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General Discussion / Re: What do you do for a living?
« on: 02:09 AM - 01/04/19 »
I mock lolpop

General Discussion / Re: Xbox One X input lag fest...
« on: 06:45 PM - 12/22/18 »
I had tons of input lag on x1x for bo4 but it was cord/cable specific for some odd reason and also how long the software is on.

OS is pretty garbage honestly...  I like the ideas MS has these past few years but I'm annoyed they aren't executing them well/pushing them further.


Yes, 90% of the community sucks without a mouse and only do this to troll people.


its a multitasked half awake written post but I'll clarify

90% of the community want this to get a leg up myself included and the minority are disabled

its a huge aim advantage, if its allowed by TOS atm so its not cheating, whatever who cares

the reason people with controller are good are entirely different than aim, they got positioning and wits, xim far more forgiving in that sense since good controller players will play low sens,

I said I used it and it felt like trolling especially since I did it on 360 mostly back in the day when no one knew about it but pc is just as populated now, and doesn't have awful FOV, FPS caps... I have ran into hardly any cheats in 2017-2018 outside cod launches and betas, but I only put 2 hours into pubg

if  anything I'm just annoyed they're going to segregate native mouse/keyboard users when xim is a thing controllers are for single player games and controller games only at this point because xim is known well enough and I think if anything using a controller in pubs is suicide in decent level skill based match making especially if in streak/ult build up team games

cod pros play mostly private lobbies vs other pros for scrims when you see them now they don't have to worry about it outside UMGs/GBs which I have seen them get pissed over especially in bo3 (i remember killa got real mad lol on someone's stream clip)

when they are stomping terrible players because do you think they would upload a terrible gameplay for views, and do you think they would get so mad that they would spend the time recording a video over it and taking the time to edit/upload it


controller= not reasonable now, don't deny it, its fair they are mad if they are going to struggle 20x more when they normally wouldn't and have to invest time/money into a new gaming style

change is hard for gaming, but it happens... people fought against steam, digital console downloads because they wanted physical only, they fought against every single business practice and the only one they remotely got anything done with was loot boxes, everything else they accepted so MS shouldn't have 2 playlists

Your whole post is 1 huge mess with broken logic.

See I use a xim and I have absolutely zero issues playing against other xim users. It is the same thing for most other ppl who use the xim.

Many xim users actively advertise the device. If it was about gaining an unfair advantage vs controller users, everyone would be silent about it.

So using your logic, if everyone uses a xim in a lobby, then it is fair, isnt it?Well guess what- Id have no issues if everyone was using kbm adapters vs me.  The other clown wrote that 90% of players in some top500 leaderboards are xim users. Then it means that anyone who complains about xim could also pick up a xim and easily become a top500 player without a single sweat drop.

I mean you whiners flip flop from one argument that suits your point. The thing is, those arguments were dismissed already many times.

Again- Ive seen goog gamersl use a controller on a PC in games like BF and COD and do much better than the average keyboard and mouse user. Not everyone who uses kbm is automatically a beast. It took my brother like 5 years to get halfways decent with KBM using a xim and only cause I was teaching him and explaining everything. He didnt want o use the xim at first, cause he sucked with kbm. Now he is somewhat good with kbm And prefers the xim.

Not every kbm user has a quake/unreal tournament background and experience and has spent tons of time with fps games and is a skilled kbm player, like some of the OG kbm Users. On fact most ppl who are beasts with cim, would be the top players on pc also or even with a controller, but probably slightly worse stats with a controller, thats about it.

some ximmers promote it because they want some competition proper change in console input honestly
but you gotta remember lots don't, hell remember that pwnstar guy everyone was mad about because he used a xim/or cronus and never promoted it because he wanted ez wins and YT footage, its a leg up man and it costs way more to get a proper xim set up than even a scuf

 also you play FFA and complain about campers/deaths every year so talk about contradictory postings, either you play play terribad ximmers if you don't have issues with them, or you dont know how to play yourself...

