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Game Support / Re: Rogue Company Needs A ST @Mist4Fun
« on: 12:59 AM - 07/25/20 »
Iím pretty sure some beats have gotten a ST for us like pubg,

Agreed, Swiftpoint Z is excellent. If I could pick any mouse, this would be the one.

Left-handers are the red-headed stepchildren of the gaming world and we don't get any of the cool toys  :-\  Well...we get Azerons, so make that one.

I ordered the naga today. This will work with XIM4 right? Or did I make a oops?

Whatís your budget, playstyle, hand size and grip?

Iíve used a g9x since launch and still so. Should explain half of what you asked.

It works but it doesnít register keyboard strokes in xim.

It will register mouse functions as in forward/back/middle/scroll up-down.
This leaves me severally limited on what I can do. Or make a macro out of

I use the small grip. My hands arenít tiny so I assume I claw? Money is meh.
Iíve stayed with this mouse purely for how it feels in my hand and placement of the buttons I can customize under left mouse.

Because if this Iíve hoarded maybe 10 of them over the years as well.
I mean I would love to know what the Xim creators comment on this is because I would never need a new mouse period.

Could somebody @xim creator here? obsiv?

If it could be fixed Iíd even toss in some cash.
The key strokes alone are not registering in xim but do on pc from the logi G9x


The razer mouse doesnít look bad. The center buttons kind of kill it for me but if it stores and uses macros on its own without connected to a pc like my g9x??? thanks for the suggestion. Any others?

Looking for a new mouse that has onboard memory for keystrokes and or macros.

Iíve noticed now days they have ones that only work while plugged into a pc with a program in the background.

Looking for a mmo style mouse tons of side buttons and keystrokes that register in xim.

Something I can take from my Xbox to any other device and still have buttons and or macros ready for anything I plug it into.

Appreciate any help

Hardware Compatbility / Xim apex and Logitech g9x question
« on: 08:48 AM - 12/13/19 »
So Iíve got the G9x and xim4 I was wondering if anybody had this combo with Apex.

I ask because with xim4 if I change a mouse button to a keyboard input it doesnít register. If I have it use Forward/back/middle it registers and I can use those for customization. But Iím limited to those three..

I was curious if anyone had a g9x and could test a apex for me and see if it takes keystrokes as inputs from the mouse. Would give me lots more abilities.

And no i wonít change my mouse for those eventual people..

No idea what the going rate is. But I donít see anyone attempting this regardless

Offering 30-50 for perfect xim4/apex settings for Overwatch on the switch.

I have a xim4 and A T2. Currently have a x360 wired for authentication.

Side note I also have a Mayflash NS in the mail if you can make a ST with that device and Xim

Is that the t2?? Is there a thread for this? I really appreciate it
I use a mayflash ns but its really hard to get the deadzones right so theres a ton of acceleration and pixel skipping. So far from messing around in overwatch on the switch it seems like the deadzone is bigger on the right than the left. I think you might be able to fix it with a titan but dont have one.  Heres a thread about using a xim on splatoon. https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=58864.0
having this problem right now with switch and T2. Need some expert with pro settings. Using 360 controller wired into xim. Then xim into T2 and T2 into switch.

OBsIV has previously stated that at a new XIM is not currently being worked on. XIM APEX will be supported for the next generation, just as XIM4 made the transition from PS3 & 360 and has been supported through the XB1 & PS4 gen.

There is no rabbit ready to spring out of the hat in 2020 to cash in on the next-gen consoles while giving the finger to XIM APEX owners. The only way it'll happen is if it's a forced hardware update due to lack of console support for backwards-compatible devices.

That outcome is highly unlikely given MS has already stated XB1 gear will work on Scarlett and I'd expect PS5 to follow suit or risk losing market share to Xbox.

Long story short - XIM APEX should work next-gen, but we won't know for certain until both consoles hit retail. A replacement for XIM APEX is not being worked on, which should give us confidence in the devices we already own.

Then Iíd at least like clarification on this statement which is the whole reason i made this topic


Iíll just quote myself

Aaaaaannnnnnd.... I suddenly see why Anti posts about Titans everywhere.

So what exactly is on the schedule thatís being improved or fixed for the Xim?
I donít follow every thread and as a member I am curious whatís taking up the current engineering and resources.

And his

Future product development.

If it had to do with apex Iím sure he would have said so. But since that statement he hasnít responded to me asking about it a few times

These game consoles are based on USB standards. If we can support it, there will not be hardware updates required to support it, only software. Unlike XIM APEX, XIM4 is maxed out (there is literally no space left on the device for an update).

My question was you stated your working on new hardware. I didnít ask about the xim4. Iím merely asking if the next gen consoles need something the apex cannot support. And if you were not saying anything to maximize apex sales. Prior to new xim release that may only work with 2020 Consoles.

I just want to know if the next xim hardware has room for Tertiary functions. Since you said xim apex cannot do so.

Trying to get new information from you stating your working in future product development. I donít know why you keep glossing over it like itís a secret.
Thatís why I implied is there something proprietary to the 2020 consoles that you have inside knowledge of and donít want to say anything till the apex stock is sold.

My worry is that nothing will be said until next console release while the member base believes the apex will work on the 2020 consoles buying apexís all the way till the new Xbox and PlayStation comes out and we all find out we must buy another xim even after they buy it right up to the console release.

No, XIM4 will always be supported with game updates. XIM APEX, today, can be configured to act just like a XIM4 with the latest firmware that has been released, so, I'm not sure if the assertion that XIM4 generally feels better than XIM APEX is accurate.

So this is hypothetical based on the non answers but are you waiting for everyone to just keep buying all the apex hardware in stock. Then announce we need the new hardware for the next console therefore doubling sales near next gen release?

Or is there some super secret that canít be talked about? But being your just making the same device for the same outcome whatís so secretive....

Iíve waited a while to post this.

If you use anti recoil anything for any game then you deserve the worst fate on the planet. Get good at the game.

Hey buddy are you by Chance disabled in anyway? Because if your using a Xim and not disabled shut your mouth.


No, XIM4 will always be supported with game updates. XIM APEX, today, can be configured to act just like a XIM4 with the latest firmware that has been released, so, I'm not sure if the assertion that XIM4 generally feels better than XIM APEX is accurate.

Oh. I donít mean in the sense that apexís Whole 1ms is bad or anything I just saw some posts of people using xim4s settings on an apex was helping them with their game. I think you responded to them.

So new hardware is does it have improved memory? You know for tertiary things?
Is it just because there are new consoles so flashy new Xim?

Or do you have inside knowledge that we (need) new hardware for the new consoles?


Future product development.

Since our lord made a response telling us about future hardware Iíd like to ask.

Will it take the Xim4 off the support list?

Will we be able to configure it to have xim4 settings like the apex is able to do? (reason I havnt upgraded) thereís have been threads and posts about xim4 feeling better.

Is this because the new Console hardware? As in do you have some secret source thatís saying we may need new hardware for the next Xbox and ps5?

So Iím playing BL3 and occasionally my buttons get swapped to a different config I think or the past button config for the profile... only way to fix it is to unplug power from xim and reconnect.

Curious if anyone knows has or had this problem

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