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I have now ordered this from the German Amazon store


It's a little expensive imo, however until I find an equal option which is cheaper I may be continue testing this one. At least they confirmed they can do 120hz up to 1440p and 60 for 4k.

Will Test it later today and if people are interested can share some more details later.

I don't have that exact one, but i picked one up that is very similar and i wouldn't be surprised if it's the same one just different branding.
https://www.sescom.com/products/view/[email protected]or-with-edid

I can confirm it works 1440p @ 120 w/ bitstream audio on the xbox series x.

I previously had the monoprice blackbird 4K and that one did work with 1440p @ 120 but i could only get 2ch audio. When putting the adapter on bitstream it would say this resolution isn't supported and drop back down to either 1440/60 or 1080p/120.

You try changing the USB cable? I was having similar issues when i first got my xim and it ended up being the cable i was using.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Monitors vs TV
« on: 06:47 PM - 04/06/20 »
depends, i actually prefer my tv because it's bigger and its a lot easier to spot people. However currently on my gaming monitor i feel there isn't a huge difference. Size of the screen will probably be a bigger factor to be honest. Really depends on if your tv has a lot of latency.

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