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I am now on 20141114. But i am a little bit tired of how sniping game looks now in destiny, so i will probably slowly switch to shotguning and for that i am gonna use newest RC FW 20160405 and 12k DPI.
As far as i know older FW were removed from forum, so you probably won't find any links related to the source. Only one available now are the ones in XIM Community »XIM 4 »Downloads section.

Well man you can downgrade FW the same way you upgrade it. Just grab previous FW - flash and install it on your xim. I did the same.
There were changes inside the game with snipers, but there were also changes in xim. Latest FWs have STv2 and older ones are STv1 - aka Smart Translator version 1. I like STv1 better for sniping, so i downgraded. Although with newest FWs overall movement is much better=crispier.

Technical Support / [Q/A] g502 button mapping problem
« on: 11:46 AM - 04/15/16 »
Hi all,
I have recently changed my g502 proteus core to g502 spectre. It is basically the same mouse and the only change is that spectre has glowing efects instead of constant blue.
But my problem is that i cannot map side buttons of my mouse using FW versions 20141114 or 20140916. It is weird because using my old g502 proteus core i managed to map this buttons on 20141114 without a problem.
I dont know if it is related to the fact that g502 spectre has newer LGS needed to work or what?
If i upgrade to 2016 FW version buttons are mapping without problem. But i want to use STv1 instead of STv2... I like STv1 better.
Any help?
And yes i know how to map this buttos on LGS. As i said on 2016s FW it is possible and works.
And one more question. What happened to FW 20141120? I quess there was such releasee but now i cannot find it? It was deleted?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Aiming "sticks" in Destiny
« on: 04:23 AM - 04/13/16 »
Yes i have this issue as well. I have noticed it during some mission on Earth - the one were you need to power on this big satalite transmitter which opens at the end of the mission. When you ADS in certain object in the background there is like huge stickinnes going on like huge aim assist. It is weird but has little to no impact at general gameplay for me. And it is not random, it is like everytime you go there and do ADS on this area it will happen.

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Destiny - ADS problem
« on: 03:20 AM - 04/11/16 »
Sorry for answering so late. It is not as you described it "altering orientation" :). I am quite experienced FPS player =quake3 arena national team candidate ;), so i would pick that up if it was about it. If i stand still and move my mouse left and right it is ok, but with WSAD during moving with A or D and in the same time for example when moving A=left, moving my mouse to the right, the travel distance of my cursor to the right is very limited and in this situation xim flash a yellow light. Oh and one more important thing i have not mentioned i quess. It is only when i do ADS. So it is error when i have both button on kb and button on mouse pressed at the same time and than move my mouse in oposite direction. When i do ADS while standing still there is no problem.

I am on PS4. Mouse G502, KB-standard logitech black wired (like from 10yrs ego), no other things like cables, hubs etc.
I have lately migrated to the newest FW and i think i have the same issue still but i have to double check that to be 100% sure. I will also check how many yellow flashes.
About migrating to the newest FW i have to give a BIG THX for that to XIM TEAM as my disconnetion issues (my gamepad dc very often in older newest FW) are like gone now. And yes i am the one who did not believe it was cable related issue :D. I did not change cables instead i downgraded FW to 2014...... but now i can play on 2016 with no problem. But still i have like inner feeling that i liked STv1 better than STv2 (talking about Destiny). But maybe i have to play a little bit more to get used to.

Yea i have also set hip for ads and no curves at all and it was good decision. I play with 8000-8200 dpi, tried 12000 but it was way to responsive for me although the turn speed was better (i use keyboard). I am fighting myself to buy a sony nav but i am scared it will feel akward for me to change from kb. And i wonder what you guys use for jumping,  granades and reload when using a sony nav. On kb i use space - jump, e - reload, c - crouch, f - granade. How to substitute all of that in nav? xD

And i am rly impressed how you guys can play on 1200 dpi or 3600. Sniping is better i think when adsing because of more precision, but probably you cannot scan for enemies when adsing to much and what about tuning speed :D?

Technical Support / [ACTIVE] Destiny - ADS problem
« on: 03:33 AM - 02/24/16 »
I wonder if anyone got this issue as well. Everytime i go ADS in Destiny and  move left or right arrow (strafing) on kb and in the same time i am moving mouse in opossite direction, so for exampe left arrow+mouse to the right side, my crosschair does not move to the right side as far as in situation when i stand still and do not strafe. I also get an error flash on xim in this situation. This is a problem for me while i snipe...
Is this normal or my kb is probably creating this issue? I use standard logitech "old" black kb. I am currently also on old fw from xim4 lunch + 1 update, as on new ones i had constant dc problems and on old one i never had my m&kb disconnected, so i prefered to stay on old one because of that.

