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As always, since XIM4 with CoD: Ghosts on PS4:

Call of Duty.

Deutsch / Re: Verzögerungen
« on: 12:43 AM - 02/09/23 »
Wenn du PS5 spielst, kommt der Lag wegen Remote Play hinzu, das darf man nicht vergessen. Der XIM lief deutlich besser, als er noch direkt an der PS5 (mit Speciality Controller) verwendet werden konnte. Jetzt hat man zusätzlich auch noch den Lag vom Remote Play.

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: Best mouse option for Matrix?
« on: 08:00 AM - 01/09/23 »
any mouse from Logitech with Hero Sensor (25600 DPI):
More DPI = More success (with XIM Matrix), at least what you could read here in the forum from the developers

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: XIM Matrix st's
« on: 04:02 AM - 12/19/22 »
Smart Translators are the same as they understand the games aiming system which is independent of how your input devices are processed. XIM MATRIX uses the same input processing stack as XIM NEXUS which is why you now need to tell XIM MATRIX what DPI your mouse is running at. The "Sync" settings on XIM APEX no longer exist or are relevant on XIM MATRIX either.
Thanks for the information! I'm excited! Will different DPI settings still produce different results with aim assist and such?

Yes, more DPI is now better for all consoles. So if you have a mouse that offers 10k DPI or more, then you can finally benefit from it! :)

Nice, my mouse has 25,600 DPI. :D glad that it should finally offer an advantage.

Thanks bro, im stil keep struggling with the ADS transition, i will give this one a shot with instant and ADS delays 224ms. I am using Transition Gradual and smart transition OFF with only ADS activation delay 224ms deactivation 0.

Did it work better for you?

For me, "instant" somehow works much better than "gradual".

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MW2 Aim assist
« on: 07:52 AM - 12/13/22 »
Aim assist "Black Ops" is far superior to Aim assist "Standard" in MW2. (atleast for me)

Deutsch / Re: MW2 ST Microzittern
« on: 07:45 AM - 12/13/22 »
Problem gelöst, meine Maus ist am A...sch :)

Das ist ärgerlich, welche Maus hattest du?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Warzone 2.0 ADS problem
« on: 07:43 AM - 12/13/22 »
Well I really don’t know what to do now.

I have tried different settings and I still struggle to ADS. Game is broken for me now and unplayable.

Gutted as CoD is only game I play.

Try ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant (not Gradual)

It helped me alot.

General Discussion / Re: New product?
« on: 07:31 AM - 12/13/22 »
Looking forward to seeing the new device!

Me2, hopefully I get one right at release. (in Germany)

XIM 1 / Re: Horrible!! 125hz in 2019?!
« on: 06:27 AM - 12/07/22 »
Easy solution, put whatever xim1 is, in the dirt and carefully feed it with water. In a couple of weeks it may grow to be an Apex.

 Important "12 hours sunlight, 12 h darkness!"

Good luck ☺

Nice, it worked, thank you very much.

Hi, I just want to share my config. Nothing special, but for me best working. It's a setup for XIM4 like behaviour with direct mouse inputs. (no smoothing, boosting or curves)

1. Mouse setup

Mouse: G703 Lightspeed
DPI: 12.000
Signal rate: 1000 Hz

2. XIM Apex Settings

Signal rate: 125 Hz
Smart Translator: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) PS5

3. Ingame settings

Sensitivity: 20 for both
ADS Multiplier: 1.0x
Aim Assist: Black Ops
Aim Response Curve: Standard
ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant
Left Stick Min:: 0.10
Right Stick Min: 0.10
Left Stick Max: 1.00
Right Stick Max: 1.00

4. Smart Translator settings

Sync: Default
Sensitivity: 8
Smoothing: 0
Y/X Ratio: 1.0
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0
Simulate Analog Behavior: OFF

ADS Activation Delay: 224 ms
Smart Transition: On
ADS Deactivation Delay: 224 ms

Sync: Default
Sensitivity: 7
Smoothing: 0
Y/X Ratio: 1.0
Steady Aim: 0
Boost: 0
Simulate Analog Behavior: OFF

Hello, you can buy Titan Two and use the XIM with this device. (you need the Bluetooth module)

Here is an explanation:

Ok that part unbinding ADS button in hip and unchecking inherit plus 0 delays is a cheat code.


using instant ads transition setting in game. it feels SO GOOD. like how its supposed to.

That sounds interesting, I will test it this evening. Thanks for sharing.

Tests were already done and the NEW XIM rp solution has measured as fast as @1000hz wired

In a nutshell
It's like usb direct connection

That's great to hear. but i don't expect anything else, we are used to good work from the XIM team. :)

Hopefully the input lag will be as low as with the PSRC and not as it was with the Beloader partially (although wired).

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