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Thanks for the reply, unfortunate this is the case on PS4 Pro needing USB for Controller Communication Method, didn't have this issue on my original PS4.

Anyhow, I ended up moving my SteelSeries Wireless H from PC to my PS4 Pro, which uses Optical and USB connected to the PS4 pro in order for the Mic and Audio to work, and so far it's working fine, so have a work-around for now.




I have a PS4 Pro, Playstation 4 Camera (v1), and XIM4 that I'm having issues with - hoping for some help please.

Basically the Microphone on the Playstation 4 Camera doesn't seem to work at the same time as the Dual Shock 4 controller if the Communication Method is set to "Use USB Cable", which as far as I'm aware is a requirement for PS4 Pro and XIM4 to work.

When I try to enable the Microphone on my Camera in PS4 Settings, I get the following error: https://imgur.com/a/astsub2

Does this mean I cannot use the Microphone on my PS4 Camera and XIM4 at the same time, or is there a workaround I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,


As a side note; I think I've figured out why the Power bolt icons showed up on my devices in the first place... The original USB cable that came with my Dual Shock 4 appeared to be chewed up a bit so I'm guessing its faulty... I recently got a new puppy so I think we know who the culprit is........... Need to buy a new cable haha  ;D

Solution worked - thank you.

Thanks for the response, I will give this a shot when I get some time and revert back ASAP



I'm trying to connect my XIM4 with supplied Cable on my PC (Win 8.1). Devices are Dual Shock 4 controller, Logitech G500 Mouse and Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600.

Initially I was in the XIM Manager trying to set up Wolfenstein for PS4, power bolt icons started showing up in my XIM Manager for all 3 devices after a XIM Manager software crash. I unplugged and replugged, then reopened XIM Manager, and kept getting "Connect Failure 10051".

Subsequently I used the latest Firmware found on this site, I reset factory settings on my XIM4 (pressed P button while plugging in, it was solid blue, resetting seemed to go through OK), but the Connect Failure 10051 keeps occurring. I tried resetting factory settings and updating, same issue. Have also removed XIM Manager, downloaded latest version and reinstalled, no luck.

Now when I plug in the XIM4 normally, it flashes Red, Blue, Green, then a flashing Red.

Never had any issues like this with my XIM before, used it for COD AW, BF4 etc...

Any ideas? Could my XIM be experiencing a hardware fault?

Game Support / Re: METRO REDUX ST (is it in next update?)
« on: 02:16 AM - 09/22/14 »
Honestly after having used it for about an hour now its pretty darn good and I'm used to it; much more enjoyable than the DS4 controller. The turn speed on the mouse isn't as fast as I'd like it to be (i.e. when getting attacked from behind and doing a 180 turn really quickly), but I have a feeling that's either the game itself and can't be helped, or I just need to play around with the sensitivity settings in the config more. Either way XIM4 is very viable and works well.

The only other very minor annoyance was setting the buttons initially; the stock config for Metro Last Light PS3 presumes specific buttons on the PS controller in game do certain things (i.e. Grenade, Change Weapon etc.), but the controls are different in Metro Redux PS4, so just ignored the default button function allocations and assigned a Mouse / Keyboard button to the relevant PS controller button and its fine.

Until official Metro Redux ST is out, I highly recommend the old gen ST's.

Game Support / Re: METRO REDUX ST (is it in next update?)
« on: 01:18 AM - 09/22/14 »
I just tried Metro Last Light PS3 Config for Metro Redux PS4 and have to say its working pretty well, not ideal but good enough until a Metro Redux gets released.

Game Support / Re: METRO REDUX ST (is it in next update?)
« on: 12:41 AM - 09/22/14 »
Would love Metro Redux for PS4 / Xbox One on next update for XIM4! Hoping for this soon, any update on timelines would be great but understand if its hard to put one on it!

BF4 until something better comes out. I'll only use the XIM for FPS and right now its the only shooter on my radar that I like. Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, BF Hardline are of zero interest. 

Beta / Re: [PS4] Chat / Mic not working using XIM4E?
« on: 06:33 AM - 06/30/14 »
Have you thought about getting a vertical stand for your PS4?

I use 1 by 4Gamers & it gives the PS4 2 extra USB ports which would sort your problem :)


Yep bought one today, on sale for $15 - handy to have extra USB ports :) ... Ended up getting the PS4 Camera as well, Microphone works beautifully and the Camera is a bit of fun.

Beta / Re: [PS4] Chat / Mic not working using XIM4E?
« on: 12:45 AM - 06/30/14 »
XIM4 won't be able to support the headset over the controller either.

2) both USB ports on the PS4 are currently deployed, one for the XIM4E and one for the Headset itself (Turtle Beach receiver.)

Wait, is your headset analog or usb? If it's usb then you won't need a usb soudcard. You should be all set right now. If it's analog then all you would do is use a usb extension cable+usb soundcard and plug your headset and mic into that.

Turtle Beach PX4 Headset has a USB receiver for sound so that's wireless (plugs into one of the 2 USB slots on PS4), to chat I need to use the Analog cable provided, plugged into the DS4 controller to the Headset.

Looks like I'll need to pick up this USB Soundcard and a Hub for the PS4. The cable might be long enough looking at it again. Instead of a plain hub might opt for a PS4 stand with built in extra USB (https://www.ebgames.com.au/ps4-165073-PlayStation-4-3rd-Earth-Vertical-Stand-with-USB-Hub-PlayStation-4)

Alternatively, the PS4 camera has a built in microphone and plugs into the back of the PS4. An expensive solution, but one just the same.

Beta / Re: [PS4] Chat / Mic not working using XIM4E?
« on: 12:11 AM - 06/30/14 »
Yes you would need to use a hub and/or an extension cable.

Thank you for clarifying. May I ask if this will be the case on the XIM 4, or is this just a XIM4E scenario?

Beta / Re: [PS4] Chat / Mic not working using XIM4E?
« on: 11:41 PM - 06/29/14 »
the DS4 doesnt let you use a mic when in USB mode, what you need is a USB soundcard that you attach the mic to
just plug it into the front of the PS4 and it works :)


Thanks Od1n. So if I understand correctly, this device plugs into the front of the PS4 USB, and the chat cable goes from the unit to my headset? If yes, this poses a few issues; 1) cable supplied isn't long enough and has two different ends to plug in, not sure I'd be able to find a longer subsitute easily (?), and 2) both USB ports on the PS4 are currently deployed, one for the XIM4E and one for the Headset itself (Turtle Beach receiver.)

I'm guessing I'd need to use a Hub then perhaps?

Beta / [PS4] Chat / Mic not working using XIM4E?
« on: 07:10 AM - 06/29/14 »
So I'm using a pair of Turtle Beach PX4 headphones (http://www.turtlebeach.com/product-detail/ps4-headsets/ear-force-px4/414), which need a chat cable plugged into the controller from the headset to enable chat. The problem is it doesn't work when I'm using the XIM4E, works fine when controller is not plugged into XIM4E.

Is this a known issue and is there a workaround?



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