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Game Support / Re: Fortnite - Possible support?
« on: 08:39 PM - 07/21/17 »
Guys in the settings you can just attach a keyboard/mouse for this game.

I dont seem to have a cursor when in menus using the Kb/Mouse but aiming feels good. I think you need to use the actual mouse sensitivity as there doesnt seem to be an option in the menus. You can bind most if not all keys on the keyboard.

So I'm curious I want to snipe, so is there a something I could set up in addition to normal ads to snipe? Or would I have to have a new setup and if so what would the ballistic curve be?

You could do this by having a secondary key bound to ADS, and then also have the same key activate a new setup with lower sensitivity/ballistics. Essentially you end up having a different button that you just use to ADS when using a sniper rifle. Seems to work well for me but it does take some getting used to.

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