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Soooo jealous...  Real life can bite me.. On the waiting list and ready to throw money at the screen!!!!

I've been a Xim user and active member of this community for several years now. I'm one of the biggest advocates (ok probably "The Biggest") for Advanced Settings in this forum and I personally use them with pretty much every single game I play.

That being said...

My advice to everyone, especially new users is this.

You DONOT have to use Advanced Settings (curves,etc.) To make Xim4 usable and effective. As a matter of fact, you should ALWAYS start out only using the proper ST (smart translator) for a game and give it atleast a few weeks before even considering Advanced Settings.

There's a reason Advanced Settings are called "Advanced." They are not always necessary to use and can be confusing for new users. Which means they should be avoided until you have a good understanding of the product and you feel you need to chg something based on your own personal preferrance or in game performance.

As a new user all you need to do is follow the startup guide. Load up the proper ST for your game. Setup your button configuration and adjust the Hip and ADS sensitivity to your liking. THAT'S IT FOLKS!

Give that a go for atleast a few weeks. It's going to take you that long just to figure out if Vanilla settings are good enough for you. And if they aren't then why? After all, how can you troubleshoot a problem if you don't even understand what the problem is? After that, then start searching through the forum to see if others are experiencing similar issues to your own. How did they address it, what are my options? I have put together a bunch of stuff related to Advanced Settings and linked the thread in my signature. If the time ever comes and you feel the urge to learn or do more then you should start there.

I hope this helps ease some confusion and or frustration for newer users.

This product is light years ahead of any other kb/m adapter out there and Advanced Settings may not be  necessary for your needs. Don't jump in over your head. You may make things worse then they need to be.

Baby steps...


RML  8)

I've been away for a while but I couldn't agree more.  People do not understand what they are using.  It's funny and more evident now that Fornite came out with native KB/M support...omg so this was my first experience coming back.   I decided to try it..straight plugged in.  It is no where near the 1-1 response you would expect from a developer that included that native support.  XIM epxerience straight stock is better.  Xim truly tries to offer 1 to 1 movement...

Anyway back on topic....for what XIM is producing and for the learned user it becomes a fantastic experience.  THe complaints come from people with little to NO PC gaming experience expecting to plug in and be god mode over controller users will never happen.  Because that is not what it was designed for.  Obs is limited by the crap programming and hardware in game consoles.  And as he has stated never his intent.  It's only to give PC enthusiasts the closest experience to using a mouse by simulating the controller.

Game Support / Re: @ThePro & Lupo - Destiny 2
« on: 10:41 PM - 09/19/17 »
I'm looking forward to what they come up with as well. These guys play Alot more competitive then I do and will have some solid PvP curves I'm sure.

Let me know your thoughts after using Lupo's settings in PVP and your thoughts as well as tweaks made. I know we both tried his setup in D1 so your thoughts would be appreciated.

Game Support / Re: @ThePro & Lupo - Destiny 2
« on: 09:41 PM - 09/19/17 »
there should be a link on the first page I believe or you can stop by lupo stream and type the command for xim, or settings

Thanks for posting and to the links from the other guys.  Sorry for the delayed gratitude as I've been away on work.  I'll be giving all the new things a try and will update the OP with your links as soon as I get a chance later tonight or in the morning.

I'll be dropping by Lupo's stream soon.  I have just hit 20 on my 1st character this week due to work and not pvp'd but a few times with RML's setup.  Initial matches I did well however I too have not played destiny since maybe January of this year so my muscle memory is weak and anything would feel like a dream over a controller.

Thanks again guys.

I'll try Lupo's almost linear curves 1st before getting curves too memorized but I'm not too worried as at the end of my D1 time i could transition from ThePro's to RMl's to Lupos with ease.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2: My Advanced Setup
« on: 11:52 AM - 09/12/17 »
I tried it out and I felt like the aim assist was too unpredictable and I could be more accurate using the controller. Lining up precision shots felt odd and recoil felt more difficult to control, I'm not sure if maybe I had my in-game sensitivity set wrong? I was using 10 sens in game. Everything else was set correctly with 4000 dpi 1000 polling using a G502, your exact profile with the only thing changed was the activator for ADS.

Is Destiny a game where you benefit from using a XIM or is it a hindrance?

It's personal preference.  Take me for instance.  I tried the game when it released with a controller and quit before the first mission was over.  Now that the new ST is out i'm back to KB/M and loving it.

It's all preference and personal preference so your mileage may vary.

Game Support / @ThePro & Lupo - Destiny 2
« on: 07:53 AM - 09/12/17 »
Hey Jezz was wondering what you and Lupo are currently using settings wise for Destiny 2?  RML is putting his out and I was curious as to what you guys are trying.

It's early still and I'm still low level and not experimented much and have nothing to share yet but am using RML as a starting point.  So far while leveling I'm liking it.

I'll try and keep current's here as I can unless Pro makes a thread or refer to RML's D2 advanced thread.

RML's advanced thread:

For Lupo's current settings go to his Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/drlupo.  Once in the channel type !XIM in the chat for a direct link to his XIM philosophy with regards to XIM and his most current XIM settings for Destiny 2 and others such as Overwatch.  I was going to link his xim code here but he provides images and I  didn't want to take away from his twitch work and personal xim support. 

