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My 60HE arrives tomorrow.  ;D

Q2 is almost here. I hope the Matrix drops within the original Q1 anticipated timeframe.

Game Support / Re: BO4: Advanced Setup (Update 20190811)
« on: 07:02 PM - 09/26/19 »
Thanks RML

Unfortunately Apple insists on controller everything (even if there is no value to it). So, they decided to set arbitrary limits resulting in people now not being able to test out the Beta. I'm trying to figure out how to work around it.

Why don't you just create a second separate app in the Apple store specifically for beta? That way there is no limit.

There is always a limit.
Even if you don't submit it as a beta? How does that even make sense? There are millions of people who own an Iphone. I have never heard of a limit for non-beta releases.

Hello I have a problem i can t download the latest version for the android. Can you help me?

Just use the link. It works fine. Long press the link. Then click download.

Unfortunately Apple insists on controller everything (even if there is no value to it). So, they decided to set arbitrary limits resulting in people now not being able to test out the Beta. I'm trying to figure out how to work around it.

Why don't you just create a second separate app in the Apple store specifically for beta? That way there is no limit.

I really need this Firmware&Manager but all those links are dead. And the iOS Testflight is full.

The links have never been dead.

noahj a zombies youtuber a 2kd controller casual was up against shroud and skadoodle some of the greatest pc giants and well lelts say he wiped the floor with them because of aim assist

I watched this and I agree he gave them a run for there money, while being an average controller user against probably the best on PC.
It was a close range map where AA is absolutely dominant. 
There are veteran COD streamers like Pwnstarz who have wanted AA gone from PC for a long time for this reason,  It used to be dominant in the past and they disabled it for controllers on the most recent CODs.
Now with crossplay that whole problem is back because anyone can get in PC lobbies.
For people that don't think AA is a problem for native m&k,  just go look at Fortnite,  Pro players like Tfue have started using controller on PC because it's just way better in gun fights.  You don't only get snap on and sticky aim assist but the gun also shoots completely different.

I have been saying this for years. Controller with aim assist has an advantage over M&K with no aim assist.

I am also a firm believer using a M&K on console is not cheating as not everyone can adapt to controllers. People that can't adapt because of physical limitations get called cheaters. According to the nay-sayers those with physical limitations shouldn't be allowed to compete. This is a negatively toxic way of thinking. I can't wait for a day when input devices will be diverse for every physical limitation. Then games will be played with pure skill.

I'm thinking of getting a Xim but I DO NOT own a console. I've been a PC only player since Quake, im 43. All my RL friends have switch to Xbox or Playstation over 10 years ago. I cant use a controller because I do not have a left thumb and lost half of my left pinky. Im a Commercial Fisherman, left hand got pinned between our boat and a dock over 10 years ago. Im fine and adapted.
 My friends told me about the next COD having crossplay and PC players can play with console players only if you use a controller. Will a Xim let me play KB&M on my PC but also play with my friends on Xbox? Does this make sense? sorry if my question is confusing.

I have seen some people who claim to use Xim on PC, but I'm not aware of how it functions or how it will work with game input detection. If your friends on console use a controller and you want to join them, then I would recommend getting a console and Xim Apex. This will allow you to use M&K and play with your controller friends in controller lobbies. Otherwise you guys will be stuck in M&K lobbies and your controller friends may not have fun.

Everything Iíve seen and read indicates that xim users on consoles will be detected as mouse and keyboard players and will be thrown in with other mouse and keyboard players.  There will also be an in game icon that displays if players are using a mouse or keyboard. Xim players will have a mouse icon. If true, then that discredits what the guy above said about the dim being detected as a controller

Please stop. Spreading ignorance is toxic.

That guy above that you so elequently mention who said the Xim is detected as a controller. Obsiv. He is the creator of the Xim product line. He knows more in his pinky finger than you do in your entire body on this subject.

Modern Warfare will only be able to detect "Native" M&K/Controllers. Native means a direct connection from the input device to the game console or PC.

Some game manufacturers have already tried implementing detection methods for converters and failed miserably. There are no known methods for any game to detect the Xim at all. Period. Obsiv has already stated he has a game plan if that day ever comes, but for now it is not an issue.

Also please provide links to these alleged claims. If they do exist, I would love to rip them apart.

Forget everything i said, using the xim for fortnite is like weird. Idk its not the game cause when i use the controller its fine.

comparing your experience between a controller and a mouse do not give any valid scientific data. When it comes to electronics, there is almost never a logical answer. I'm not saying your xim isn't having issues, but don't assume it is either without concrete scientific evidence.

Also, if your issues are only happening on Fortnite and no other game, then how is Xim the issue? It couldn't be because the Xim does not change how it communicates with the console when you change games. It is possible the fortnite developers changed something with the movement/aim mechanics and the ST may need to be re-calibrated.

I would first recommend you double check every setting on the Xim to make sure you didn't accidentally change something. I can't say how many times I accidentally increase/decrease a setting when i scroll up or down the screen. It is rather annoying and I wish Obsiv would figure a way to prevent this from happening.

The link for android is not working and I've followed all the instructions

It has always worked fine. You have to long press the link and select download.

XIM Link / Re: Problem With Xim Link
« on: 01:23 AM - 07/10/19 »
Are you activating Xim Link?

By default the Pause/Break button on your keyboard switches between your PC and Xim Link.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.4 is out!
« on: 02:11 PM - 06/27/19 »
What is this xim link ??? I see some ppl posting it ? Just wondering what it is ?? Is it just like the manager on the phone??
There is A stickied thread with big bold lettering in the Xim Link subsection.
"XIM Link Video Tutorial - Everything You Need To Know"

Seems like the customizable walk speed disappeared?
I have expert config enabled and itís only letting me bind a walk key.
There are no additional settings, and whatever the default setting is, itís too high for my character to walk.


there is a problem The latest update is Black Ops 4 There is vibration Aim Did anyone notice the problem
. How do I know the problem of a device. ???   


I don't see any vibration at all in your video. I only see jittery movements. You may want to try a higher DPI and lower your ADS/HIP sensitivity on APEX(Not Game). Also try smoothing 1-5.

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