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Oh weird, you said for your settings I should set them to 38.2. But when I was playing around with the mouse settings yesterday I set it up all the way to 300. I'm able to turn fully now, slightly sensitive it's not something I couldn't get use too.

Another question I have is, I notice a little bit of shutter on the horizontal mouse movement (looking left to right). This is normal for the xim4? It's not too big of a deal but it doesn't feel as smooth as playing on a PC.   

and yes my sensitivity is  up to max (in game)

Razer Naga, I think it's 5200 dpi. It's basically a spare mouse. Could the low dpi be the reason?

Hey thanks for the configuration. I have a question which seems to be bothering me when i'm playing with your configs, I don't know if it's because I just need to adjust it or what not.

My Hip sensitivity seems to be crazy low. I have to pretty much pick up my mouse twice just to do a full 180 turn. At best my turns are maybe 45 degrees at best, moving the mouse 3 inchs. Adjusting the sensitivity doesn't do much with this as it just makes my precision bad, and it still doesn't turn that well.

How can I fix this issue? Is it possible to get something close to FPS on a PC? I'm not use to having to pick up my mouse to make turns.

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