you logging keystrokes?

2) the emotes are useless. That gives four extra buttons, plus three on board profiles for g502. Some play room to build curves. I was thinking dpad down on Nav to toggle, let's say fusions. So Jerry rig weapon profiles. Can you give a hint or idea towards a more fluent/elegant solution?

I just watched your lgs video. Working on getting that to work tonight.

To clarify, your mouse registers how long you have the button held down to switch its onboard settings, when then correlate to manager. For example I switch to heavy in game by holding down weapon change. Mouse registers this hold and release and so go to its onboard settings. You change weapons ago, the macro sees another button press and switches back?

I see your XiM is set up to toggle on weapon swap...so how do you manage that the XiM is in heavy mode?

If I can get this it's totally possible to create different macros for each weapon type. In a limited capacity.

XIM 4 Discussions / Quick Start Guide, help
« on: 06:52 AM - 01/05/16 »
Hi all, new to the board here, but been lurking/reading last couple of days.

Like many of you I'm originally a PC gamer, so have purchased a xim4 for fps - besides agreeing that a mouse is simply a better tool.

Getting to it. I play Destiny on Xbox one. Via advice here, I've purchased, and will receive by this weekend: xim4, g502, Sony Nav, hard mouse pad, USB dock. I have an Xbox one USB cord. Bluetooth enabled Android device. Xim4 manager installed.

My limitations: my pc is in disrepair - will this limit my use of g502? Can I still download latest firmware? I'm reading lists on both g502 and NAV not being recognized, is this common? If so, is there a common fix?

My goal is to be up and running on the advanced Destiny set up ASAP, as I'm on a short stint with some free time and would like to maximize play time.

What should my first steps be once I have all the tools of this set up?

I have a Snowball and speakers, can I use an external mic via the USB hub? Any suggested audio set ups?

My xim4 will be here ahead of my other gear, I plan on plugging a generic m+kb in to try it out, is this advisable?

Thank you all for your time and/or suggestions.

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