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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: G502 lightspeed users question
« on: 03:09 AM - 03/26/21 »
I have 2 lightspeed mice (g502 and G Pro Superlight). Its all personal preference but I have found you don't really need to go any higher than 12k DPI to easily break through the AA bubble. In terms of report rate/polling, 1000hz works fairly well with lightspeed mice but I actually prefer to use 500hz as it mitigates some of my shaky unsteady hands. Edit your profiles on G-Hub then turn the mouse's onboard memory on making sure you have the correct profiles assigned to what you want to use on the Xim. I don't notice any lag using the mice in wireless mode. Have a look on rtings reviews, they will show you how good these mice are in terms of lag. Just in terms of syncs which you didn't mention, I used to play with sync off but then switched to common sync when I had a 60hz monitor, then default sync when I moved to a 120hz monitor which feels great at 12k dpi and 500hz polling. No issues breaking into targets bubbles and breaking back out again. I hope this helps!

I've got the G502 lightspeed and the G Pro Superlight. I would say there are positives for both. G502 has more buttons and is very comfy in the hand (although a little heavy). The Superlight has minimal buttons but is so light and my aim is definitely quickly and more accurate. At the moment I play with the superlight and I am just having to get used to the lack of buttons on it.

Hi all, I know everyone's setup is a little different but I found a 2.0 powered hub that can power on an xbox series x controller automatically. Before I couldn't get my controller to initialise at all with out pressing the button, and sometimes that wouldn't even work and I'd have to replug. Here is the link below to the hub that worked for me...

D-Link DUB-H7/B 7-Port USB 2.0 Hub - UK Version https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0002AFZVM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_fabc_3M932E66H39D3T2WDQ7S?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

I hope that helps someone

What usb c cable did you use out of interest?

If you are talking about the lightspeed power play mat, I have it and it has a sensor built into the mat. It works perfectly with the apex just make sure you don't plug in the usb receiver dongle that came with the mouse as that will confuse the issue. Just store it in the back of the mouse and use the sensor on the powerplay mat.

Ok. Here is the problem. It's a initialization timing issue. We can't control the exact timing of how any hub connected to XIM APEX (including ours) happens. We can control it with a direct connection which is why it's working thar way. Unfortunately you will need to press a button on the controller to activate it. Good news is that it works identically without any performance issues.

Ahh you responsded while I was writing. That's what I thought on the timing on of the powering.
OK no worries, thanks for taking the time to look into this for me.

Further to this, the xbox controller only powers on by itself when it is connected directly to the xim apex. It doesn't seem to matter if the titan two or any extensions that I'm using are in the chain to the xbox, the controller will power on directly connected to the apex. As soon as I factor in the xim apex hub (which has external power by the way) the controller wont start automatically. I've unplugged everything out of the hub except the controller, tried without external power and still no dice while connecting through the xim hub. Interesting thing to note is that the xim manager knows even when the controller hasnt powered on that there is an xbox series x controller connected, everything (apart from the xbox controller light) looks like authentication has been done succesfully (on xim manager and titan two screen) however no inputs will travel through to the xbox until i mainly switch the controller on. I can also get the controller to power on by unplugging and replugging into the hub and not touching the xbox controller button and then it seems to power on. Maybe it has something to do with the order the controller is powering on through the hub? What do you think OBsIV?

The controller does turn on when connected directly to the xm apex without the hub, even with the titan two in the chain to the console. What's does this indicate the problem is?

Yes, exactly the same with the Titan Two taken out of the equation. I have an external power adapter to the XIM apex hub so I donít think itís a power issue. Is it possible I need a usb c data lead? Iíve tried a few usb c cables (like 3) one that for a Samsung phone, the Nintendo switch pro controller cable and another random phone cable all with the same non powering on results.

XIM APEX Discussions / XBox Series X Controller Power On
« on: 11:01 AM - 02/14/21 »
Has anyone got there Xbox series x controller to power on with their XIM apex without having to press the button on the controller? Iíve tried it with different usb c cables with the same results ie it doesnít work. I have a Titan two in the middle as well but I have tried connecting the XIM apex directly to the Xbox and still the same result and I have to manually turn the controller on. Anyone have any pointers on how I can get the controller to power on automatically? Thanks guys

I bought a G502 lightspeed and used the dongle it came with and it didn't hold 1000hz and always dipped below.
Bought the lightspeed powerplay charge pad and then it consistently hit the 1000hz. Not sure if there is a better sensor or if its the mouse being slightly closer to the sensor but it really helped for those interested and have the same mouse. lol.

Hi Guys,

Anyone UK based that wants a Belkin Data Transfer Cable? I've never used it as I bought a Titan Two instead.
Let me know as I think they are quite hard to find. Just thought I'd give the community the heads up before I wack it on eBay.


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex and USB switch?
« on: 08:33 AM - 02/01/21 »
Yes it's possible.

Somethings to note,   when switching between PC and Xim   the mouse may not correctly go into it's onboard mode, I found it's easier to set the mouse to onboard using PC software before switching.

Xim Link makes the whole system easier though, no need to switch, mouse software can be used, it just requires a special USB data cable.

I don't personally use my PC for gaming so this could be an issue if you do and don't always use stored onboard memory (which I do). From my understanding using Xim Link means you have to have your PC on at all times when wanting to use the Xim Apex as the inputs are fed through the PC. Also, many have commenting that this does add lag into the equation. Someone who uses this may have some more knowledge on how much and how this affects play. The sticking point for me is that I wouldn't always want the PC on.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim Apex and USB switch?
« on: 08:25 AM - 02/01/21 »
Hi yes I use this setup. Here is the one I purchased...


This lets you share peripherals with 4 different devices, including your Xim Apex. Basically, wire all your peripherals into the front ports, then the back USB-B points wire to to USB-A into the Xim Apex hub (I have both my mouse and keyboard going into the front of the switching box, then the USB-B to USB-A into the Xim Apex Hub USB that is marked with a single dot). Obviously you still need the controller for PS/Xbox wired into the Xim Apex hub marked with 3 single dots for authentication. For connecting the PC, the USB-B to USB-A from the back of the switch feeds into which ever USB port you like on the PC.

What's handy with this switch is that it has a little remote you can position on your desk to quickly press and change which device you would like to control. Let me know if you need any more info or help, I hope this solves it for you.

I use this cable...


I have used others which had power issues but this seems to work perfectly.

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