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Shared Configs / Re: Oskool config
« on: 09:38 AM - 09/10/23 »
Must be because I'm on alpha firmware. I'll repost the curve when the next beta firmware comes out.

Thank you man, i will wait for it

Shared Configs / Re: Oskool config
« on: 08:24 AM - 09/10/23 »
It says invalid curve format can you check please?

The one 1% with correct dot placement i mean:

>>> XIM MATRIX [Ballistic Curve] START COPY >>>

Shared Configs / Re: Oskool config
« on: 07:05 AM - 09/10/23 »
Sure! Here is linear 1% curve with proper dot placement.

Linear 1% curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM MATRIX [Ballistic Curve] START COPY >>>

Thank you man! Will try later.

Which one do you prefer?

Shared Configs / Re: Oskool config
« on: 05:33 AM - 09/10/23 »
I made a more linear 2% curve if you'd like to try it out. I'm going to update the 2% curve in my first post to the linear one below.

First 2% of stick movement boost - linear
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM MATRIX [Ballistic Curve] START COPY >>>

Here's the original 2% non-linear curve
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM MATRIX [Ballistic Curve] START COPY >>>

When I first started making curves I didn't zoom all the way in to place the dots in the curve editor. Then I realized zooming in makes a big difference to dot placement compared to adjusting the dots zoomed out.

I've been readjusting the 2% and higher curves to be more linear. The 2-10% curves were some of the first curves I made before realizing zooming in makes a big difference in dot placement.

The 1% curve is actually slightly off in the dot placement too by accident. The dot is slightly above the line if you zoom in 1 billion percent. But the curve feels so good I left it alone.

All curves I've made are as close to linearly symmetrical as possible with 1 billion percent zoomed dot placement. The 2-10% curves in my first post have now all been updated to linear with 1 billion percent zoomed dot placement accuracy.

Hey Oskool, i really love the 1% curve but can you make an updated version with correct dot placement to compare please?

Thank you for your amazing curves especially 1%  :)

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: smoothing 0-0-0 vs others
« on: 09:11 AM - 08/27/23 »

0-0-0 would be XIM Apex sync off, 5-0-0 default, 15-0-0 common and so on. These are just a recommendation however. In some games it may be required to use 13-0-0 for a common experience, or 17-0-0.
Sync off usually has the least AA from all syncs, but the closest PC feeling. Slower syncs have more AA but are less responsive and PC like.

Thank you i always was a pc gamer before and with apex sync off wasnt good because of the jitter and adding smoothing to the sync created that lag feeling that i dont have with 0-0-0 in Matrix.


XIM MATRIX Discussions / smoothing 0-0-0 vs others
« on: 08:21 PM - 08/26/23 »

I've been testing smoothing presets with beta fw [20230809] and i thought synchronous (equivalent to 5-0-0) was really good coming from my likes of default from Apex but 0-0-0 values feels great too in every FPS game, like more accurate, responsive and faster in my opinion. Maybe i'm a bit sensitive but i notice some latency putting values in precision.

Can someone, OBsIV, Odin? tell me and explain if these parameters are similar (not the same) to smoothing off from Apex but without jitter? Also am i losing something in terms of AA using these values?

Thank you very much.

Love the Synchroonous smoothing preset. wondering what is the # of the precision, response and easing %.

Yes its great, like default in apex but way better in Matrix!

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: Update xim matrix beta
« on: 10:25 AM - 08/11/23 »
New beta is GREAT and the synchronous preset is the BEST smoothing if you liked default  from xim Apex but now it feels way better in Matrix. Thank you Obsiv and the whole xim team for your amazing work, for listening and taking care of the Community.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: wooting analog profile
« on: 08:19 AM - 07/17/23 »
I think what idignoto wrote is the case for me. My Wooting runs through a powered USB Switcher that keeps the keyboard in standby. I assume this is how it can maintain its analog profile. I can try removing the switcher but i assume i must then manually switch the profile each time its connected to the XIM.

Thats it Odin, for us without a switcher we need to change it manually but there is no problem, i just have to press Fn + P key in my case.


Hardware Compatibility / Re: wooting analog profile
« on: 02:44 PM - 07/14/23 »
Sure you can do that through the Wootility software.
All my profiles except for one are analog, and it also auto-loads into an analog profile.
how do you boot into analog?

I want to know how to do it, always boot in digital default profile and then i have to change manually to analog. Please Odin tell us.

Thank you

XIM MATRIX Discussions / Re: Od1n's 15/75/6.5 smoothing
« on: 12:03 PM - 07/12/23 »


For me this is the BEST smoothing setting ever tried, thank you Odin!!!

Ive tried in MW 2 and it feels very good (was using 10/90/10 before) but its very good for battlefield games too!

Thank you

I will have to try this. Obsiv is currently looking into why some of us feel Apex is more responsive than Matrix. I did a bunch of testing last night on using different polling rates on xim and mouse and it really didn't reveal any glaring improvements but I have always matched my dpi from mouse to manager. Would be interesting if that's where the bug is that causes whatever it is some of us feel.

i'm glad im not the only one matrix feels sluggish on cod. what settings are you currently running? idk whether its just me but matrix doesn't give me that snappy feel in cod

I'm currently back on the Apex for now since Obsiv is looking into why Matrix feels weird. So I felt there was no reason tinkering more when I have already done a lot of testing on the Matrix. If he comes to a conclusion or has a beta to try I will return to test.
I'm running mouse and matrix at 800 DPI at 1000hz  with no smoothing and no sab and it feels the most like apex to me.

Try 3200 DPI in matrix app and max dpi in mouse, 1000hz too. Adjust your sensitivities and tell me if you prefer it. Also smoothing 10/90/10 for Hip and Ads. Im loving this config and i do better than matching both DPIs in games like battlefield 2042, battlefield V and I, MW 2...it feels more responsive.

I'm playing 30k dpi in viper v2 pro and 3200 dpi in matrix app. Also feel it more precise and accurate for some reason, its not a placebo. Always read the two should match and was playing this way but for now i will keep this. I had to lower my sensitivity.

I also feel more aim assist and i like it.

Can someone tell why it feels better? Is this a bad thing keeping this config?

Smart Actions / Re: Battlefield V PS5 no recoil
« on: 03:15 PM - 07/07/23 »
Can you tell us the trick or paste your config please?

Odin can you share with us the correct code with the exponential part please? The one you showed its just the linear preset.


Thats the correct code. Compare it to the original linear preset and you see that i changed the deadzones and added a second adjustment point in the graph (near the beginning) that damphens the early activation by adding an exponential behavior. The rest of the curve is linear then.

Thank you Odin, it feels slighty better, im going to keep your curve as my default!!!

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