ThePro's posted Test setup as found in this thread as well.  Refer to his post for mouse settings  -

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM4 [Mouse Ballistics] START PASTE >>>
<<< XIM4 END PASTE <<<

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2: My Advanced Setup
« on: 02:17 PM - 09/11/17 »
First impressions after initial set up are crisp my friend.  Good work thus far.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2: My Advanced Setup
« on: 12:31 PM - 09/11/17 »
what sensitivity are people using ingame?

Typically you will want your ingame sens set to max especially on destiny.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2: My Advanced Setup
« on: 12:27 PM - 09/11/17 »
Hi rml, I've been using your anti aim assist curves for D2 from your other post to great effect. Your lasted destiny 2 settings here are not too dissimilar with regards to curves except you have changed your x/y ratio from 0.8 to 1.2

Could you tell us why?


Mostly for weapon control, the guns in this game have a lot of recoil. You will notice you can pop back on target or hold target a little easier with the higher ratio. Also sprint and sparrow are REALLY  slow on the Y axis so it helps there as well.

@ lol1201 if you can play well without curves then you should. My point was there are other threads to discuss that. I don't want this thread to take that form, that's why I called it advanced. No one should be coming here unless they want to deal with Advanced Settings which takes time to master. If the game plays fine for people they generally don't come looking for something to help.

For the record, I think everyone one should definitely at least give the Vanilla (no advanced settings) ST a good fair trial. Then if it doesn't feel right, come back and create a brand new Destiny 2 profile and give my setup a try and see if it improves the game for you.

All I can offer is my opinion and personal feel for a game. Some will like it, some will not.

But I'm not just throwing stuff out there from left field. I've been doing this for quite some time now. I'm not here for approval or praise. I'm here because when I started using this product I could never get it to feel right and no one was around to really help with Advanced settings. So... I know what that's like. And even if my preferred style doesn't work for some people, they still walk away having learned something.

You da man RML.  I didn't know @#$% about the advanced settings until I started reading your posts and settings.  You've taught me a lot without trying over the course of a few years.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 09:55 AM - 09/10/17 »
I think a year is long enough to know the product and it's clear that TSARGA has an interest in learning raw data. His rotation tests that cover constant and intervals is a good way to judge turn speed changes, data doesn't lie. His statements haven't been wrong. Sure there is more to rotation testing but the general look mechanic behavior and turn speed is the same.

I will say that the Destiny 1 ST was built differently given the data available at the time. The Destiny 2 ST uses more data, a result of this is that D2 ST should feel a little faster than D1 ST. The velocity jump that is present in both games is now modeled correctly. This also affects movement before the jump, it's also now modeled correctly. Someone with hundreds or thousands of hours should be able to feel a difference in how the D2 ST behaves. Hopefully for the better, I don't mean to interfer with anyone's muscle memory, just to provide 1:1 support.

Thanks for the work Mist and the quick turn around. I haven't tested or played D2 with the Xim yet but can't wait.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 Turning Limit
« on: 02:07 PM - 09/08/17 »
Great, I'll try to get these results.

-Does it matter if what mouse you're using? Should the pole and dpi be set to exactly what Rml states?

As long as the mouse is supported hardware and you like it or the feel than that is all that matters.

It's really trial and error.  When I first started using RML's most users here were sold on max mouse DPI and polling.  After some time we began dropping.  It seems, for me, a dpi around 3500 to 4k work well depending on mouse pad.

Lower DPI and Higher XIM mouse sensitivity can result in lower mouse jitter. I suggest going out on patrol somewhere and just mess with the settings.  You can save your configs/create new ones by starting an new Destiny file that way you never loose what may have been close.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2
« on: 01:43 PM - 09/08/17 »
When can we expect a Destiny 2 settings for ps4 in the xim app?

Anyone play Destiny 2 now on ps4? Do you use destiny 1 settings ATM or?

I'm using my D1 settings with ThePro's ADS and RMLs everything else. Aiming seems off and the aim assist seems to make it harder to stay locked on target or something. Not sure the issue other than a need for a new ST support.

For beginners, tell us what is ThePro's ADS and RMLs?

ThePro and RML are experienced XIM users who are valuable contributors here on the forums.  If you search RML or ThePro you will find threads with their linked settings and configurations.

ADS is aim down sight.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2, how is the aiming ?
« on: 01:41 PM - 09/08/17 »
Im playing with a controller until they release the official ST for D2. Tbh PVE with a controller is amazing.

I tried the controller.  I hadn't used one since first playing the original before getting the XIM.  I played about 30 mins. and turned it off until the ST is released.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 Turning Limit
« on: 01:40 PM - 09/08/17 »
I can 180 in about 3 inches with my config (very basic...no curves or anything fancy)...however, it requires a specific speed in which I move my mouse, which I have built into muscle memory.  If I flick my mouse I might only turn 30-60 degrees.  It takes setting up and then repetition, to get used to Destiny.

This.  Destiny just isn't build for flicking like in CS or COD PC.

Game Support / Re: Destiny 2 Turning Limit
« on: 01:38 PM - 09/08/17 »
I have or had Destiny 1 tuned to about 10" for a 360.  Unfortunately with Destiny's slow turn mechanic you'll most likely have to use an acceleration curve or the turn assist.  Both work and it comes down to what you are most comfortable with.

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