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20151120 (Feedback)
« on: 07:39 AM - 12/22/15 »
hi guys i've been using xim4 for like 3months now, first i was using the old firmware 2014 there's no problem using it, then i installed the latest 20151120 firmware for black ops 3, now im having this random disconnection of m&k, happened to me like 5x now since last week.

As i said before in my posts - same here. I downgraded back to 112014 and i played whole weekend without single dc. I really think it is fw related instead of cable related and i will stay on 112014 and i recomend anyone who has issues on 2015 to downgrade as well and check if problem is solved or not. For me it worked just fine.

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20151120 (Feedback)
« on: 06:18 PM - 12/19/15 »
I am on 201411 now and so far so good, i will report later once i spend more time playing.

Is there any tool to convert this new code you pasted to code for old fw?

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20151120 (Feedback)
« on: 11:43 AM - 12/19/15 »
Ok Obsiv i admire your work and you are awesome but as i see on this forum many many people are starting to report that they have issues with xim disconnecting m&k. Was it like that before or after you guys have realesed new firmware? It is strange for me that now there i a boom about this problem and one cure for all problems is to have valid cable. So i suppose all of as suddenly got our cable broken? You have design it to survive only 1 year or what? :D. I will downgrade to 2014 and see what happens. If problem will be still here you are correct if not, not :).

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20151120 (Feedback)
« on: 09:51 AM - 12/19/15 »

Is it worth to upgrade from 20141114 to 20151120 firmware ?

I only play destiny on my Xim4 (ps4) and have no problems so far. I was just wondering if will it improve my gaming experience, remain the same for destiny or even make it worse.

I saw one member saying that he downgraded because he had some issues for aiming headshots on DESTINY with the new smart translator.
Does anyone else experience some problems or benefits ?

Thanks a lot!

When i was on 2014 everything was great. But when RML posted his UBER config for destiny in new 2015 version i decided to go forward to 082015 as well. I had some issues there with pairing my xim with manager so i have decided to go 112015. I have configured everything without a problem but now i have also issues with xim blinking yellow = turning my m&k off. So i will downgrade as well back to safe 2014 which i had by default with my xim4. As for destiny gaming experience i did not notice any diffrences in +. Maybe there is a problem with headshooting as i was having such feeling as well and now when i read that someone else mentioned it, it may be true.
As for my problem i dont think it is cable related. I never had such problems on 2014. When i changed to 2015 i can play like for all weekend and all works fine with maybe few m&k turning off situations and sometimes like now i cannot even make it to work. Everytime i plug out and in xim4 to my ps4 it initialize and sometimes blinks x4 green sometimes just dont. After it blinks x4 so potentially it booted ok, i sit down to my chair, m&k works and what i see few sec later? yep yellows ^^ and m&k are turning off :(.
If my cable was broken i would have such problem everytime not randomly i quess.
In my opinion 112015 is not stable for me and i do not recomend it expescialy if you have 2014 and play destiny :)

I have manged to get 1120 work on my android. I have noticed why it was not working... maybe. When i plug xim into usb it goes long rainbow next red red short rainbow and then red. As i read here on 1120 it should go x3 or x4 green during initialization and i have not noticed that. I plug out and plug in the usb again and this time it went x4 green so i suposed initialization was correct this time. I started manager and it works fine. Now i will have to spend some time and check if dc issue will be still apearing since i moved to 1120. thx

EDIT: so far so good :) dc is not apearing, so for me 816 was the problem i quess.

Hi mist, yes i am following forum and i had already upgreded to 20151120 but i have some manager issues there, so i went to 20150816 build instead where i do the same things as i do instaling 20151120 and on 20150816 manager works but on 20151120 i does not :/. But on 20150816 i have noticed this dc issues compering to my old 2014... build :(.

I am xim4 user over 1 year now. Never had any issues when using old 2014XXXX FW. Once i have upgraded to 20150816 i have noticed two things that don't keep me happy...

NR1: This is related to m&k. I started to get all known m&k dc while playing games. This is shown in two ways. Once my character is spinning in one direction all the time and second when i start the match and my m&k magically just stop responding. Meanwhile my ps4 standard controler plugged to xim4 works just fine.

NR2: This is related to controler. When my whole setup works just fine and i go to psn account menu using kb btn that is binded to psn btn on controler, my controler light changes color for example from white to blue. After that when i come back from psn account menu to normal psn menu by just choosing psn account and pressing kb btn that is binded to x btn on the controler, my controler light does not turn back white, but instead turns light off and my controler also turns off. To turn it on i have to push psn btn on controler. Meanwhile when controler goes off my m&k works just fine.
Any ideas what is going on?

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