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Hanzo is interesting. At closer ranges the AA may be beneficial but when you are a bit further away and doing a prediction shot it could be a hindrance. I would say use a lower AA and aim well :)

100 is too much but I find some AA helps because the mouse movement in OW (using default curve) just feels a bit off.

Maybe I'm not great with the curves but I did spend a couple of hours trying to create a sprint config I liked but ended up going back to the RML sprint curve because it was still better than what I had created. Maybe I'll try again. I found that I quite liked the start of the RML sprint curve but feel it becomes to aggressive so what I was attempting to do was just tone that down. Just didn't work so well!


What's your sprint config? I'd rather use other exotics but these boots have shown me how off my sprint config is.

It's not an issue of sensitivity as much as I don't like the curve and wonder if there are other curves people have experimented with. The RML curve I'm using starts off a little slow and then when the acceleration kicks in it ends up too fast.

I do have an aggressive curve when not using my dunes. Are you suggesting lower sens with the aggressive curve or changing the curve too?

I have been running RMLs advanced sprint curve for a long time and whilst it's not perfect, it does the job.

I got dunemarchers and found that they work best without any curve at all. I can do tight corners with or without my dunes but the difference is that without the dunes I need the sprint curve and I can feel the acceleration on the curve dragging me round that corner. The dunes feel natural.

My issue is that this screws with muscle memory and accuracy when trying to come out of sprint. When using the curve on my warlock I often overshoot as the acceleration drags me round further than I want to go. With dunes, I spin and stop where I want.

How do people combat this? Has anyone got a sprint config they feel closely matches what you can get with dunes without the feel of acceleration screwing around with your aim?

Game Support / Re: Need some Destiny knowledge
« on: 05:42 AM - 01/09/17 »
Would agree with what some others have said. At your level, your gunskill will already be at a point where you aren't likely to see much of an improvement with a XIM. You are presumably already taking advantage of aim assist and game mechanics on a controller. On a XIM you are often fighting these things. I use a XIM because I have years of game time on MKB and have become very proficient with it. My controller skill is severely lacking and I didn't want to take the time to improve it.

re sprint radius. dune/frosties are the only way I have ever been able to get the right feel. sprint curves help but due to their acceleration they mess with my muscle memory. dunes/frosties without any sprint config feel perfect.

Am using the boots now and removed the curve on my sprint config. The main difference to me is the feel. These feel quick and natural as opposed to the config and normal boots which can turn quickly but feels way less natural.

What are you guys doing with your sprint config when wearing these boots? Do you change them at all?

I am currently running the RML sprint curve with mega high sens and have had dunemarchers drop but yet to try them out.

Game Support / Re: FIFA 17
« on: 09:20 AM - 11/01/16 »
Oh yes of course, silly me! 50 it is then !

Game Support / FIFA 17
« on: 08:37 AM - 11/01/16 »
So I've just got FIFA 17 on my XB1 but I only have one controller.

Does anyone have any experience of playing FIFA on a XIM using a different controller? I only have 1 XB1 controller but I also have a PS4 controller and a 360 controller.

This is purely for the purpose of saving 50 on a new controller :)

Yes, my sniping issue was when scoped in but not on target, getting to the target feels weird but then it feels better once on target. I think I need to either scope in on target better or use a subtle curve that combats AA a little without changing the feel out of AA too much.

I am shotgunning with no ADS curve. Most of the time this is fine because I ADS in on target and fire all within a small time frame. It's when the first shot misses and it gets a bit chaotic that tracking becomes hard in ADS so I will normally go back to hip then track then ADS again. I will give the gnasher curve a go when I get a chance as most time spent in ADS will be trying to track through AA anyway I imagine.

Finding it hard to decide what to try out. So many options.

I sniped when I first got a xim as I am highly accurate on PC but that isn't translating that well to destiny. I am now a shotgunner and find aim assist can be very annoying in CQC as it can drag you all over the place but in general I am much better with a shotgun than a sniper. I have tested a number of curves but I always have the same issue. When I encounter aim assist the various RML curves all help with breaking that AA bubble, no doubt about that. The problem though is that outside of AA I find the standard no curve to feel more natural. So the curve helps beat AA but outside of AA feel less natural to me. I come from the days of applying reg entries to windows to eliminate all acceleration so I am very sensitive to it and don't like it.

Basically I want acceleration free movement but less AA and it seems that beating AA and using acceleration go hand in hand so not sure if it's possible. Maybe I'm just not understanding how all this works.

Beta / Re: Xim4 Firmware 20151120 Link
« on: 11:45 AM - 05/19/16 »
Maybe I'm being blind but I can't see this. Everything just takes me back to the latest 2016 release.

I'm letting a friend trial my xim4 for a week and I want him to have the manager software that matches my firmware as I don't want to upgrade the firmware at the moment.

Another shadestep question, does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve the following...

I want to trigger shadestep with a double click of w,a,s,d. If you played UT then you likely know why I want to do this. It's just an easy way to trigger shadestep in the direction of my choice.

Afaik, it's only possible to add one secondary button so I could only add O to one of w,a,s,d. The other issue if I do that and start to strafe ill just crouch.

I'm not holding out any hopes on this but thought I'd ask the question anyway...

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