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Thanks guys I'll give it a try.

Game Support / BO4 - Strong Aim Assist Curve (Wanted)
« on: 05:53 PM - 12/08/18 »
Hi there I'd like to know if anyone has a good curve that makes the aim assist way stronger? Thanks in advance

Shared Configs / Re: BFV Advanced Config
« on: 05:21 PM - 12/01/18 »
Same here bro I had to go back using Battlefront 2 st lol cus somehow it feels better than the actual BF V ST lately that's been happening at least to me I'm playing BO4 using BO3 ST feels way better idk why.

Am I the only one here that finds the ads way to high? And also I noticed that whenever I use sync off if you move your mouse slowly in diagonal directions either way from the center to the top or center to the bottom it moves really jittery for some reason that doesn't happen with other sync options. Thank you MRL anyways for ur hard work bro

Hey RML you think you could update this configs for the newest firmware and manager please? Would be great thank you man.

I just put the center one to 22 and feels good to me

Ya BF2 feels really good with 22 deadzone

Sorry for the late reply man but as u probably already figured out no I didn't lose my configs as it's just an update, and thank you for updating it I appreciate it I'll try it out right now and see how it feels. I just can't get the right feeling on this game yet I lose a lot of gunfights even when I'm shooting the targets first the kill me first and that is frustrating af lol but thanks man I'll try this one n give u my feedback

Same here I think is cuz we are using the latest Firmware somehow it doesn't work (the copy paste thingy)

Hey man I get an error when I copy the full config idk why? I'm using latest beta firmware as well as the manager

What??? Theres no aim assist? I don't think a lot of this ppl using snipers and doing quickscoping with a ps4 controller would be even a little bit close to do it without the AA, sometimes is even ridiculous the way they kill me with the sniper when I see the killcam. But I might be wrong anyways thank you I'll try that setup thanks.

If someone can help me out with their settings please I would appreciate it, I'm a high sensitivity player but I can't use my settings to do snipers I do pretty bad. I run 12k dpi with 1000hz response rate.

Mmmm I dont know what to buy I tried both on my hand and I don't know if it is that I'm used to the G502 but it felt better in my hand the 600 too but maybe is just this psychological thing in  my head that makes me thing that logitech stuff is better lol and I just want to get any excuse to buy the g502

Thanks Pubzzz I went last night after work to check em out they were out of stock on both of them lol so I'm gonna try different best buy.

Thanks a lot man u seem to know your stuff pretty well I appreciate your help I think I've made my mind I'll go for the hero sensor

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