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i'm at a standstill, i've reverted to trying to get the t1 itself working right but even that's been a bear, cross forum post incoming


quick destiny 2 specific interjection;
hunters are viciously under powered right now for pve and pvp. their class specific ability (dodge) has no iframes so it's mostly just for show and gives you a little reload i guess. It gives no team benefit like barricade or rift
the most powerful stat is recovery, hands down. 10 recovery gets you to full health faster than 1 recovery gets to even the first regen break point. Warlocks can get 10 recovery very easily. titans can get 10 with some work. hunters can get 6 AT MOST which makes them incredibly fragile.

mobility is kind of nice but not useful in most situations and way less useful than recovery.

this is on top of warlocks getting possibly the best pvp ability in the game, which is arc soul. it gives you or any teammate you steps in your rifts a little floating turret which shoots homing rounds that follows you around. it gives you a HUGE advantage in gun fights and if your entire team gets one at once they can be SUPER aggressive.
Storm trance is kind of mediocre super though, but arc soul is so much more useful


Unless someone here has an advanced understanding of how splatoon's look mechanic works exactly, and can compare it to another game's look mechanic, brute force is the only feasible way.

well if there's some video i can take or measurements i can do or tests i can run to indicate what the look mechanic is like i can do that stuff and share data. What kind of movement exercises would show what needs to be shown?

so, the STs are different depending on platform as well as game.
so blinding going down the list and going game by game and for each platform supported...that's like 400 STs to go through
there HAS to be some way to prune that list down to more likely candidates?

Communicating? yes.
running well with smooth 1:1 mouse movement? not even close.
hence my other thread

Basically none.
i PM'd mist4fun since i'm basically at a loss now, hoping he has some wisdom

i did try that as a starting point, actually, but the mouse didn't seem to correspond to right stick movement so i could walk around but not look around, it was weird. What was i missing?

and yes it all works, even with SandhawC, it's just the lack of an ST is kinda killer

So i think i'm the first schmuck to put a titan one inline with a xim4 to a nintendo switch for KBM control of splatoon 2
because it's an unsupported game with no Smart Translators, i'm pretty much in the deep end of xim4 tuning.

so...what do i do to get this thing as close to 1:1 mouse movement as possible? just go down the supported games list trying every game profile until i get an ST that's pretty close?

i'm also capable of recording gameplay, if there are some specific movements or exercise i should do to "show" what the behavior is like, because with the Destiny profile it feels pretty awful

edit: by the way this game has no aim assist of any kind, which is nice, and the max stick turn speed does a full 360 in about one second which is pretty fast

actually, update, got it working!
the missing piece was that i needed my PS4 controller plugged into the xim4 to act as a sort of translator. with the PS4 controller plugged in, it authenticates immediately with the switch and sandhawc connects and it all works. now to fine tune the mouse

drat, no luck. the titan one seems to not want to authenticate when it's talking to the XIM, the green lights rotate forever.
however if i plug the switch pro controller directly into the switch it authenticates instantly.

and because it's not authenticated sandhawc does nothing when enabled

Why is sandhawc involved?

i do everything from my desktop, console and pc gaming, so it's nice to be able to just press a button to swap control over to the ps4/switch instead of moving cables around

so it's essentially belkin usb transfer cable -> xim4 -> titan two->nintendo switch sock's USB connection?
although i need to double check to see if it's just the titan two, or the titan one and two, wanna say the One doesn't have it but...

edit: they're saying both the One and Two communicate with the Switch, so yay

i've been eagerly and patiently awaiting some means to play kbm through the Xim4 on the switch, and some months ago there was some post stating that a titan one/two which supported the switch fed through a xim4 would permit that.

as the 28th of September the T2 and i think the T1 have support for the switch

however i'm a little lost at this point. like what would the wiring for this kind of setup look like? would xim commander play nice with it? Did i completely misinterpret some statement and it's more like the titan two would replace the xim for the switch?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 vs REASNOW CROSS HAIR
« on: 07:55 AM - 08/17/17 »
well, the fact these guys got it talking to the switch so fast means the communication is easy
the fact their mouse translation is poopy is not surprising.
Basically team xim could probably knock this out rather quickly.
However with the titan two getting switch support soon (tm), and xim talks to T2 super well now, it might not be necessary

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Nintendo Switch Update 3.00
« on: 09:27 AM - 08/16/17 »
Switch support is planned for Titan Two. If we get it on T2, we'll have it for Xim4 (when connected to T2). J2K should start working on Switch in the next few weeks.

BTW, Xim4 + T2 compatible is now really solid with the controller authenticating through the Xim rather than requiring a second controller connected to T2. No more timeouts, no disconnects and no purple lights, at least on PS4. I believe there are still some purple lights on XB1.

Wireless XB1 adapter support is also working. I have my PS4 Xim4 setup in INPUT-A and a wireless Elite in INPUT-B...life sure is grand!

so the T2 handles all the switch talky stuff and scrubs it into a standard format the xim4 can understand? neat.
it'd be an extra $70 to use the switch with xim4 then but hey

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