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I have 4 an none of them ever disconnect...

General Discussion / Re: What's up Peeps? Where to start?
« on: 05:00 PM - 11/23/22 »
Obviously I canít provide details, but this is the most accurate and most natural-feeling XIM by a long stretch. Thatís not to say APEX and XIM 4 arenít great, because they are. But the new one is the best to date, not only because of Smart Actions and PS5 support, but because of the redesigned mouse tracking (and some other stuff yet to be announced).

You sure know how to hype us up for the new device. lol

You can turn it off on xbox also but it's within the system menus.

We know that, the point is Playstation has far, far more players when you turn crossplay off.

Just want to point out that he was just replying to Maxxgold's question.

Do Xbox users get forced to play with PC gamers, or can they turn off crossplay?

All iterations of the G502 (including the latest X series) work perfectly with Xim (coming from personal experience).

I know how you feel, have been hopeful for sometime that OBs would look in to creating something.
The Hex project is still moving along https://hexgameware.com/hex-evo/rec/8/
Have been following the development on the discord channel and they're expecting to release some early models for testing and feedback within the next couple weeks. They have stated they want to make it compatible with Xim, so hopefully it's a true PS Nav successor.

Edit: Discord link if interested in following: https://discord.gg/JvAjcz6z

General Discussion / Re: Nav alternative - Hex Evo update
« on: 08:13 PM - 09/18/22 »
you can remove the battery on the nav

You will be able replace the battery in the Hex-Evo. Developer taking on all suggestion during development.

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 06:02 PM - 09/05/22 »
I'm with you though, I would like more physical buttons on the face, a DPad or at least three extra small system buttons for guide, start, and back to help with navigation.

Lol, I did make that suggestion to them (at least start and back anyway), I believe they're still considering implementing it. I'll likely grab when when it finally gets around to being released.
Did mention to them I prefer the analog stick and d-pad swapped around, more like an xbox controller. I had one of the grifta handhelds (one of the few that actually received it) and that was a similar design and i found the analog press and pushing right could twist the unit in your hand. Having the analog inline like the PS Move this doesn't happen as much.

General Discussion / Re: New Logitech G502 X Lightspeed
« on: 10:33 PM - 09/01/22 »
Yep already pre-ordered..  8)
As did I, couldn't help myself.

Are wireless mice plug n play on XIM?
Generally yes. Mice like the G502 have onboard memory so you save keybinds, macro's etc on the mouse too.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sony Nav alternative
« on: 04:28 PM - 02/21/22 »
Its only a Sony Nav alternative if you can utilize it without compromises when not resting it on a desk.
To me it looks like this wont be the case, looks more like an Azeron-Mini≤.

I'd agree with this. While the second picture does have a strap over the palm rest, I would imagine you'd need to grip the until better to be used other than on a desk.
With regards to the last picture, got me wondering if it might be wireless though...

Shared Configs / Re: Cyberpunk 2077 Settings?
« on: 09:59 PM - 01/10/22 »
I've just started playing on PC, wanted to use the Xim XB ST but because it was SO BAD (probably one of the worst ST's I've ever experienced), I'm now using mixed input, PS Nav [via reWASD] + Mouse. Works well, but I keep getting my button prompts change between controller and PC depending on the input detected at the time. Rather annoying, but getting used to it as I learn what each button does by memory.

Shared Configs / Re: RML WHERE ARE YOU
« on: 09:43 PM - 01/05/22 »
Plain vanilla XSX ST

I'm still getting those issues with vertical movement on the XBX ST (vertical movement with mouse results in S movement on screen rather than a straight line). No idea what's causing it, doesn't happen with the D2 XB ST, or any other ST I've used. Is a bit annoying because the XBX ST feels a bit faster and smoother besides that issue.

Shared Configs / Re: RML WHERE ARE YOU
« on: 04:40 PM - 01/05/22 »
Care to share your settings since I'm new to D2 and I'd love some help?? xD

lol, he quite literally shared his settings in that post

Plain vanilla XSX ST, Sync Default, Smoothing 3, in-game Sens 11, 0.8 ADS, max sprint, FOV 95...done.

Curiously though antithesis, you using those settings with the Nexus, Apex or both?

Xbox Series X these days Matty. D2 is a glorious sight to behold at 1440p 120Hz in both PvE & PvP. PS5 just cannot match it  :-\
Yeah, would agree, much needed update for console. My son plays on my XBsX most of the time so I tend to play on my PC more these days. Keen to give the Nexus a run with D2.

I'll be streaming again this week and D2 is my go-to game.

XB or PS? Pretty sure I recall you mentioning in the past you were a PS user.

Game Support / Re: destiny 2 new update
« on: 06:31 PM - 10/21/21 »
I probably wouldn't notice if I wasn't looking for it. I'm not finding it to be problematic in-game and it's much easier to correct than the previous ST. Turn speed is great (it was off in the last XSX ST with weird acceleration) and I'm landing my shots without any trouble due to D2's AA and bullet magnetism.

If I wasn't a filthy casual, it might bother me. The Xbox One ST should work fine, but I'd be checking the turn speed, which is now much faster.

Lol, I'm no pro, but it's definitely noticeable for me. Will just stick with the XB ST for now I guess.
Weird issue, never experienced anything like it with any other ST.

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