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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PS5 Mouse Keyboard Destiny 2
« on: 12:29 PM - 01/10/21 »
Does the built in kb/mouse compatibility in ps5 not work with Destiny 2 without xim?  i know its mostly for OS type stuff and store etc. but some games i thought would work with the built in os

I see Horipad 4 FPS on the list as working, does this include the Horipad FPS "Plus" I'm assuming?

I just want to confirm, since it doesn't sound clear to me.  The DS4 controller DOES work on PS5 for PS4 games?  The thread was confusing because it doesn't really specify talking about JUST PS5 games on the PS5

Really strange - i hooked the Titan 2 back up but still can't remote and have it auto-login.  Not sure what's going on here now

I'm really surprised this isn't a bigger issue, or is remote play just not that popular? 

In the last few years maybe 5 questions regarding remote play came up and none of them where related to your problem. Usually just general setup questions to get it running.

I made a new thread today about this very thing.  This always worked up until the last couple months.  Exact same issue, only when Xim is connected.  If i remove Xim it wakes up and logs in fine.  Also, in front of console starting from rest mode works fine. 

After reading another post saying you can connect Titan to it and it will work, I remembered that i had Titan connected up until a couple months ago so thats when it must have stopped working.

I'll see if i can delete my other thread

I had same issue and the only way my Win10 Surface Pro 3 would connect is the above (press button as soon as you put the apex into the pc).  Seems a kluge

Sorry i forgot to ask, will this firmware work on ps4 original also?  i have ps4 in one location and ps4pro will be in another for 3 weeks until i finalize my location.  I wanted to know if i can upgrade while using my ps4 and when i move to ps4pro it will work then back to ps4 it will work or will i need to put the other firmware back on for the ps4


 i see the firmware for ps4 pro in release candidates but not manager.  What version manager do we need to have?  Is it ok to put this firmware on ps4 (original)?  I ask because i'm about to upgrade my ps4 and was going to update firmware beforehand (i'm going to new location for 3 weeks)


Any tips on how to get a Hawkmoon? Do Exotic bounties even exist anymore? Ugh ...
Did you ever get one in year 1?  If so you can just buy the year 2 hawk moon,  if not, they drop as all exotics do now (3 of coins helps).  No more exotic bounties .  I just got one last week from oryx

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You can change the ballistic curve at each point (0, 5, 10, 15-100). So at 5 and 95, I dropped them down 3 each.
Can you paste your curve please and did you keep dz at 35?

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Ok so the new ST adds functionality based on a 35 config setting.  So with the old ST changing deadzone in game to 35 helped but with this new ST it should help even more?  That sounds like i should upgrade to new ST.  copy/paste here i come

So that means we do not have to change it in game every tine?

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20160315 firmware is Good for this st or not?

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If you are unable to download the updated ST you will have to update your firmware and Manager.

Thanks for the feedback Yin
Are.there any notes as to what changed in Version 2 of the st?

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Patch notes are out but update not out until next week.  Other than killing us with triple cost for converting mats, there is one item that i wondered would affect Xim4:

User Interface

Added gamepad deadzone calibration in settings menu (all platforms)


use the logitech game software on your pc.  Assign the mouse buttons keyboard strokes (or macros) then xim4 will recognize them (make sure to use on board configuration which writes the settings to on board mouse memory)

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