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Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 02:44 AM - 12/07/21 »
Thanks for the input guys.
@antithesis,you just saved me some money;I tried the mixamp with the usb cable,changed the settings and it works.
I really thouht it was only used to power the mixamp.Pretty dumb on my part.
Would a hdmi optical extractor give me better soundquality or is the difference barely noticable?

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 11:51 AM - 12/06/21 »
I just followed the steps for the remote play method and it works really good (thanks antithesis).

But I have a question;how do you get voice chat to work?
I currently own an astro which I connected directly in the dualsense with a 35 mm jack since the ps5 has no optical connection.
If I connect my headset to the dualshock v2 I only have sound but voice chat isn't working.
Can I buy a usb headset for the ps5 and just plug it in or do I have to connect a headset to my pc to get a mic to work?

Ik spreek nederlands maar heb jammer genoeg nog geen apex en ik speel geen R6.
Misschien kan ik je helpen vertalen of doe gewoon zelf een poging.

Same here,credit card was not accepted while I had no issues when I used the same creditcard to buy my xim4 from the official xim store.This is the first online store where I had this problem.
I ordered  an apex from stealthgamer(French site),more expensive and I have to wait a little bit longer but I could pay with my mastercard with no problems.

I'm going to try to buy an apex from one of the distributors as well since the xim store doesn't accept my creditcard any more for some reason.I had no issues with my xim 4 purchase.
Does anybody know if the list of distributors is still correct;there is a belgian store listed(stargames.be)but Icouldn't find any information regarding the apex release.
Is the xim company still working with them?
If not I'll just wait when the uk or french store have the apex stocked up.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: 2.4 fix CoD
« on: 06:32 PM - 11/04/15 »
Thank you for the quick response;
Another question;should I stick with the 1 to 1 curve or do you got some other suggestions?
Just trying to optimailsize my xim4 experience.(BO3).

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: 2.4 fix CoD
« on: 06:11 PM - 11/04/15 »
Some more insight help would be much appreciated;(new xim4 user)
I installed the latest rc build I think(20150816)to try out the STv2,steady aim,turn assist thing and I'm loving it.I'm not going back to STv1.Stv2 just feels  smoother.

I'm on ps4,g502,nav controller and when I play online it's mostly cod.Recently I've read about this progressive delay thing but I don't understand it fully so here are a few questions:

-As I'm to understand it, progressive delay is a way to generalise a certain amount of delay so that all in- game type of weapons(from guns to sniper) feel good without having to use sub-configs(different kind of delay values).
-Is progressive delay featured in the build I'm using?
-Should I be using it since I only use AR and SMG in cod games(run and gun)?
-with the 2.4 solution,should I be using a delay anyway(AR and SMG only)?

Any help is much appreciated.Thanks.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: A few questions
« on: 03:09 AM - 10/05/15 »
Ok,got it,thanks.

XIM 4 Discussions / A few questions
« on: 07:27 PM - 10/04/15 »
Hello,I just ordered a seccond xim to connect  to my tv(for singleplayer games).My first one is connected to my monitor wich I use for online shooters(mostly cod).
I never updated the firmware nor manager on the first one because it worked fine the way I liked it.
So my question is can I use the same manager to program both xim's?
I'm asking this because I'm reading a lot of posts regarding the STv1 vs STv2 discussions and it got me a bit confused.
Will my most recently purchased xim need an updated manager and will it have STv2 already standard on it?
Hope you guys understand what I'm asking because english isn't my native language.(I'm from Belgium)
Thanks in advance.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: can someone 100% confirm this?
« on: 09:50 AM - 08/17/14 »
Yes,you can ,i used my ps3 scuf controller on the ps4 with the xim4.

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