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Update it. We're on 4.5 now which was a rollback to the original. Make sure you use Classic settings.

Can you open your ST, tap the box art, and it should show the version number on the top. It will look like R6:S-Hip-P4.X

Can you tell me what your X value is?

How do you define “old”? The one from last week or the one before that (which we had for a few years)?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Do i have to use the new R6 st ?
« on: 02:14 AM - 07/17/19 »
What thing that i fear the most in my life is change. I have not played for a month and came back today to see this new controller and ST change. Played with my usual setup with the old ST and everything is as perfect as it was. I don’t wanna mess with that. I saw  a number of posts about people hating the new ST. So do i have to? Any downsides?

Hi time traveller. By not playing this game for a month you've managed to transcend space and time to arrive back to where you were.

(4.5 is a rollback to the original 4.3 ST)

Maybe because MK is better than controller?

Yes that's true, but that's only a surface level analysis. It's not the root cause for why there's so much anger.

If you dig deeper I think there are two main reasons why people hate on it:

1) Cost, especially once you factor in unfavourable international exchange rates and shipping, the XIM is actually quite expensive. Also consider that on a PC you can get away with a cheap $15 mouse and still play really well, but on XIM anything other than a good quality gaming mouse isn't going to cut the mustard. Also since people are primarily playing in living rooms and so forth, you need to factor in the cost of lapboards, mousepads, mouse bungees...it all adds up. A lot of people can't afford this.

2) The problem of using a mouse in the living room has not been fully cracked yet. I've spent 6 years building various harnesses, stands, lapboards...and let's face it, they are never ideal. You have monstrous foam lapboards which are just utterly horrendous to look at and use. You can more practical lapboards but the mouse pads are always too small. You have Navs but they lack buttons, or Azerons that depend on a desk or some weird hacked side table thing. Every solution I've seen so far is less than ideal. Since I experience a lot of carpel tunnel problems I'm consciously aware - more so than most people - about living room ergonomics, and I can tell you half the solutions I've seen are obviously from casual gamers. They are not designed for people who do 12 hour gaming marathons for weeks at a time (yeah I've been known to go nuts at it). Some of these lapboards and other miscellaneous solutions are so bad for any gameplay session that extends beyond a few hours. The living room is where 99% of console gamers are still at. Until someone cracks this problem then this will always be a huge inhibitor for adoption.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: apex with cronusmax
« on: 06:26 AM - 07/16/19 »
Titan. All. The. Way!

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 11:03 PM - 07/15/19 »
I have to say with the 4.5 it is better in Classic mode than with the 4.3 or 4.4, it seems to me as smooth.  The update in the game I tested only briefly on all 3 version (4.3,4.4,4.5) was not so enthusiastic.

I agree

lol and this ladies and gents is why I baited the OP. I knew we'd end up here. The placebo effect is real. 4.5 is literally 4.3. I'm sure this makes the devs really dubious about feedback sometimes seeing stuff like this.

And youre saying 1.3 (4.3), and what would be 1.5(4.5), are the exact same? The new settings say to use updated controller option for 4.5/4.3 correct?

No, 4.5 should use Classic. Definitely not Updated, it will feel very weird if you do that.

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 06:07 AM - 07/15/19 »
He said 4.5 was unplayable.

I asked if he thought 4.3 was playable then. He said he did.

4.5 is identical to 4.3. Like literally identical; it's a rollback. You can't say 4.5 is unplayable but 4.3 is not.

Look, I don't like the mechanic in Siege. ST v4.3 is far from perfect. But let's not pretend like in the space of three weeks 4.3 has gone from "meh" to "unplayable". It is what it's been for the last few years now, for better or for worse. I hate to seem like I baited the guy (I kind of was), but it had to be done because I knew exactly what he was thinking.

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 05:27 AM - 07/15/19 »
I know right

Not sure if you’re catching my point.

You said 4.5 is “unplayable”. That’s the word I seized on. There’s an irrefutable logic there if you reread our conversation.
I think it’s playable but it’s not good piiwii.

I agree it's not good, but that's irrelevant to the point I was trying to make; not sure if either of you are following me here.

Game Support / Re: People who xim on pc
« on: 02:46 AM - 07/15/19 »
I think you're seriously overestimating how many there are. I bet it's a stunningly trivial amount. How many online competitive games even have AA? COD? BF? COD is dead, dead, dead on PC. The community basically dies within about a few months of launch every year. So that leaves BF, and how many exactly? I bet it's such a pitifully small number.

I should add that this device receives firmware updates relatively infrequently. Because of the size of the company they can't afford for there to be serious issues so each update goes through an extremely prolonged beta period.

So if you don't have a PC, don't sweat it. As long as you can get access to one every year or two then that's kind of all you need.

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 01:16 AM - 07/15/19 »
I know right

Not sure if you’re catching my point.

You said 4.5 is “unplayable”. That’s the word I seized on. There’s an irrefutable logic there if you reread our conversation.

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 12:38 AM - 07/15/19 »
4.5 is a rollback, it's literally 4.3

Game Support / Re: SIEGE ST
« on: 12:21 AM - 07/15/19 »

This is what makes it tough for the devs.

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