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Shared Configs / Re: COD: Modern Warfare '19 Configs
« on: 07:01 AM - 01/11/22 »
Warzone Pacific Settings (Test)

In-Game Settings:
Code: [Select]
Left Stick Min Input: 0.10+
Right Stick Min Input: 0.10+
Left Stick Max Input: 1
Right Stick Max Input: 1
Horizontal Sensitivity: 20
Vertical Sensitivity: 20
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 1
Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom: Off
Camera Movements: Least - 50%

DPI: 25,600
Polling Rate: 250Hz
XIM Apex: 250Hz

HIP Sensitivity: 2.05 (Instead of 2.10)
Common Sync

ADS Sensitivity: 1.05
Common Sync

HIP & ADS Curve
Code: [Select]
Test Configuration (w/Warzone ST)
Code: [Select]

Code: [Select]
> Warzone ST feels a bit more responsive than the MW2019 ST (HIP Specifically.)
> In-game settings can be optimized.

How to I go about changing sensitivities for this config? Is this done in game, in the Config or with DPI, i'm a low sens player, Cheers for the Configs Blamer, you are the GOAT
Thanks, I appreciate your feedback! 🙏🏻

DPI > HIP Sens.
(w/Common Sync)
Code: [Select]
3,200 > 16.40
6,400 > 8.20
12,800 > 4.10
25,600 > 2.05

You can finetune your XIM Sensitivity using small increments.
(I go by 0.01 increment for 25600 DPI & use bigger increments on lower DPIs.)

In-game settings wise, I don't touch anything except the FOV & the Right Stick Min Input Deadzone for minor corrections.

Updated In-game settings (09/01/2022)
OP is updated :)

in vanguard you use a higher DZ for right stick. in warzone which deadzone do you use personally ? Since you specify 0.10+ in the config

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 09:46 AM - 11/30/21 »
Man some people here really think we are are too stupid to use the recommended in-game settings lol


I can only agree with that. I have tried everything with 3.2x and nothing works. On 1x everything works wonderfully. I am also in favour of using 1x as a retrain.

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 04:15 AM - 11/30/21 »
Hip translator for Hip and ADS translator for ADS

This ^^ + In-game "ADS Transition System = Gradual"

Can I know your config and your settings? I would like to test it if the problem still exists with me. Best also a current weapon setup which you use.

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 03:37 AM - 11/27/21 »
There's no need for a retrain when using the correct settings, are you all sure you are using the "Gradual" ADS Transition timing setting on Vanguard?

If you have this setting set to "Instant" - YOU WILL HAVE ISSUES with "sensitivity jumps" when going from HIP to ADS & back to HIP.

I've tested "Gradual" with every primary gun type (No Attachments) on Vanguard and there's no issues with "sensitivity jumps" with the current ST trained at 3.20x



If you still have issues, please post your XIM Apex settings below + What mouse DPI you are using.

I haven't tried it yet without attachments but the point is not to play without attachments.

I still have jumps and I have tried everything. What I got it down to a minimum with is.

Ingame Gradual, 3.2x rest standard 10/100 etc.

Delay Xim Settings:
Activation and Deactivation Delay enter the exact value that you also get displayed at the weapon forge ingame. Under Sighting Time if the Sprint to Sight Time is higher then take that.

Xim Settings:
3200dpi (Endgame Gear XMR) 1khz
Sync Off
0 boost 0 SA 1xy
HIP 100
ADS 50

My problem is with the settings is that when I go from ADS to HIP or the other way around and I do a quick swipe with the mouse because someone is behind me or in front of me. That there is still during the time a difference in the Sens and I thus Overaime.

with the ingame setting in zoom. I have the problem the other way around, there are the jumps gone, but the Sens is slower until one is in the zoom completely or comes out again.

I've spent a few hours to somehow manage this, but if I use the same settings with the BO4 ST or MW ST ingame instant or gradual and 1x and a delay of 224 I do not have these jumps. The only thing that is understandable is that the turnspeed is somewhat slower than with 3.2x.

Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: Vanguard ST - Rework?
« on: 12:50 AM - 11/25/21 »
mist4fun talked about revisiting after BF2042. However, if we release a 1.0x ADS, it will replace the current. We won't be maintaining multiple versions.

So, if you like the way it is right now, please speak up.

I prefer the way it currently is - 3.2x ADS

I'm not feeling or seen this ADS issue, which I why I would like people to share what settings they are using on there XIM Apex & In-game, weapons + Attachments when they have this jump issue.

What settings are you using? Can you share your xim config ? Are you using the exact delay times of the finished weapon? Also deactivation delay ?

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 02:50 AM - 11/23/21 »
New parameters im running :

Im using "Gradual" with "1.0x" multiplier.
Running my mouse on 1500 DPI with 250HZ.

Setup my Apex to 250hz aswell.
Got default sync, 1.23 XY and 3 smoothing for hip.
Got common sync, 1.45 XY and 1 smoothing for ads.
75% sab for both and use my gun aim in time as my ads activation delay.
I use the matutaiki curve for both.

I had big trouble to find the perfect settings, because I started xim with XIM3 on cod.
I never had problems over the years.
Somehow vanguard didn't feel good at beginning, I spent many many days to find a decent config. I always had a accurate aim and on Vanguard it felt off. This config didnt just make it feel perfect, it even made my aim better.

I recommend trying this out whoever got problems with vanguard.

>>> XIM APEX [1500 DPI - 250 HZ] START COPY >>>

One question, are u using the vsngaurd st ? Because the ads feels really slow

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 02:40 AM - 11/23/21 »

Ist the same curve.

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 02:08 AM - 11/23/21 »
I edited my post, have a look :)

oh there I was a little too fast :D.. thank you ill test now

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 02:05 AM - 11/23/21 »
New parameters im running :

Im using "Gradual" with "1.0x" multiplier.
Running my mouse on 1500 DPI with 250HZ.

Setup my Apex to 250hz aswell.
Got default sync, 1.23 XY and 3 smoothing for hip.
Got common sync, 1.45 XY and 1 smoothing for ads.
75% sab for both and use my gun aim in time as my ads activation delay.
I use the matutaiki curve for both.

nice thank you, can i may also ask whats ur current Sens for Hip and Ads?

Game Support / Re: Mist about Vanguard's ADS delay value
« on: 01:50 PM - 11/22/21 »
I apologise, I sent the wrong config.
I'll send it here again. The settings I used on the video are:

250Hz Mouse and XIM and 2000 DPI.

>>> XIM APEX [2000 DPI - 250 HZ] START COPY >>>

Can i May ask which ingame settings do U use ? Which AIM ASSIST ?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4+PS4+Call of Duty Vanguard
« on: 03:07 AM - 11/21/21 »
Are the curves also available for the xim Apex ? Can someone link them to me?

Shared Configs / Re: My Halo Infinite Config
« on: 12:22 PM - 11/16/21 »
Hello thanks for ur config but whats ST are U using ?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 07:57 AM - 11/16/21 »
Already somehow a date for the vsngaurd st in mind ? Will it still take a long time ?

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 9/25/21)
« on: 07:08 AM - 10/05/21 »
Hey, the config itself is great, I just don't get along with the binds, even when changing them. There is always a double assignment somewhere, so does anyone who plays with keyboard and mouse have a good assignment with the config here which he can post here briefly thanks

This is what I use, is not easy to explain here why I use some bindings like I do but I hope it can help you, watch out when driving, when boosting the car I use the same mouse bottom as in the Over The Shoulder aiming, that's why in that section I assigned caps to brake the car, shift for honking and the forward bottom to place a marker on the map. If you have any questions just let me know.

>>> XIM APEX [RML - PUBG Base - 9/25/21] START COPY >>>

Thank you mate

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 9/25/21)
« on: 08:40 AM - 10/04/21 »
Hey, the config itself is great, I just don't get along with the binds, even when changing them. There is always a double assignment somewhere, so does anyone who plays with keyboard and mouse have a good assignment with the config here which he can post here briefly thanks

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