long post (for me) but ximmer excuses have always been really dumb/half assed

face it 90% of the ximmers only suck because they have 0 map awareness, console fov is trash for this and are absolutely way too cocky when making stupid spawn rushing show off plays

The only reasons they lose gun fights they had such a low chance of winning them in the first place but xim allows you to still do well,decent with such little talent

its an advantage plain and simple, its a huge advantage for you don't say it isn't, if you are losing with xim its user error

controllers are trash for aiming and aim assist can only help so much, its all about brains when it comes down to it when you do well with them sure you can get good with them but doesn't matter if the opponent has plain better gear

most of us use xims so we can do what controller users absolutely cannot do, I did it when I wanted to troll/grief all the time when I played console a lot and I did it to be scummy

good times

The helping enable disabled gamers excuse is really bad too if you aren't disabled as well... you setting yourself up to sound like you the 40 year old dude who is mad hes not at his peak anymore so he runs in the special Olympics to have a close match... don't use that excuse and be that guy

cheating? up to the rules to decide currently few places, but not on PSN/LIVE yet so pub stomp away.

  I still use it when I'm feeling salty towards people who think cods still good every few months but its a hassle to set up and feels unfulfilling sadly thanks to the huge decrease of mic users/hate messages  this gen

 but @#$% yall in denial lol admit you old or cocky or both

General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 4 beta
« on: 05:24 AM - 08/03/18 »
not having those issues but I load in 45 seconds after every match starts which is really annoying, not to mention the announcer queues all play at once when that happens which is deafening

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Tracking Update from FedEx
« on: 08:09 AM - 03/01/18 »
i never got my waiting list email :(

General Discussion / Re: ...Is lolpop dead ?
« on: 05:04 PM - 01/10/18 »
good taste cannot be taught sadly, phil.

General Discussion / Re: I don't like WW2
« on: 03:23 PM - 09/03/17 »

General Discussion / Re: COD: WW2 beta servers are up!
« on: 12:40 AM - 09/03/17 »
call of duty more like connection is booty am i right guys?

but for real playing the game tactically is the way to go, gotta pre aim a ton

game grew on me a ton but theres a ton of tweaks they gotta do to make it above a 7

General Discussion / Re: COD: WW2 beta servers are up!
« on: 11:49 AM - 09/02/17 »
Heres a question, since my xb1s dashboard is super sluggish for some reason, if I restore/wipe the system would that improve my frame rates/responsiveness of the system? asking before i go gung ho and wipe 2 tb of data

I got lucky on an X preorder when they launched but thats 2 months off and don't wanna deal with this for that long lol

General Discussion / Re: COD: WW2 beta servers are up!
« on: 11:42 AM - 09/02/17 »
gotta try it on xbox as well.... @#$% is this frame rate, its like ghosts on ps4 choppy... and hit reg seems even more inconsistent

first game was like 2 shotting everyone with a grease gun then 3 games later unloading clips of ppsh rounds into people and getting melted

highly advise not getting this on og xb1 and getting it on the X if you have to play on xbox

General Discussion / Re: Acer Predator Monitor
« on: 10:06 AM - 09/01/17 »
also has more input lag than the aoc 1440p monitor I replaced it with eventually which... well that aoc looks better than it even at 1080p, aoc costs 800 normally vs the acer

z35 is 1080p but the 200hz refresh overclock is good

unless you're talking about the x34 then ...thats a good deal

General Discussion / Re: Acer Predator Monitor
« on: 10:02 AM - 09/01/17 »
have one, has a dead pixel not too soon after i got it

General Discussion / Re: COD: WW2 beta servers are up!
« on: 03:24 AM - 08/25/17 »
FoV going from bo3's 80 to like 60 is a game ruining for me

ADS doesn't even feel like it zooms in much how bad this game is

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