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XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: Matrix on pc question.
« on: 01:49 PM - 09/10/23 »
Thanks for the quick response. So in game I always have to set gamepad as input right?

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Matrix on pc question.
« on: 12:01 PM - 09/10/23 »
Hi guys I have a simple question. I play on PC with COD matrix, is it normal for it to be recognized as a gamepad?

Hardware Compatbility / Navigator controller
« on: 12:04 PM - 03/27/23 »
I have 2 new navigators and I can't get them to communicate via bluetooth with xim but I don't understand why. Everything works fine with the cable but when I take it off the navigator's flashing red light doesn't come on and I can't connect it to bluetooth. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

i am interested to understand more. but i need a rasberry where can i buy one?

Beta / Re: XIM Apex and latest firmware for PS5
« on: 04:49 PM - 11/01/22 »
Oki sent a request but do i need to buy a rasberry first? which one do you recommend?

can i have an invitation? i have to buy a rasperry first right?

i play with beloader pro and apex and until before the ps5 update everything was fine now i have constant and boring disconnections of the mouse. Game with ds4 navigator and g502 hero wired. Can you recommend something to solve? Thank you

hi to all I have a problem with the navigator controller and I would like to understand why. The beloader pro works well with apex and any of my keyboards. I have a problem with the navigator controller instead (I have 3), just inserted I can play a few minutes then it doesn't work anymore. Xim mouse and joystick continue to work while the navigator controller, connected with cable, stops responding. Could it be that they are all simply discharged?
I also have an azeron keyboard but that apparently requires too much power and with the beloader pro it can't even work.thanks to who will answer me

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Cyberpunk 2077 ps5.
« on: 03:06 PM - 02/22/22 »
I have updated the St and deleted the old one but I have very strong drift problems. Can someone help me?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Issues fixed with Nexus.
« on: 08:14 AM - 02/19/22 »
After several attempts I have solved it and now I am playing quietly with the nexus and I am very happy with it. I was convinced that it was not necessary to connect the DS4 to the stick in the beloader and instead it is necessary. I have connected the DS4 to the stick in the beloader and now everything works perfectly. I also updated the firmware of both the stick and the joystick.
The only problem encountered was in Cyberpunk ps5 which is really unplayable with the nexus and I also encountered drift problems.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 08:24 PM - 02/18/22 »
i have done some tests all with ps5 games for the moment with these results. With Cod vanguard it now works perfectly! With cyberpunk in basic mode everything is fine but in gyro aim mode the directional key R does not work and I can't understand why ... with horizon instead nothing after 3 min makes me interrupt the connection of the beloader.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 10:50 AM - 02/18/22 »
Any Wifi device can cause interferences, i play with the Nexus + Beloader on PS5 and experience no issues.
Can you try a normal PS4 game without the Beloader and check if you still get these motion aiming issues?

ok i will try with some ps4 games and then i will also try to remove my ASTRO.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 10:48 AM - 02/18/22 »
Is this the new one that released today or the 1st one but on PS5 but updated?

are you referring to the beloader?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 09:17 AM - 02/18/22 »

could you get some distance between the Beloader and the Nexus Adapter? Or ideally use the Beloader Ethernet support? What i assume is the cause of your issue are Wifi interferences. These also cause your motion aim to act weird when using the Beloader.

Either extension cables between the Beloader and Nexus Adapter, or the Beloader being used in Ethernet mode should solve that.

this is the point my beloader is in lan and in fact with apex it works a wonder I never lose and I say never the connection. I use an extension cable between the Beloader and the LAN hub. The nexus with the beloader gives me interference problems and in fact the gyro aim is interrupted often but now even if I activate it the beloader is also disconnected. It seems absurd to me that only I have these problems, is it possible that no one plays with nexus on playstation 5?
is any interference with the astro A50 possible?

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Nexus on ps5 with Horizon.
« on: 08:16 AM - 02/18/22 »
ok i understand and accept the fact that nexus with beloader and ps5 does not work well, there are continuous interruptions of aim gyro and i hope that in the future something will be resolved. but now something strange happens: I would like to use it as a normal joystick and use it to play horizon then I connect the beloader I turn on the joystick and I connect the stick. If the joystick is used in normal mode everything is fine as soon as the gyro aim is activated, the beloader connection is interrupted ... can you tell me more about this problem?

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