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Hardware Compatbility / Re: Ducky one 2 mini
« on: 01:02 PM - 03/13/19 »
yes it does.

Support / Re: delay
« on: 06:56 AM - 03/06/19 »
Gaming monitors for the most part will have a shorter delay. Some TV's have a game mode that will reduce delay bit I still prefer a monitor.

Support / Re: I need help
« on: 06:55 AM - 03/06/19 »
Do you have the deadzone set correctly? Maybe the lens is dirty on the mouse

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Help,ps4 xim4 headset problem
« on: 06:51 AM - 03/06/19 »

Read this, look under wired headset support

Will have to wait and see what you think about it. i switched back to my xim4 about 2 weeks ago and im loving it. Also using the SA3 firmware.

Thats weird. sa3 firmware works fine on my ps4 pro with it set to usb connection mode. can play on it for hours and no disconnects.

Having a issue with the new firmware now. was working fine but now the xim flashes purple and doesn't do anything when i send commands to it. have to unplug the xim and replug it in for it to work again. this started yesterday but been using the update for a while now.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Custom mouse curves
« on: 08:57 AM - 01/12/19 »
Each game is going to be different with how fast mouse movement will change  how fast the reticle goes. The changing the dpi will also affect how fast a reticle will move in the game. Then we have sensitivity that will affect how fast a reticle will move with a certain distance with the mouse. Then we have sync that will change how fast it moves. It will be very difficult to just say 3.5cm is going to move it this far in a game

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Custom mouse curves
« on: 01:06 PM - 01/11/19 »
dont believe the x axis for mouse speed is really tied to a exact speed of a mouse. or measured to a degree that you are trying to get. know you are trying to get numbers for it but what exactly would you do if the numbers did go up by 2. like what is a mouse speed of 46 supposed to mean to you?

XIM Link / Re: 2 transfer cables
« on: 02:36 PM - 01/05/19 »
It will already do both. Just need to plug the mouse into the computer and run the xim link

XIM Link / Feature Idea
« on: 02:18 PM - 12/18/18 »
Don't know if this will be possible with Xim Link going through the apex.

Would it be possible to press a designated key while using xim link to make the keyboard function as a actual keyboard for typing messages? then press the key again to go back to controller function?

XIM Link / Re: Lost Packets
« on: 08:40 AM - 12/05/18 »
I see a packet loss usually under 30 whenever I look, if it's even there. But I see no issues with it. Unless it is severely hindering your game play I say don't worry about it. Mouse software on computer may cause issues but haven't tried without it

Game Support / Re: New optiones in xim manager
« on: 04:40 PM - 11/16/18 »
This was taken from the install instructions! Credit to the XIM team!

yes but its better than just trying to explain it. would just be easier if the people did read that before or after they update it

Game Support / Re: New optiones in xim manager
« on: 04:30 PM - 11/16/18 »
● Steady Aim: Unlike Smoothing which produces uniform mouse stabilization, Steady Aim forcibly restricts mouse movement into discrete values. Higher values produce a stronger effect. Located under Aim expert settings.

● Boost: Boost artificially inflates the game's aiming stick dead zone. Be advised that values too large will significantly degrade micro-aiming performance. Located under Mouse expert settings.

● Simulate Analog Behavior: For keyboard users, outputs controller values similar to that of the gamer using a thumbstick. Higher values produce a stronger effect. Located under Movement expert settings.

Give it time as these are "new" features. More detail will be posted soon.

really like how you explained this for each new setting. will make it easier for people that ask what it does ultimately

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