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yeah. and so far ive discovered my controller needs to be wired to the xim4. but i cant stop it from just wireless connection to consel... cant seem to figure out how to disconnect wireless coms between the two

well iv been having this same problem. just spend 70 bucks on new controller and it still only communicates with console... how are you suppose to know if you usb works or not anyways..

also i have to use wired mode and got my manager to communicate with the xim4. but the firmware just says it cant detect the xim4. even when my manager is pulled up and connected.. so the hell am i supoose to download firmware?

Technical Support / Re: How to setup XIM4
« on: 03:25 AM - 12/17/15 »
also rubber wrong... hard reboot DOES NOT help me disconnect controllers wireless setting... so the manager can read it.. it only talks to consel plugged in or not.. ive spend almost THREE STRAIGHT DAYS trying to get this thing set up... no help from anyone and after about a day or going threw these forums I still haven't found any help... ive watched all videos and none of them address any of the problems I am facing.

ive read you need your xbox one controller on wired mode... how the heck do I disconnect from wireless setting!!!!

I try to use wired mode but when I u plug from pc back to Xbox everything is lost

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