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This fixed my issue finally.  It was default mapped to walk as well as jump some how.  Clearing the walk option fixed the interrupt.  Not sure why it didn't completely block jumping all together but now I am re learning jumps on all 3 characters since the carry on my jumps is longer now.

The place I have run into a problem is with Hunter Jumps.  When holding down a jump to get more distance the jumps are cutting off early.  I found out that I wasn't able to make the jumps from the totems to the sisters platforms using the jump key I have coded on my G13 but can when grabbing my controller. 

I have tried tweaking the jump key to a hold option but I don't know what is going on or how to fix that.  It hurts the game play with my hunter.

Just one question.  I would love to use the thumbstick from PS4 on my XBOX one.  Is that possible through the Xim 4?  I would hate to spend the money and find out it won't work.

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