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Holy @#$%, you really outdid yourself this time  :o Kudos.

Why do you use left trigger to activate ADS instead of RMB like a PC shooter? Is it to more closely mirror a controller?

It works fine when plugged in but it to the XIM4 or the PS4 but it can't seem to hold a charge otherwise.  I've tried resetting it and using different Mini-USBs to not avail.

1) Plugging it into the PS4 - blinks red, sometimes it shows as being fully charged for about 5 seconds and then goes back to charging.

2) Plugging it into the PC - sporadic charging, the computer keeps making the connect/disconnect sound for when you plug a device in, over and over again.

3) Plugging it into the wall using a wall charger - doesn't charge.

It never turns on or works unless its plugged in to the XIM or PS4, no matter how long I charge it for.

Finally ordered a nav after using a KB for a year. Despite tons of practice I was getting tired of always missing jumps or accidentally backing into corners.  I dunno if the move controller will fix that but its worth a shot lol.


This entire thread has just been an immensely helpful tool to configuring the XIM4 for Destiny.  Thank you so much for all your hard work! I started out a very high sensitivity and would copy and paste your settings and curves without a second thought.  The more I play however, the more I find myself using lower and lower sens and reverting back to a linear curve.

For most PC shooters where there is no aim assist, low sensitivity and 1:1 movement are paramount.  The lower sensitivity improves aim at the cost of speed.  Most pro FPS players will play at a sensitivity where a full 360 requires anywhere from 30-50cm of movement.  This means for rapid turning they are moving their entire arm.  Wrist movements are reserved for fine movements when locking onto an enemy.  For most people, having to move your entire arm across the mousepad to complete a turn is unnatural and exhausting, but ultimately I think it results in better aiming ability if you reserve the fine wrist movements for lining up a headshot.  A game with aim assist allows you to use a higher sensitivty than otherwise practical because aim assist will create some stickiness that slows down your reticle as you reach the desired point.  So essentially, at a higher sensitivity aim assist can operate to help your aim but doing what its intended to do.

Using a low sensitivty in games with aim assist like Destiny will punish you as you need to make a more dramatic movement to fight against the "stickiness" that aim assist provides. This introduces a variable as your mouse movements are going to be modified by the aim assist effect.  The curves allegedly fight against the "stickiness" by increasing velocity at lower speeds, but they also introduce an element of unpredictability, as the velocity will increase not only when aim assist is affecting you, but across the board.

The detriment to a low sensitivty is slower turn speed and is not ideal for weapons like shotguns where lookspeed is more important than aim.  This problem is compounded by Destiny's crap turn speed, especially the molasses turn speed while running.  But I do believe that learning to make "arm turns" instead of flicking your wrist can compensate for that. Once you get used to using your whole arm and not just wrist for turning, you minimize the disadvantages of a low sens.

Ultimately I've realized that it's much easier for me to deal with a linear curve, because I will have 1:1 movement except when I need to compensate in situations where I know aim assist will kick in, i.e. when I am locking onto a target.  I am slowly finding a linear curve to be preferable and more predictable than a ballistic curve where I cannot necessarily predict when the velocity increase will happen as I do not intuitively know the speed I'm moving and or when the curve will change velocities.  This is just pure speculation on my part, but I think the reason why thepr0's ADS curve has become very popular here is that it is much more linear than other curves people have previously used. 

Anyway, just some food for thought for anyone searching for that "perfect curve."  Try out linear curves and learn to compensate on your own for aim assist, without a ballistic curve.  You might find that you like it.  Thanks to everyone who has put so much work into making our Destiny experience better  :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Best mouse?
« on: 10:16 AM - 07/29/15 »
I've used the G9X (5700 dpi) and the G502 (12000 dpi).  Higher mouse DPI makes it feel a LOT smoother in game, although I do like the shape of the G9X more.

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