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Super bored of Black Ops 3, does the curve work with Star Wars Battlefront?

Thanks a ton man.  Please continue to post your curves in any game you play.  Im a ballistiever

Cant be stopped:

My config:
G502 at 8000 DPI
Hip: 12.0
ADS: 3.5
Steady aim off on both
Soft steelseries mousepad
Xy: 1.0 on both

My aim feels like it literally sticks on every target without the drag you get with no curve.

Very next game:

Would anyone like to party on xbox one?


To further prove my point, I just went 29-0 in the first round of a dom match.  I died for the first time at 33-0.

First time that has ever happened.  On a level 4 Vesper with no grip.  (Going for diamond on SMGs)

One question dr ballistics, do you have steady aim on or off?

I have it off and the latest firmware. 

Thank you Dr Ballistics for making your curve public, it's really good IMO.

To everyone else, some curves work for some people.  Some people will always default to straight lines. 

What doesnt work for most of you works for me, really well in fact, please do your due diligence and just thank or ignore the man for releasing a curve.  This community needs more people that will do that, and a lot of the comments here might be the kind that stops people from doing so. 

For example, I've noticed RML's curves absolutely suck @#$% for me and appear to work very well for a lot of people.  Instead of putting him down I just realize my playstyle is different than his. 

He isnt trolling, the curve is legit.

I have tried everyones black ops curves.  Ive played them each for ten plus games.  Went back to flat lines.

These curves works so well its unbelievable.  Gamelay significantly increased for me.

You guys can hate on him, but his curve @#$% works.  So @#$% well in fact, I will probably not use anither persons curve again. 

It just sucks I had to read four pages of notable people saying the curve is retarded without even seriously trying it before I read one person who said it works which gave me the moto to try it. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mic not working on xbox one
« on: 09:05 PM - 11/28/15 »
Its not a headset adapter, its the stock usb headset that came with any xbox one you buy.  I dont own any 3.5mm headsets but i am afraid of buying one because i dunno if itll work

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Mic not working on xbox one
« on: 06:32 PM - 11/28/15 »
Unplugging the headset and plugging it back in doesnt work either

Using xbox one elite amd elite controller

XIM 4 Discussions / Mic not working on xbox one
« on: 06:31 PM - 11/28/15 »
Hey all, the mic has been really random on working with the latest firmware update.  In fact i cant gt it to work at all right now...  It used to work perfectly...

I used to be able to unplug and plug the xim4 to get the headset to work.  I sometimes and very rarely can get the mic to work if i hard shutdown and bring the xbox one up via the controller. 

As of right now no combination ive tried seems to get the mic to work.  When the controller is not plugged into the xim it works fine. 

Im using a standard xbox one usb headset.  Any help?

Using latest firmware and software

UPDATE:  got it to work just now by turning on my xbox and then turning on my controller AFTER i was signed into xbox live

Steady aim or no?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: about type of keyboards and XIM4
« on: 02:31 PM - 10/19/15 »
I use a black widow tournament edition keyboard.  Once ive gone mechanical its impossible to go back.   Jeys are much more responsive and it feels like ive reduced latency!  Its the biggest upgrade you can do.  Even for pc gaming, its like cutting 50ms off your ping for someone who spams keys.

You dont have to get razer black widow, there are numerous mechanical brands, i just prefer the feel of black widows keyboard over others

I registered this account to say thank you.  Youre setup has gotten me multiple 3-5+ kdrs in iron banner today against premades sometimes.

I dropped my dpi to 8000, polling to 1000 on my g502 and just flat out copied your setup. We myst be using a similar mousepad because it works perfect for me.

I have been lost and so frustrated with destiny and the xim(xim is great but it was terrible out the box with destiny unlike cod) i was about to shelf it until i found this

This really is great

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