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If the 1000hz is on white on my manager and I dont see the alert message does that mean that im now Ok? Or there could still be a possibility that my mouse is still at wrong polling?

Its telling me that my mouse polling rate is lower than my apex setting, but when I check on my pc with my mouse program it does tell me 1000hz? What im doing wrong?

XIM APEX Discussions / Mouse Poling rate on Xim manager
« on: 12:35 PM - 02/02/19 »
Ive seen somewhere someone told me to make sure to put my poling rate to 1000hz on my xim apex manager... but I know my mouse is set to 1000hz when I set his dpi and such... but I dont see where I can change it on my manager either?

Ive been using the xim4 for years and its the first time its been happening to me... Like im playing destiny and when I try to shoot or aim down sight, my command doesn't work in game, but when I try to spam the right mouse click or left mouse click, sometime it work... but most of the time I cant shoot or aim.. like @#$%? On my manager, when I try to shoot there is nothing that appear that is saying Fire left mouse button.. but it does when he decide to work?

Anybody can help?

I dont understand how to copy and paste those thing on my IPADů when i click on select it doesnt do anything from my iPad only from a PC but my xim manager is on my Ipad so i dunno.? Does it work on xim4 too or just xim apex?

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:18 AM - 07/31/18 »
Yeah Realm Royale should be ahead of alot more games haha. It will be one of the most played battle royale on console

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 04:40 PM - 07/29/18 »
Is Realm Royale will be on the planned list?

Cant seems to be able to copy and paste from my ipad to the application.. is there any way to do it? And I cant seems to find what each curve is.. I see no image at all?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Xim4 flashing yellow
« on: 05:42 PM - 06/11/18 »
Ive switched my controller now its working maybe it was the problem

Support / [RESOLVED] Xim4 flashing yellow
« on: 05:22 PM - 06/11/18 »
My Xim4 is flashing yellow like non stop and then my keyboard and mouse stop working suddently. It flash like a lot of time yellow and red yellow and red ans then boom nothing work anymore. all I can do is reconnect it, but its doing it like every 2-3min. What is happening?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Shipping to Canada
« on: 10:08 AM - 02/26/18 »
And there is an amount of $ that you need to give once it arrive I think too for the border cost

Im playing with 4000dpi default settings with around 20hip and I'm top 500 on like 3-4 account.... 60 hip seems really high isn't it hehe

XIM 4 Discussions / Widowmaker Settings for Overwatch?
« on: 11:10 PM - 01/19/18 »
Any1 know what are the best settings currently for overwatch widowmaker? I cant seems to find if its exponential ramp the best or i cant seems to find the settings that people are using with linear aim technique?

XIM 4 Discussions / Best option other than keyboard?
« on: 05:54 PM - 12/14/17 »
What is the best option for someone that doesn't want to use a keyboard... anything that feels like a controller for buttons and joystick?

Game Support / Re: Problem with xim4 on overwatch?
« on: 08:24 PM - 12/13/17 »
Ive just read that I needed an update for my xim4 for the Slim version and to put usb to my controlly, now that is done my controller always get the blue lights on, which it didn't before, is it normal?

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