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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Logitech G13 Joystick Buttons?
« on: 02:17 PM - 12/08/15 »
Welcome to the community. The G13 joystick, on the XIM4, is seen as an analog joystick (not like a d-pad).
Yea one of the reasons I switched to the N52te. Look it up

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Belkin N52te and KVM Issues
« on: 01:44 PM - 12/08/15 »
Oh, ok. Yes, google turns up a lot of reported issues with using KVMs on Windows.

Yea this is brutal, I was so happy to get the N552te just to realize I cannot use it with my iogear kvm. I wanted to be able to use it to play Guildwars 2 as well on PC and switch to console for FPS games. My G502 switches just fine though so its very frustrating.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Belkin N52te and KVM Issues
« on: 12:03 AM - 12/08/15 »
I don't have these devices but two things you should look at if you haven't already are:

1) Use the latest beta build, 20151120

2) Enable usb hotswapping in menu->globals

Hi thanks, I do have usb hotswapping enabled and am on the latest build. This issue has something to do with the kvm switch and windows, probably a power issue.

Hardware Compatibility / Belkin N52te and KVM Issues
« on: 11:08 PM - 12/07/15 »
I know its a shot in the dark but has anyone using Xim and a KVM switch had luck getting a N52te or nostromo to switch properly? When I switch to Xim it works fine but when I switch to pc it says usb device not detected.
When I plug it in directly to my pc it works fine.

Thank you, I should mention that the only two macros I need to save are for Destiny sparrow mounting, heavy weapon equipping and going to orbit that RML posted. I found a used Belkin N52te in great shape. The seller just couldnt get used to it so they are asking $40 for it. If I buy it, am I going to be able to download support software for it easily? I will be using it with xim4 but also for pc gaming.

If you are using an N52, N52te, tartarus, orbweaver please help me out.
I have been combing the internet and xim forums for definitive answers to these questions to no avail so I am going to ask them here.
First question, which of the following have onboard memory?
Belkin N52 - yes/no?
Razer N52te - yes/no?
Razer Tartarus - yes/no?
Razer Orbweaver - yes/no?
I basically want to set up a profile on my pc with macros, unplug it, plug into xim4, and still have the macros saved. Just like they are saved with my Logitech g502

Secondly, how much of an ergonomic change will I notice from kb/mouse to gamepad/mouse in regards to the jump key for the 4 models listed above? I'm asking because I recently purchased a Logitech G13 and could not for the life of me get used to it due to where the jump key was. I even tried to remap the jump key and I could not get used to it. I have since returned it.

Any input would be grealty appreciated and thanks

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech g15 g keys?
« on: 08:56 AM - 12/03/15 »
In the compatibility list it should state that the G15 Gkeys G1-6 are non-funtional due to the fact that the G15 does not have onboard memory. This would be good info for anyone wanting to buy a G15 to play with XIM. This is a huge downer for me. I'm going to look into a keyboard that does have onboard memory profiles.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Does this work with Xim4?
« on: 08:48 AM - 12/03/15 »
I'm not sure if that will work (especially if you physically remove one of the devices -- the mouse).

Have you looked at the Orbweaver?

I have looked at both the orbweaver and the Nostromo. The Orbweaver is out of the question with its hefty pricepoint, its $160 here in Canada. Im on the fence about the Nostromo though. I use wasd for movement but I want a more natural keyboard feel and placement for my thumb jump key or spacebar. I would esentially like to have a 1/3 sized keyboard. Will I notice a huge difference in thumb placement going from keyboard to Nostromo?

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech g15 g keys?
« on: 10:09 PM - 12/02/15 »
Has anyone got them to work?

Hardware Compatibility / Does this work with Xim4?
« on: 10:08 PM - 12/02/15 »
Hi will this work with xim4?
I would like to buy one and cut off the mouse to use my g502 but I really like the keypad potion.
I tried to use the Logitech G13 but I cannot get used to it.

Hardware Compatibility / Logitech g15 g keys?
« on: 05:11 PM - 11/30/15 »
I cant seem to program my g keys with the xim4. When my g15 is plugged into my Xim, the M1,M2,M3 buttons are unlit and g keys dont work

Hi RML, in regards to your tutotial here http://imgur.com/a/VfKnj I see the reasoning behind having to create a one button press macro for sparrow mounting and going to orbit due to having to press a sequence of keys including delays, however I do not see the point of having a macro for heavy weapon. I just hold down the key which has been assigned to bring up heavy weapon. Is there a reason for creating a macro?

Should steady aim be turned off for Destiny?

Just bought a xim4 (pay for overnight shipping too) im going to be playing my ps4 on a pc monitor with my g510 keyboard and g502 mouse but my problem is that i dont want to plug and unplug my key/mou is the time,do anyone know a fix for this? thx

Apparently Xim Commander can do this

Then I would recommend using Commander. You can get more info about on the Commander sub-board.
Thank you Obsiv, I have finally gotten used to the XIM and its features. I cannot find the commander subforum though.

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