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Game Support / Re: st people using for warface
« on: 02:09 AM - 09/20/18 »
yeah when the official st is out ill play

Game Support / Re: st people using for warface
« on: 08:18 PM - 09/19/18 »

The regular PS4 the frames arent 60 most of the time especially on Grid iron. It seems like its running at 30-45 most of the time. Treyarch knows this and are trying to optimize it with  patches for the Beta and should be fixed by release.

Game Support / Does anyone use the XIM for DBD?
« on: 03:32 AM - 08/11/18 »
Hey guys i was wondering if anyone uses the XIM Apex for DBD? I know someone asked if it was going to be supported with its own ST but it wasn't able to be due to its poor aim mechanics. However, does anyone use a different ST to play this game with a keyboard and mouse? I've been playing this game with a ps4 controller no problem but i was going to give kbm a try but i need a decent ST to use it with. Thanks guys

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Will there be a RDR2 ST?
« on: 05:31 AM - 08/05/18 »
okay thats good, im more comfortable on a keyboard but i guess i might have to use a controller for this one

XIM APEX Discussions / Will there be a RDR2 ST?
« on: 11:19 PM - 08/04/18 »
Hey guys, do you think there will be a good st for red dead redemption 2?

Aim Assist affects both left and right analog sticks.

Keyboard switches are traditionally digital, i.e either in a 0 or 100 position. Whilst this is good for rapid strafing, it cuts right through any left stick aim assist. It's also complete crap for corner peaking and sneaking up on an enemy.

Wooting has analog switches with a range of 0 to 100, just like a controller. Not only does this allow for corner peaking and sneaking using a kb, but it allows for shallower or more gradual movement, which has a better chance of latching onto aim assist.

An easy comparison to make is to hold a controller in one hand for movement and a mouse for aim. You should notice additional aim assist due to the analog left-stick movement. Similarly, a Nav controller or G13 will illicit the same effect. Now try the same with a keyboard, you should notice less aim assist.

How this came about (as I remember it) was through discussion and experimentation between guys like RML and myself. RML had issues in games like Destiny where aim assist was too strong and he wanted less of it. I on the other hand barely felt aim assist and wanted more of it.

RML was using a Nav controller, I was using a kb. We were both using 12K DPI Logitech mice, same Destiny config, same sensitivity. We postulated that analog movement had an impact on aim assist as the only tangible difference between our setups was Nav vs kb. I also started experimenting with DPI and found that aim assist felt stronger at around 3000-4000 DPI due to a fatter Xim sensitivity sweet spot making it easier to find the AA threshold.

I went further and created a script for Titan Two that allows analog-like control over WASD (interpolation movement speed). It demonstrated that the speed of both right (mouse) and left (WASD) sticks affected aim assist, which is to be expected as the slower you move your controller sticks, the more you feel aim assist. Likewise, you should feel more aim assist at lower in-game sensitivity, which can be emulated via lower Xim sensitivity.

How much analog movement affects aim assist is game-dependent. Call of Duty exhibits a strong effect (I had the reticle bouncing from head to head), as does Destiny. Other games will be to a lesser degree as the AA is determined by the game engine, not the controls. Fortnite has a huge gravity well when aiming down sights at an opponent, but movement creates bloom, so it's a little harder to test. That said, the more controlled analog movement should create less bloom and assist with AA.

There are lots of "shoulds" and "mays" here, we're only Xim users on a forum, not game engineers, and can only offer our personal experience, not scientific proof. Xim was never designed to manipulate aim assist, we've simply found that it can be by experimenting with curves, DPI, sensitivity, steady aim (Xim4), smoothing and sync (Apex). Some of us want more AA, some want less. You need to play around to see what effect Advanced Settings in Xim Manager has on AA, but none of it is intentionally designed to do so.

Thanks for the info! Do you think its worth getting? I have a corsair k95 rgb platinum currently. Im a pc player aswell as a xim player that mainly plays cod, rainbow 6, and any fps games

I dont get it, how does a analog keyboard increase aim assist and aim? I get you're moving more gradual but does it really have better performance over a standard mechanical keyboard with cherry mx switches?

General Discussion / Upgrading to ps4 pro?
« on: 09:57 PM - 07/13/18 »
With all the new games coming out and still running the old ps4, do you guys think upgrading to the pro is worth the money? Thanks guys

XIM APEX Discussions / Quick question for R6 players
« on: 02:47 AM - 07/12/18 »
Hey do you guys run the vanilla ST or an "advanced" ST? For example, curves, smoothing etc

Game Support / Randomly got power error
« on: 03:21 PM - 06/28/18 »
I got my Apex a few weeks ago and its been working fine and i literally didn't change anything and boom, power error. I have the corsair k95 rgb platinum; it worked without bios mode for weeks and i even tried bios mode and it still hasn't worked. Im going to try and turn off the lights to see if that works but im still confused on how it randomly stops working with nothing new :/ P.s my controller is fully charged

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:44 PM - 06/07/18 »
sorry, just unplugged it and re plugged it back and it seems to be working

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:43 PM - 06/07/18 »
*nvm seems to be fixed*

Support / [RESOLVED] Keyboard wont connect
« on: 02:39 PM - 06/07/18 »
hey guys i just got my xim apex and i plugged everything in correctly, mouse in spot 1 keyboard in 2 etc and when im making my config and assigning keybinds it wont read. my keyboard is on and it worked perfectly with my xim4, any thoughts? keyboard: corsair k95 rgb platinum

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Upgrading to APEX
« on: 03:31 PM - 06/04/18 »
Decided to go ahead and buy the APEX im hyped after having the xim4 since it first launched

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