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Game Support / Re: MW ST
« on: 05:42 PM - 11/01/19 »
Yeah itís freakin perfect

Game Support / Re: Best ST for COD:Modern Warfare
« on: 11:16 AM - 10/24/19 »
Not even gonna touch it until the ST drops.

Did you really add a paypal account to your post? LMAO

Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 07:44 AM - 10/03/19 »
hi , i am using 1000hz instead of 500hz in xim apex. Does this make any difference?
Using 1000hz because i just donot want to unplug and plug xim apex back eveytime i play another game.that's configured to use 1khz.
Thank you.

I know for a fact RML was utilizing 1000hz, Sync Off and some curves prior to taking an extended vacation. Sadly, he never shared his current settings in the forum before leaving. I know it is nowhere near what's in the OP though.  :'(

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Smoothing after a certain dpi??
« on: 07:35 AM - 10/03/19 »
I can't say I feel smoothing at 16000 dpi. I can definitely say 16000 feels like overkill though and is way to sensitive even with a hard pad and the Hero or G pro!

12000 - 13000 feels about as high as I care to go.

HI guys.!! Someone is using this configuration for battlefield 5, and can give me some feedback? Thank you

Works good with everything listed in my opinion.


This works wonders for me, RML knows his shiznit!

Game Support / Re: @Mist
« on: 12:59 PM - 09/24/19 »
like a kid in a candy store.

Wait, isn't that their player base? Them and some dork with rainbow colored hair!  :-*

How do you exactly fight the aim assist? I can't seem to move the cursor upwards when the aim assist really kicks in.

I personally use RML's and don't have any problems. But yeah, too much AA in this setup for me as well.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 3000-4000dpi
« on: 11:44 AM - 09/21/19 »
12,000 dpi feels the best IMO using a logitech mouse and SS 9HD pad. This isn't PC, accuracy isn't needed for ADS as much as AA cut through is.

If you're not using AA, then lower DPI should be considered. Like way lower, whatever you're used to on PC type lower.

Shared Configs / Re: MW beta config: d1sable
« on: 06:21 AM - 09/15/19 »
I'm not even touching this game until the ST drops 3-4 days after the games released. Still plenty of joy to be had with PUBG and Gears until then.

Personal opinion.. I think youíre a loony. Your post are all over the place, but I guess youíre trying to figure @#$% out on the fly, so Iíll overlook that part.

Still, I posted because you seemed confused. You took offense to my post, for whatever reason. Thatís on you. I personally would never use 125hz. Itís just not using Apex at its strength, which is AA cut through. I personally hate sticky Aim, but hell I also dislike ex controller users coming here to try to gain an advantage, especially taking it to the competitive gaming level. Itís BS. But I digress.

In the end you found something that works for you, good for you. But donít kid yourself, this isnít the holy grail, itís a sticky aim mess. However, some like that. I personally donít like targets dragging my cursor around, I prefer to control my aim myself.

I will take ownership of the above, I do dislike seeing threads that target sticky aim. Iím sorry but you canít say 125hz around here without others thinking, this guy is an Aim Assist whore.

But youíre right, there are others that want the game to aim for them as well. So Iíll leave this thread to you all.


Game Support / Re: *New* PUBG configs?
« on: 08:52 PM - 09/12/19 »
Sync? Iím assuming Common based on your sensitivities and DPI.

Shared Configs / Re: PUBG
« on: 08:45 PM - 09/12/19 »
^ Ha! That was Epic, thanks!  8)

Congrats you just realized you wasted $100.00 and months of your time on an Apex because youíre inept to change. Lol

Btw, youíre not a very nice person. I can tell.

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